A must-have virtual event sponsorship proposal template

• November 24, 2020
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People are more likely to attend your event if credible sponsors back it. However, you need to beat a sea of competitors to win the sponsors attention and win them. 

For event planners, securing sponsors is rated as one of the most challenging tasks. Your virtual event sponsorship proposal should be so powerful and comprehensive that your sponsors are compelled to say yes.

Planning an event sponsorship proposal template to compile an all-inclusive list of things-to-do, can act as a good starting point. In this blog article explore the most effective event proposal template with practical formats to swear by.

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1. The introduction

Prepare an attention-grabbing cover page that truly talks about the image of your company and the theme of the event. This introductory page is critical in delivering the right first impression of your proposal, so be very watchful of the content, and the images being used. You may mention other important information like venue, date, and potential sponsor’s name on this page. 

2. Index the contents

It’s a wise idea to tabulate the content with page numbers for the ease of reading and navigation. Even when the potential sponsor has limited time, they can quickly check the required segment instead of studying all the pages. 

3. Define the objective

Clearly define the purpose of your event. Include the benefits for the sponsor and why he/she should support you. Answer this question in the best possible way to define your objective, and explain how it will solve the sponsor’s purpose parallelly. Include all of the relevant information, while keeping it crisp and clear. 

4. Meet the team

When you introduce your team to sponsors, it builds trust. Photos and short bios of the team with their contact details show that you have a qualified lot and they are available to connect at any point in time. 

5. Elaborate on the different levels of sponsorship

If you are offering different levels or packages of sponsorship, it should be detailed to clarify options available. With more levels, it’s a good idea to list them in the form of tables. This improves readability and allows the potential sponsor to compare different options at a glance. 

6. How sponsors will be represented

This is something that sponsors are most interested in. Sponsors can be represented before, during, and after the event. List down all the ways you offer visibility to their company’s name, brand, and products to the audience. 

Make an offer that they cannot reject, introduce some new and innovative ideas of boosting their brand awareness. Sponsors are looking for brand visibility and lead generation by being associated with your event. You can plan a separate event or few perks to those event attendees who expressed interest in your sponsor’s products/services.

7. History of events

Showcase the past events hosted by you and their results/ROI/ KPIs. This gives a positive image of how successfully you hosted events and what sponsors can expect from this association. A picture is worth a thousand words. Therefore, provide a sneak-peek into past events with images, videos and highlight the list of past event sponsors.

This information gives more cues to sponsors to evaluate your worth and get impressed. Observing similar sponsors or relevant audiences will convince them to sponsor the event. 

For event planners, securing sponsors is rated as one of the most challenging tasks. Your virtual event sponsorship proposal should be so powerful and comprehensive that your sponsors are compelled to say yes.

For event planners, securing sponsors is rated as one of the most challenging tasks. Your virtual event sponsorship proposal should be so powerful and comprehensive that your sponsors are compelled to say yes.

8. Reviews and accreditations

If you gained social goodwill on social media or otherwise, present it to the sponsors. A positive testimonial or case study from previous events adds weight to your image. Include any accreditations or positive reviews that you have from your other clients and sponsors. Such elements can help convince the sponsor if they have any doubts. 

9. Timeline

Your goal is to confirm sponsors as soon as possible, but there may be a few who delay it. You have to communicate to the potential sponsor about the time deadline of your proposal. You can even propose early bird offers, some additional perks/discounts for the initial confirmations. 

This timeline is crucial for the success of your event; it should be communicated positively to encourage potential sponsors. When the first few are finalised, you can mention their names to the others too.

10. Terms and conditions

No event sponsorship proposal template is complete without the Terms & Conditions section. Generally, a legal team is required to prepare this section, which includes segments on rights and reservations, legal interpretation of the proposal, terms of the contract, commitments of both parties – the sponsor and the organiser, etc. 

11. Request a feedback

If you can gather feedback from potential sponsors, you can target those specific issues in future proposals. You may ask questions about their preferences on packages, what are their expectations or sharing concerns about your sponsorship proposal. Our suggestion is to keep the questions short and limited in number.

12. Signature and thank you

End the event sponsorship proposal with a thankyou note and space for the sponsor’s signature. Even if it’s a no from their side, keep a scope for an ongoing relationship by connecting them on social media.

Hope this outline will help you get going, follow this all-inclusive sponsorship proposal template that hits precisely at every essential requirement.

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Incredible Companies Use Airmeet

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Incredible Companies Use Airmeet

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