75+ Compelling Email Subject Lines for Effective Event Marketing

Aditi Verma
• November 29, 2023

(10 min read)

Last updated: June 4, 2024

What is an email headline?

The email headline is the main single-line message beneficiaries see, after the source’s name, when they get an email. A headline is generally a synopsis of the email’s items. The motivation behind the title is to persuade individuals to open and peruse your email.

Why are event subject lines important? 

Event email subject lines are important because they can determine the number of recipients who open your email. Depending on how attractive the wording is, it can influence whether readers are interested in learning more. They can also help get consumers excited about your next opportunity.

How long should email headers be? 

The length of the header varies between email programs, so the main answer is to keep them as short as you can realistically expect. This represents people who read messages on their mobile phones, which is more than a fraction of all messages sent. You may only have about 40 characters to ask your reader to open your message, so use that space (and negative space) wisely.

Ways to create headlines that work  

Event greeting titles should be elegantly designed to attract readers and make them want to know more. 

First, make sure your title is short. You must explain yourself in five to seven words, or about 40 characters. Remember that many recipients will see the email on their mobile phones, so remember to make the entire subject line visible on all devices. Headlines should provide enough detail to interest readers and entice them to open the email for more information.

Then, tap into perusers’ feelings while creating a greeting title. This can be done in more than one way. Make FOMO (anxiety toward passing up a great opportunity) while publicizing your occasion. On the other hand, add a need to keep moving in the event that a couple of tickets are remaining. Offer a secret about your occasion in the title to make it secret and captivate beneficiaries to peruse it.

Customizing your titles can likewise increase commitment. Research shows that messages with customized headlines are 26% more likely to be opened. One basic method for customizing the email is to remember your beneficiary’s name for the title. Assuming you have a laid-out relationship with your email target, go for more top-to-bottom personalization.

5 Methods for Creating Winning Occasion Greeting Email Titles

1. Keep it Short

Effective titles are brief. Since you want to catch the beneficiary’s eye, utilize insignificant yet strong words. The title is your most memorable opportunity to snare the peruser and flash their advantage. With a brief yet convincing headline, you can accomplish this.

2. Customize It

Instead of a nonexclusive title, use one that makes an association between you and the email beneficiary. It may be as basic as remembering the beneficiary’s name for the title or utilizing the pronouns “you/your. By customizing your headline, you gain trust and prepare for the discussion to proceed.

3. Exact and forthright

The title ought to be educational yet exact. Counting the names of featured subject matter experts can arouse your endorsers’ interest in the forthcoming occasion. Notwithstanding, the state only has fundamental data. Keep in mind that the point of your headline is to’share’ and ‘captivate’ the peruser to open the mail. You’ll have a very sizable amount of room in the body of the email to compose all the occasional subtleties.

4. Make a Need to keep moving

Incorporate an impetus that sparkles interest, makes interest, and inspires the beneficiary to make a move. On the off chance that your occasion has a timely riser ticket bundle, remember it for your headline, starting with an expression like “Move quickly.” Different expressions, like “restricted time offer” or “early access,” can likewise catch the peruser’s eye and prompt them to take action.

In any case, you shouldn’t utilize this system again and again in your messages. The beneficiaries might think of it as a standard and start overlooking your messages.

5. Offer advancements

Advancing your occasion with limits and special codes is an extraordinary way to “snare” and draw in people to open your messages. A title like “Save $XX today!” is perfect. The rebate you’re offering must tell the truth.

75+ Best Email Headlines (and Why They Work)!

Email Headlines

One basic rule that is essentially difficult to oppose is FOMO, the anxiety toward passing up a major opportunity. You can include this trepidation in your titles by adding a component of shortage (restricted accessibility) or direness (restricted time).

Email headlines that incorporate words that suggest time awareness, such as “critical”, “breaking”, “significant,” or “alert,” are demonstrated to increase email open rates.

Here are some incredible example titles for messages that utilize the apprehension of passing up a great opportunity:

  1. Advanced Advertiser: “[URGENT] You have ONE DAY to watch this.”
  2. Computerized Advertiser: “Your 7-figure plan goes by at 12 PM.” 
  3. Computerized Advertiser: “End of the week ONLY” Get this now before it’s gone. 

Interest-Actuating Email Titles

You can use this longing for a conclusion by leaving your title unconditional so endorsers will be interested, similar to a cliffhanger that must be fulfilled by opening the email.

You can intrigue endorsers by posing an inquiry, promising something fascinating, or just offering something that sounds weird or surprising.

