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5 things IT services companies are missing out by using Gotowebinar for their webinars

Akshay Birje
• December 11, 2023

(12 min read)

Many IT companies do not know that they are missing some advanced features that can make their webinar more engaging and effective. If IT companies want to attract and engage potential clients, they have to use modern and updated platforms instead of using outdated platforms like GoToWebinar.

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In this, we will see five key elements where GoToWebinar fails to deliver extensive experience for IT services companies:

The following key aspects are missed by IT services companies using GotoWebinar for their webinars:

  • How Limited Customization is Crippling Your Webinar Impact: In the dynamic realm of IT, the cookie-cutter approach just won’t cut it. Gotowebinar, with its limited branding and customization options, leaves IT companies grappling for the spotlight. Crafting an immersive webinar experience is no longer just a want; it’s a strategic necessity. Imagine a world where your brand radiates across emails, registration pages, virtual stages, logos, colors, backgrounds, and beyond. Gotowebinar’s limitations are yesterday’s news; it’s time for IT companies to embrace a webinar revolution that’s as unique as their innovation journey.”

  • 10-year-old Feature Sets: GoToWebinar has limited features that existed 10 years back in webinars and have not innovated like CTAs, direct messages, upvotes, emojis, etc. IT companies working with cutting-edge technology need advanced interactive tools for their webinar meetings like virtual whiteboards, networking spaces, fluid space, speed networking, presenting important messages/questions/polls on stage, and more attendee engagement features. 

  • Analytics Blind Spots: In this new digital era, Gotowebinar limits the data that organizers can get for attendees’ engagement. But, this attendee engagement data is very important to understand attendee’s behavior i.e. what features they liked, what worked, and based on that we can say if the event was a success or not.

    New age platforms such as Airmeet provide very in-depth analytics features like real-time analytics, attendee engagement score, an option to download the reports, segmenting the audience based on their behaviors, booth level analytics, engagement reports, real-time lead, visitor tracking, etc.

    This analytics feature helps organizers understand their attendees better, which attendees were actively engaged, and who can be their high intent lead to whom they can reach out for further conversations.

  • No AI or Automation: GoToWebinar does not have an AI or automation feature. However, having these AI capabilities ensures the generation of content for emails, event descriptions, etc. in an automated manner and with fewer chances of error.

    There are features available in newer event platforms to use AI to generate a title and description for the event as well as a session and auto branding option i.e. changing the branding colors based on the logo uploaded, hence saving time and giving more personalized looks for organizers and no chances of human error.

  • Integration Features: IT companies use a lot of other SaaS tools that have the data of their attendees already, so giving them the option to integrate tools like CRM systems, payment gateways, social media, and live streaming with their event platform makes the process seamless. Gotowebinar has basic integration features that won’t sync data or automate the task. So, IT companies can lack in their webinar strategies and participant engagement. 

There are popular platforms that will let IT company webinars connect with a wide range of popular marketing tools such as Hubspot, Zapier, Slack, Eventbrite, Marketo, and more. Additionally, they allow to use of open API for advanced integrations. Gotowebinar does not have an open API feature. 


GoToWebinar platform has basic and limited features for hosting online webinars. It can make it difficult for IT companies to create an emerging webinar experience because of their lack of customization options, interactive features, and advanced analytics tools. Explore Airmeet, the best Gotoweninr alternative. IT companies can host a great and memorable webinar meeting for their customers. 


Airmeet is the best alternative to Gotowebinar as it provides a wide range of engagement features like breakout sessions, networking, customization, and more. It also provides a high-quality streaming experience. 

GoToWebinar provides limited branding and customization options which makes it challenging for IT services companies to create a unique and memorable experience for their audience. 

Gotowebinar can be cost-effective but it is expensive for companies that host frequent webinars. Instead, try Airmeet which offers more competitive pricing models with advanced features, making it a cost-effective option in the long run. 

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