Why CRM Software companies seeking Gotowebinar alternatives?

Akanksha Kumari
• February 28, 2024

(10 min read)

Various businesses use GoToWebinar as a webinar platform to host meetings, webinars, and online events. However, the platform lacks the ideal features to host engaging meetings and webinars.


GoToWebinar has fallen behind in keeping pace with the latest trends and features. This has resulted in an unsatisfactory user experience, causing CRM software companies to seek GoToWebinar alternatives.

The absence of necessary components and the platform’s failure to stay updated have caused users several challenges.

Here we will discuss the key factors that are driving CRM software companies to shift away from GoToWebinar:

Technical Glitches:

Technical Glitches

Constant technical troubles on GoToWebinar, from regular downtime to network issues, have left users feeling frustrated and helpless. 

GoToWebinar lacks a smooth technical setup and consistent support. Users often find themselves dealing with technical hiccups every time they try to run an event.  

CRM software companies are actively looking for more dependable alternatives. They are choosing platforms like Airmeet that guarantee a smooth webinar experience and unwavering technical support.

Cost Considerations:

Cost Considerations

Companies are reassessing their expenditures. They are choosing webinar solutions that strike a more favorable balance between cost and features. 

GoToWebinars’ rigid cost structure and its lack of ability to provide access to necessary features have disappointed several users. These limitations on price point lead companies to opt for superior GoToWebinar alternatives available on the market.

Security Loopholes:

Security Loopholes

The lack of adequate data protection and security measures at GoToWebinar, has been a source of concern for users

The platform lacks sufficient safeguards. This allows anyone to grab and share event links with their network. This unauthorized access poses a significant challenge for users.

The absence of strong security measures compromises the event’s integrity, putting event data and attendee information at risk. 

Complex Analytics and Reporting:

Complex Analytics and Reporting

While evaluating the success of webinars, detailed information and data play an important role. GoToWebinar often lacks comprehensive analytics and fails to provide essential reporting insights. 

Lack of real-time analytics and engagement metrics prompts CRM software firms to switch from GoToWebinar.

Lack of Assistance and Support:

Lack of Assistance and Support

Users have reported countless errors, glitches, and challenges, highlighting the shortcomings in the assistance of GoToWebinar. 

Companies depend on reliable customer support to quickly address event issues and to ensure a smooth attendee experience. The inconsistent support and lack of clear guidance from GoToWebinar highlighted the critical need for intuitive support. 

Limited Capabilities:

GoToWebinar consistently falls short in addressing the dynamic needs of companies. Particularly in terms of features and flexibility. 

Users struggle with several functional limitations. This restricts them from aligning their events with their requirements.

These limitations could potentially include 

  • Constraints on scalability
  • Device Incompatibility
  • Lack of seamless automated processes 

Constraints in every step place a manual burden on users. Eventually, disrupting their efficiency, schedule, and, most importantly, results. These ongoing issues with GoToWebinar have prevented users from enjoying a smooth event experience for a long time. 

Problems with Integration:

Users often face challenges integrating GoToWebinar with other tools or CRM systems. It poses a significant drawback. 

GoToWebinar users have expressed their displeasure with not having seamless integration with tools like Hubspot and Marketo

This lack of integration support often results in the loss of vital data and disrupts workflows.

Limited Engagement Features:

Limited Engagement Features

In today’s digital landscape, networking is crucial for connecting people and organizations. However, GoToWebinar lacks essential features for audience engagement and interaction.

For CRM software companies, having fundamental interactive tools is a core expectation. But GoToWebinars’ features, like polls or Q&A, don’t effectively connect the audience with each other. 

Furthermore, GoToWebinar lacks advanced networking features like breakout rooms. This leaves users with only basic options that are not seamless. 

Restricted Customizable Components:

Restricted Customizable Components

Companies look for webinar solutions with a range of custom options. This is to tailor their event to their specific needs. 

GoToWebinar limits customization options for landing pages, registration pages, and email templates. It also lacks support for features like virtual backgrounds.

This limitation not only affects the overall event’s outlook but also impacts the company’s brand image. This also affects the demand generation process and multiple facets of the company’s operations. 


As events continue to evolve, so do the demands of businesses. In this changing landscape, what sets Airmeet apart as the ideal choice for CRM software companies?

Airmeet caters to the custom needs of virtual event platform users. The platform focuses on its customers’ needs and requirements. By adopting a customer-first approach in all aspects, from security measures to integration capabilities.  

By leveraging Airmeet, CRM software companies can host a range of events. The platform has robust features and dynamic functions. It is 

Frequently asked questions

Virtual event platforms, like Airmeet, Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex Events, and ON24 enable hosting seamless events.

Customization components in a virtual event platform help CRM software companies succeed by allowing tailored branding, content presentation, and user experiences. With this, users can align the platform with specific business needs, which improves event effectiveness.

A secure virtual event platform is vital for protecting data, and user privacy, and ensuring events run smoothly. 

To evaluate security, assess the platform’s encryption, access controls, compliance, and regular security audits.

Platforms including Airmeet, Hopin, and Zoom offer free webinar plans and trials.

Yes, Airmeet does offer annual plans with unlimited events. 

Click here to learn more about Airmeet pricing & plans.

Yes, Airmeet offers social media integration, allowing real-time event content sharing.

To personalize and send emails for marketing webinars, follow these steps

  • Start by segmenting the audience based on their interests and preferences
  • Create compelling subject lines. Tailor email content as per each segment
  • Utilize merge tags to insert personalized details like names or company information
  • Incorporate engaging visuals to enhance the email’s appeal
  • Schedule emails strategically
  • Take time zones into consideration while scheduling emails
  • Send reminders and follow-ups to maximize attendance and engagement

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