Here are a few extraordinary instances of interest-instigating headlines:

  1. “Try not to Open This Email*”
  2. GrubHub: ” Last Day To See What This Secret Email Is About”
  3. Thrillist: ” What They Eat In Jail”

Subject Lines For Follow-up Email

Sending follow-up mail is a crucial aspect of any event outreach strategy. However, it can be just as challenging to get a response from follow-up mailers.  This is where including a powerful subject line in your mailer can make all the difference. Remember that your receiver will not take prompt action unless you encourage them to do so.

Here are some examples of follow-up email subject lines:

1) The next steps involved.

2) We are glad that you are now part of us.

3) Have you heard this?

4) I missed out on mentioning this.

5) Your opinion matters.

6) Just dropped you a voice text.

7) Thank you for all of your time!

8) Pleasure meeting with you.

9) Share your experience at [Event Website]

10) Did [Event Name] live up to your expectations?

Subject Lines to Invite Event Attendees

Other businesses in your industry sometimes also target the demographic you are targeting. Therefore, it is crucial to consider how much value your e-mail provides them with. To make your email stand out from the crowded inbox, you must write an attention-grabbing headline to invite your attendees to an event.

The following are a few amazing event invitation email subject line samples.

1) We would love to see you at [Event Name].

2) Save your spot now.

3) Be a part of something special

4) So much to learn from [Expert Name] at [Event Name].

5) Registration is still open, Don’t miss out

6) Hey [Recipient Name], can’t wait to see you at [Event Name]

Subject Lines to Thank Event Attendees

Who doesn’t love a bit of appreciation?  Expressing your gratitude and thanking the participants for attending your event can make them feel valued and appreciated. Sending a thank you email will help your business build a good relationship with your audience and ultimately improve future event planning efforts.

Here are some amazing thank you subject lines to demonstrate your appreciation to event guests:

1) A warm thank you from [Your Company Name] Family.

2) A special thank you for attending our [Event Name].

3) We Appreciate Your Presence at [Event Name] – A Big Thank You.

4) Because of You, We are Growing – Many Thanks.

5) You are awesome – Thank you for attending our [Event Name].

Subject Lines to Boost Event Attendance

If you want to drive attendance at an event, make sure that your invitation mailer’s subject line stands out in your attendees’ inboxes and encourages them to open the mail. Crafting a compelling and personalized subject line that prompts action,  will surely increase the registration and attendance rate of the event.

The following subject lines will help you boost your event attendance:

1) Only [Number of] days left, secure your spot now.

2) Countdown to [Event Name]: last few days to save on tickets.

3) Don’t miss a chance to level up your skills.

4) Hello [Recipient Name], final ticket sale call.

5) Experience a once-in-a-lifetime event – [Event Name].

6) You don’t want to miss out on [Event Name]! Register now!

Subject Lines to Invite Former Attendees

People who have already attended and enjoyed your events in the past are more likely to attend your upcoming events. So, reaching out to them and inviting them to other events that you host that are relevant to them shows them that you value their participation. It also helps increase your event attendance rates and create a sense of community:

Here are some fresh subject lines that you can use to invite your former event attendees:

1) Ready for another [Event Name] on [Date]?

2) We had a blast at the last event, let’s do it again.

3) Hi [Recipient Name], we are hoping to see you again.

4) Would love to have you with us at [Event Name]

5) Hey [Recipient Name], We are back with something unique 

Subject Lines to Remind Attendees About an Event

With a vast majority of people, today, chasing unending schedules, and living incredibly busy lives, it is expected that some of your registrants may genuinely forget about having signed up for your event. To avoid this,  Make sure to send reminder emails to registrants so your event stays on top of their mind. This will also help those people who registered early for the event, so they don’t lose track of your event schedule and details. 

Here are some specific subject lines that you can use to remind your guests about an event:

1) See you soon at [Event Name]

2) Hope you are all set to attend [Event Name] on [Event Date].

3) Get ready: [Event Name] is happening on [Event Date]

4) Confirm your presence for [Event Name]

5) Hi [Recipient Name], [Event Name] is happening tomorrow at 9.00 am.

6) A Gentle Reminder: Don’t forget to join us on [Event Date]

7) We are starting in one hour – [Event Name]

Entertaining Email Headlines

In the event that your headline makes your endorsers chuckle, they should open it. Have you at any point read a headline that stimulated your entertaining bone and didn’t understand it?

Being entertaining and snappy requires more thought and imagination, yet it can be taken care of with regard to your open rates.

