How LambdaTest Created an Immersive Event Experience for 6000+ Attendees

Aishwarya Mohan
• March 29, 2023

(2 min read)

It’s 2023, and by now you’ve likely planned, attended, or at least been invited to your fair share of online events.

And it’s no secret that maintaining engagement during online events can be challenging (to say the least).

As the leading omnichannel digital experience testing cloud-based platform LambdaTest prepared for their flagship event, with an expected audience of over 6,000,  it was crucial that they created a community focused, engaging event to solidify their relationships with industry experts and make a lasting impression on their attendees. 

To put it simply, a one-dimensional webinar wouldn’t cut it to meet LamdaTest’s vision for their event. We sat down with Mudit Singh, Director of Marketing and Growth at LambdaTest, to discuss the key challenges, goals, and learnings from their event strategy. Mudit also gave us the details on how leveraging interactive and one-of-a-kind event experiences helped create unique, intimate, and memorable engagement for LambdaTest’s attendees and future customers.

Creating a People-First Experience, Virtually (and Globally)

LambdaTest is an intelligent unified digital experience testing cloud that helps businesses reduce time to market through faster test execution, ensuring quality releases and accelerated digital transformation. Over 10,000+ enterprise customers and 2+ million users across 130+ countries rely on LambdaTest for their testing needs.

In 2022, the LambdaTest team was gearing up for Testμ, their flagship event. Testμ is a conference built to bring together software testers, developers, influencers, and community builders to talk about the future of testing and the people behind it. LambdaTest’s primary goal with Testμ was to create an event deeply centered around the developer and tester community,  not their brand, where they could present industry experts, allowing them to discuss their views and provide a platform where attendees could interact directly with these experts in a meaningful way. LambdaTest team wanted to create a more interactive, immersive experience where deep community building, education, and growth could take place for their audience as well as facilitators at Testμ. They wanted to create this global, educational event that was accessible to the whole of their large audience, regardless of timezone, and for good reason, 76% of event organizers believe attendee diversification is the key to online event success.

Unifying Community Through Event Engagement

The majority of existing events for developers and testers – LambdaTest’s primary audience – have two key pain points: they lack global reach and are often costly for attendees due to either travel, fees, ticket costs or all of the above. In addition they are usually created in a siloed environment where the attendee list is deliberately kept limited and exclusive to a select set of audience. 

LambdaTest’s audience is sprawling, with upwards of two million registered users positioned around the world. And while their previous events on other video conferencing platforms may have facilitated some one-on-one connections, it lacked that central community feeling where organic connections could be made across attendees and speakers. The LambdaTest team was clear on the objectives and vision for their event, but lacked the tools to make it happen. Previous platforms they used allowed them to invite speakers to share their views, but were not able to create a feedback loop for the audience to interact with speakers in a meaningful way. When Mudit discovered Airmeet, he knew he’d found the platform to create the unique immersive experience he was after for Testμ. Eager to create a more personalized experience with an abundance of organic connections, Airmeet allowed LambdaTest to expand from their previous one-on-one event formats to bring their audience and speakers closer together.

Airmeet provided a single integrated platform to support not only the attendance of, but two way communication for their audience of 6,000 and sustained this over a four-day event. 

But what really changed the game for Testμ was Fluid Space, Airmeet’s virtual space for meaningful connections. Fluid Space allowed industry experts, influencers, and community builders at Testμ to connect through interactive Q&As and further discussions after presentations. Fluid Space mimics what so many online events lack, the organic connections that come with mingling post-event. 

These unique and personal experiences help LambdaTest increase the engagement of their audience, which drives the sense of community they’re aiming to create. In fact, 78% of event attendees say Q&As catch their attention. Of the 40+ speakers featured at Testμ, each one visited Fluid Space after their session, interacting with attendees and engaging in meaningful connections to share further insights and learnings.

With 2,800 peak live attendees and over 1,400 minutes of content, Testμ ran without a hitch, glitch, or boring business pitch (forgive us) supported by Airmeet’s immersive event experience. As LambdaTest looks ahead to their next Testμ in August 2023, the word is out to Testμ’s registrants. The team is expecting even larger audiences next time around, creating more expansive opportunities to deepen their community engagement and grow their developer and tester network, creating stronger benefits and attraction to their events.

Maximize Your Event-led Growth with Airmeet

Events present an opportunity for businesses to tap into new ways to obtain prospects, engage customers, and grow advocates. But experiencing Event-led Growth requires the right tools and strategies to engage and attract your audience. Bring real, immersive engagement and a sense of belonging to all your events with Airmeet’s dynamic platform. 

We know our Event Experience Cloud has the power to help you achieve real connection, qualified pipeline generation, and grow revenue. And we can’t wait to show you how. 

Join us for an upcoming group demo to get a live, no-strings-attached look at Airmeet.

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