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How Airmeet helped Metabolon Expand Audience Reach and Elevate Webinar Engagement

Mukesh Kumar
• March 27, 2024
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Metabolon, Inc.
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About Company:

Metabolon is a global leader in the metabolomics industry and provides biological insights to answer the toughest questions in life sciences research and drug development using metabolomics. By incorporating artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies into metabolite identification, Metabolon ensures the highest quality and most accurate data generation on the market.

Founded in 2000 and based in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, Metabolon has conducted more than 10,000 independent and collaborative studies, resulting in over 2,000 publications in leading peer-reviewed journals. 

Today, Metabolon offers the largest Level 1 library in their spectrum. Their proprietary library has been built and curated over the years and contains over 5,400 entries.

ROI / Benefits for the customer (numbers):

  • Improved turnout, with over 100 registered participants for each webinar
  • 50% of the registered participants joined and actively participated

Challenges faced with the previous webinar platform

Metabolon encountered several challenges with their previous event platform. Despite utilizing a popular meeting/webinar platform, they struggled with scalability issues. 

The platform couldn’t effectively accommodate large audiences or handle large-scale webinars. Moreover, there were limitations in engagement tools, restricting their ability to interact effectively with webinar attendees. 

Problems Metabolon trying to solve with events on Airmeet

Problems Metabolon trying to solve with events on Airmeet

Metabolon was seeking a virtual event & webinar platform that could assist them in content development and hosting impactful webinars. They also needed a platform that offered robust features, and provided them with the scalability to reach a broader audience. 

The marketing team at Metabolon wanted to leverage Airmeet for the platform’s

  • Scalable solutions to maximize their event reach and accommodate a larger audience
  • Engagement features to elevate attendee interaction during webinars
  • API integration support with tools like Marketo for smooth flow of data
  • Live and Pre-recorded webinars functionality 

With Airmeet, Metabolon was trying to effectively enhance their webinar and event strategies by utilizing the platform’s unique and efficient features to increase audience reach and engagement.

Solutions offered by Airmeet

Solutions offered by Airmeet

Airmeet provided Metabolon with the right solutions to align with their specific requirements. With the platform’s scalability, the customer successfully hosted webinars for their desired number of audiences, enabling them to expand their reach and foster engagement through interactive features like Q&A sessions and polls.

With Airmeet’s capability to support various event & webinar formats, the team at Metabolon could easily conduct webinars in different formats, whether live or pre-recorded.Airmeet also facilitated seamless integration with their CRM and marketing automation  tools, ensuring a smooth flow of data and information between Airmeet and their system.

Positive ROI achieved with Airmeet

Positive ROI achieved with Airmeet

Metabolon’s Most-loved Features of Airmeet

Custom Email Templates:

The team at Metabolon leveraged this feature to effectively customize their email campaigns, vis a vis the participants and the speakers. With this, the customer could easily categorize their emails for different purposes, such as registration, reminders, and session bookmarks.

Pre-recorded Sessions:

With pre-recorded session features, Metabolon was able to expand its webinar hosting capabilities. This feature enabled the customer to host successful webinars by incorporating pre-recorded videos as webinar sessions. 

Q&A and Polls:

Interactive elements like Q&A and polls enable event hosts to create an interactive webinar environment. With the availability of these features, the team at Metabolon could engage with their webinar attendees effectively and enhance their overall engagement and interaction rate. 

Branding & Customization:

Metabolon optimized features like custom landing pages & reception, stage backdrops, and more to personalize their webinar and event outlook, based on  their specific needs.

Real-time Analytics:

This functionality empowered the customer to monitor event performance and attendee engagement in real-time. Metabolon’s team could access comprehensive analytics and insights regarding the overall event’s activity, enabling them to capitalize on this data to nurture potential leads and make informed strategic decisions.

Session Replays:

Session replays are recorded live webinars or sessions that attendees can view at their own convenience, in case they missed the live event or wish to revisit specific sessions. This functionality enabled the team at Metabolon to foster post-event engagement and enhance content development endeavors. 

API Integration:

Airmeet’s seamless integration with diverse CRM systems and automation tools enabled Metabolon to facilitate the seamless integration of Marketo with Airmeet, ensuring a smooth flow of event data.


With Airmeet, the team at Metabolon recorded desirable results, starting with their first three webinars that proved to be a success for them. They experienced increased turnout and engagement among participants. 

Features like scalable solutions, customizable email templates, pre-recorded sessions, Q&A, and integration empowered Metabolon to host engaging webinars and events seamlessly, without any hassle.  

The team at Metabolon further optimized Airmeet’s versatile and unique functionalities to host  a range of events, including, internal events, onboarding sessions, webinars, and conferences.

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