3 reasons why marketing department of Management Consulting Companies are ditching Gotowebinars

Akanksha Kumari
• January 10, 2024

(10 min read)

GoToWebinar has been a reliable tool for hosting online webinars, and numerous businesses have extensively utilized the platform. It has earned trust among its users over time. However, amidst the evolving dynamics of the digital landscape, GoToWebinar has somewhat lagged behind in meeting the evolving needs and expectations of its users.


One prominent issue contributing to the dissatisfaction with GoToWebinar is the set of limitations it imposes on users. Marketing teams in management consulting companies often find themselves restricted by the platform’s lack of advanced features.

The absence of these advanced elements could potentially hinder the effectiveness of webinars or virtual events as a marketing tool. As marketing professionals in management consulting companies seek to maximize the impact of their virtual events, certain limitations of GoToWebinar have become increasingly apparent. 

From feature restrictions to a lack of customization and general constraints, these challenges collectively drive the decision to explore alternative webinar platforms that better align with the dynamic and diverse needs of modern marketing strategies.

  • Lack of Flexibility:

    The absence of adaptability in Gotowebinars has emerged as one of the primary reasons prompting the marketing departments of management consulting companies to transition away from the platform.

    This inflexibility presents challenges in compatibility, accessibility, customization, scalability, bandwidth, and the ability to tailor webinars to specific organizational needs. Users have reported a few common instances, such as 


    • Presenter facing difficulties in using multiple monitor,
    • Encountering problems when attendee volume surpasses 400 despite the plan supporting 1000 attendees,
    • The system does not support adding backgrounds, emails, or registration form customization.

      Marketing professionals thrive on the ability to tailor their virtual events to align with branding and messaging strategies. However, the rigid nature of Gotowebinars, as indicated by users, can become a hindrance to meeting evolving marketing strategies.

      Furthermore, the lack of flexible pricing structures and subscription options, combined with its restricted integration capabilities, makes it challenging for businesses seeking to customize features according to their specific needs.


    • Limitations in integrating translation tools restrict hosts from connecting with more than one group simultaneously.
    • Users have expressed disappointment with the inflexibility of payment options available in US dollars only. This often causes challenges when there are restrictions on procuring foreign currency due to its unavailability or a limited amount of US dollars.

  • Frequent Technical Glitches and Unreliable Support:

    The frequency of technical glitches represents another significant factor driving the shift away from Gotowebinar.

    Connectivity issues, disruptions in audiovisual elements, and platform instability create hurdles that compromise the seamless execution of webinars, ultimately diminishing the overall user experience.

    The efficiency of customer support becomes crucial to mitigating issues promptly. However, as per users, the support provided is unreliable or lacks the necessary responsiveness, which exacerbates the challenges posed by technical glitches.

    The combination of technical issues and inadequate support further underscores the need for marketing departments to explore alternative webinar platforms that offer a more dependable and supportive environment for hosting successful virtual events.

  • Insufficient Interactive Elements:

    Another significant limitation that marketing departments in management consulting companies face with GoToWebinar is the platform’s inadequate provision of interactive elements and its failure to meet user expectations.

    • Lacking breakout rooms, GoToWebinar limits its usability to one-time sessions
    • Basic interactive elements like polls and chats suffer from constant glitches and numerous restrictions 
    • Users face challenges in maintaining or changing the mode of interaction with the attendees during live webinar. For instance, they often struggle with keeping attendees in listen-only mode or discussion mode.

      In the era of modern marketing, strategies heavily emphasize audience engagement and interactivity to not only capture attention but also enhance overall learning experiences.

      Gotowebinars’ limitations in providing interactive features, such as polls and collaborative tools, hinder the ability of marketing professionals to create engaging and interactive webinar sessions. 

Why Choose Airmeet Over GoToWebinar?

Airmeet strives to facilitate human connections, making them not only easier but also more natural and enjoyable. The primary focus is on enhancing the experience for both our customers and attendees, fostering global connections, and enabling them to enjoy exceptional moments together.

Freedom and Flexibility: Airmeet empowers users to bring their dream events to life through personalized event aesthetics and customizable experiences. The platform boasts wide accessibility, ensuring compatibility with various browsers and mobile devices. 

True to its promise, Airmeet accommodates a desirable number of attendees, providing organizers with the flexibility to reach a maximum audience and foster global connections.

24/7 Customer Support: Dependable support is essential for ensuring a seamless event and an enjoyable experience. Airmeet’s Customer Success Management (CSM) has consistently garnered praise from our global customers. 

The steadfast support and unwavering assistance have effectively and promptly resolved issues and addressed errors on the spot.

Advanced Interactive Elements and Networking Features: Airmeet strives to simplify connections and enhance the enjoyment of networking. 

Robust features such as gamification, Q&A, polls, live stage engagement, virtual spaces, a networking lounge, and chat feeds not only facilitate two-way communication but also ensure the audience remains actively involved in the event.


Beyond specific features and customization, GoToWebinar’s general limitations discourage marketing departments. 

While the requirements of every marketing team are different, Airmeet has proven to be a preferable choice among several for various reasons. The platform is designed exclusively to accommodate the specific needs and expectations of the users. 

Airmeet’s customizable elements, branding components, and robust networking features empower marketing teams to tailor events to their specific requirements, making it an ideal fit for a wide range of events.

Frequently asked questions

Contemporary challenges in GoToWebinar may include limitations in advanced engagement features, integration capabilities, user interface improvements, and adapting to evolving demands in virtual events.

In choosing a virtual event platform, the marketing department should prioritize key attributes, including a user-friendly interface, user engagement features, analytics capabilities, seamless virtual interaction support, demand generation support, seamless integration capabilities, and alignment with specific marketing requirements.

The customer or technical support team plays a crucial role in hosting a webinar or virtual event. 

  • They provide assistance to participants in navigating the platform and resolving technical issues. 
  • They ensure a smooth registration process, troubleshoot any registration-related problems, and 
  • They address participant queries during the event, enhancing the overall user experience. 

Additionally, they act as a quick response resource for any unexpected technical glitches, minimizing disruptions. 

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