Here are some entertaining email headlines to make your endorsers chuckle:

  1. OpenTable: “Licking your telephone never tasted so great.”
  2. Groupon: ” Bargains That Do Right by Us (In contrast to Our Nephew, Steve)”
  3. The Dream: ” We Like Being Utilized”
  4. Warby Parker: “Coordinates pleasantly with bookkeeping sheets.”
  5. UncommonGoods: ” As You Wish” (A reference to the film The Princess Lady)

Insatiable Email Headlines

You may not consider yourself an “insatiable” individual, yet it might be difficult to miss an incredible arrangement, regardless of whether you want the thing at the present time. That is the reason deals, limits, and exceptional offers function admirably in your headlines. In any case, be cautious about offering huge limits; the higher the rate, the less dependable its impact on your open rates (maybe in light of the fact that buyers don’t really accept that huge limits are genuine). Notwithstanding, you can typically expect an expansion in navigation rates at whatever point you offer a markdown in your headline. That is on the grounds that individuals who open these messages are keen on your deal, so they’re normally disposed to click.

Here are some extraordinary email headline thoughts for hitting your supporter’s “voracity” button:

  1. Topshop: ” Meet your new pants”
  2. HP: “Flash Sale Alert.”
  3. HP: “ New absolute necessities for your office”
  4. Seafolly: “Another item you won’t pass on.”
  5. Surmise: ” 25% off your top picks.”

Appealing Email Headlines

Appealing email headlines make fervor and urge perusers to open the email.

There are a wide range of ways of catching your peruser’s eye. For instance, you can make an eye-catching, infectious email title by being disputable, sure, or conversational. You can likewise give perusers a more straightforward method for accomplishing their objectives by offering an easy route or a supportive asset (e.g., a lead magnet) that saves investment.

The following are a couple of snappy email title models that catch the perusers’ attention somehow.

  1. Ramit Sethi: “Step-by-step instructions to email a bustling individual (counting in exactly the same words as the script)”
  2. Computerized Advertiser: “Take these email layouts.”
  3. Advanced Advertiser: ” A Local Promotion in an Hour or Less”
  4. Advanced Advertiser: ” 212 blog entry thoughts”

Customer pain points Email subject lines 

Once you understand your buyer persona, you should know their biggest pain points. Use these pain points to get your subscribers to open your email by solving a problem. 

Here are some examples of email subject lines that highlight a subscriber’s pain points and offer a solution. 

  1. Pizza Hut: “Feed your guests without breaking the bank.” 
  2. IKEA: “Where do all these toys go?” 
  3. IKEA: “With these simple solutions, you can get more space in the kitchen.” 
  4. Uber: “Because we can’t all win the lottery…” 

Retargeting Email Subject Lines

When a subscriber fails to complete an activity or a stage in your sales funnel (for example, when they abandon their basket or do not pay after their free trial), retargeting emails are sent to them. These emails are designed to reintroduce your subscribers to your sales process.

Effective remarketing subject lines overcome concerns by giving them something to sweeten the bargain or informing them that something awful will happen if they do not act.

Here are some great retargeting email subject line examples:

  1. “How You Can Afford Your First 10,000 Readers (Closing Tonight)” by Nick Stephenson
  2. “Hey, forgot something?” said the Bonobos. Here’s a 20% discount.”
  3. Target’s error message: “The price dropped for something in your cart.”
  4. “Good news: Your pin’s price has dropped!” says Pinterest.

Subject lines for personal emails 

Personalized email subject lines with a name improve open rates by 10–14% across all sectors. 

However, adding the subscriber’s name is simply one option to create unique subject lines. You can also use simple language, offer a personal story, or utilize content that indicates familiarity or friendliness. 

Here are some examples of effective, tailored email subject lines. 

  1. It goes something like this: “Mary, check out these hand-picked looks.” 
  2. “Happy Birthday, Mary – Surprise Inside!” Rent the runway. 
  3. “Maria, do you remember me?” says Bonnie Fahy. 
  4. “I didn’t see your name in the comments!” says Kimra Luna. 
  5. “Crazy invite, I’ll buy you lunch,” says James Malinchak.

Simple Subject Lines for Emails

When in doubt, keep your subject line short and concise. Contrary to popular belief, these “boring” subject lines can be converted effectively.

The key to making this work for your list is to provide value in your emails on a constant basis. Only send an email if you have something essential to say: Always make your marketing valuable. If you do this, you will educate your subscribers to open your emails regardless of the subject line.

Here are some samples of email marketing subject lines that are short and to the point:

  1. “Yes, this is a fundraising email,” said Al Franken.
  2. “Best coat ever,” says AYR.
  3. Obama says, “Hey.”

