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We’ve got a team of builders, thinkers, and artists around the world to work on these resources for you. We write a lot about “Virtual events” and “Remote work” because that is what we do. We’re a remote-first company building a transformational product in the virtual events space. We hope you enjoy your time here 🙂


A broad range of updates, industry articles and important announcements from the Airmeet team.

How to get started
with virtual events

A guide on everything you need to know about virtual events.

* More exciting ebooks coming soon.

Inspirational stories of hosting fantastic events

Read and listen to the enlightening words of people that organized and executed amazing virtual events.
Sahamati hosts a 4-week long epic Hackathon with 600 hackers, powered by Airmeet is Building a Mentorship Driven Startup Community on Airmeet
Future-Now clients experience the future of online events via Airmeet

The most asked questions

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Airmeet can host up to 16 speakers in one session. However, we recommend a maximum of six speakers for the best live feed experience.

Airmeet can support up to 10,000 participants simultaneously. Tried and tested for the audience size of 10K till date, and we’ll soon scale it up to 1M concurrent participants per event.

Yes! If you create a “listed” Airmeet, it is accessible to the public. Unlisted Airmeets are private events and are not accessible without the link.

No, Airmeet works perfectly fine on all your modern-day browsers and does not need any software or extensions.

We support all modern browsers. However, we recommend the latest version of Chrome to be used for the best experience—chrome 79 or latest.

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