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Writing an Email Subject Lines

Email subject lines are a core part of any email marketing campaign. In fact, it is fair to say that any email is incomplete without the right subject line. It not only effectively expresses your message to your audience but also motivates them to open & read your email. 

However, many businesses now still undervalue subject lines. They have yet to realize the impact that email subject lines can have,  resulting in disappointing email open rates. To maintain your email’s trustworthiness, it is important to avoid some common mistakes when creating good email subject lines.

Here are some of the most common email subject line mistakes to avoid:


  • Not Showing Urgency in the Subject Lines: According to this survey, 64% of recipients decide to open or delete emails based on subject lines. So, it is necessary to convey urgency in order to encourage people to act.

Express the importance of your email in a way that compels your audience to pay attention to it. Consider using words to get a quick response from your audience such as “Please Confirm Today”, “One Day Left” and “Last Chance to Apply”. 

  • Avoiding Preheader Text: This is the text that appears next to the subject line. The preheader text is similar to a summary text, giving a brief overview of the email. Without a preheader, your email won’t appear as effective and persuasive. 

Include a compelling preheader text and highlight the key aspects of your mailer. Keep the character limit of preheader text between 30 and 80. Include a call to action (CTA) that clearly drives the recipient to take the immediate action that you want them to, once they open the email. 

  • Lengthy Email Subject Lines: Longer subject lines may not leave as much impact on potential attendees as short, crisp ones can. 

Consider writing a subject line between 30 to 60 characters or 4 to 8 words. This ensures that subject lines can be displayed well on mobile devices too. 

Try out different lengths and styles of subject lines to see what works best for your specific audience and email goals.

  • Using Spammy Words in Event Subject Lines: Your email will never be seen by the target audience if your email goes to the spam folder. 

If you make use of spammy words, your email might seem promotional, which will make your email look low-quality. The spam filters will identify them and quickly relegate them to the spam folder.

Here is the list of spammy words that you must avoid while writing your subject line: 

    • Act now

    • Order now

    • Guaranteed income

    • Free bonuses or cash prizes

    • Amazing deal

    • Limited time offer

    • Free Gift

    • 100% Free.

Avoid utilizing these trigger phrases or words to prevent your email from ending up in the spam folder and making it sound promotional or gimmicky to your target audience. 

  • Repeating Subject Lines: If you write the same subject lines for different emails, the chances of it being opened are reduced. People will not be interested in your email if they see the same subject line repeatedly. 

To ensure that your email is opened, use specific words or phrases accurately. As much as possible, personalize it by adding the recipient’s name. If you are sending a series of emails, include numbers to indicate the order of the emails. 

  • Excessive Use of Emojis: Emojis can actually help increase the open rate of an email but using too many emojis can make your subject line look unprofessional. 

If you want to decorate your message with emojis, insert them at the end after you’ve finished writing like “Join Our Exclusive Webinar on Event Marketing👍”. Your audience will find it easy to grasp the message with this kind of subject line. 

  • Using Only Upper Case: Your open rate can drop if your subject lines are written entirely in the upper case. It greatly lowers the credibility of your message. 

For example, If you see this subject line in your inbox – “GET YOUR FREE EBOOK NOW”. This will appear excessively pushy and unprofessional. You are very likely to either delete or ignore it. 

Instead, create a subject line in a way that will look reader-friendly for your audience like “Get Your Free eBook Now”. 

  • Neglecting Grammar or Spelling Mistakes: If your subject lines contain spelling or grammatical errors, your message will appear unprofessional and fail to build trust in your email recipients.  

Once you are done with your writing, proofread your text carefully. Look for typos, punctuation errors, and overall accuracy of content.  

Additionally, you could use some popular grammar checker tools such as Grammarly, languagetool, and Quillbot. These tools will help you identify the common errors in your writing.


Email subject lines are more than just lines of text. They provide a brief overview of your entire email. The purpose of writing a compelling email subject line is to get people to open up the mail and see the content inside. 

Writing strong event subject lines is important to enhance the quality of your event’s email marketing campaign. Testing a variety of subject lines such as entertaining ones, those that build curiosity,  and appealing headlines can help you identify what works best for your audience.  

The email subject line is the first interaction people have with your event marketing message. So, invest time in creating an attractive and appealing subject line. With given event email subject lines and examples, you can boost the open rate and drive more registrations for your event. 


The purpose of writing event email subject lines is to prompt your audience to open the email. Depending on how cleverly you craft your subject lines, you can also drive event registration, create a buzz for your event, and encourage the audience to fill out the event form. 

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