Virtual Events Ebook

How to Find (and win)
Sponsors for Virtual

A guide on everything your event team
needs to know about sponsorship
for virtual events.


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Virtual Events


Vol 2


How to Find (and win) Sponsors for Virtual Events

by Airmeet

Sponsorship is a partnership that requires a specific strategic plan to proceed with. It offers the organisers of the event financial support and the sponsors in return gain the exposure that will be helpful for them in future.

Today, the technology is pacing fast and is offering new opportunities for organisers, sponsors and attendees to interact with one another virtually. While moving forward with the future of events industry, sponsors no longer want mere exposure and hospitality bonuses but are now partnering with the organisers to find interactive ways to connect with their attendees.

After carefully understanding the value in sponsorship, we have crafted an ebook that shares some golden nuggets on how you can find sponsors and retain them. This ebook includes:

…and more.

Host live or on-demand webinars with
a strong engagement focus

Revenue Generation

Connect and convert leads faster

Community engagement

Engage your community around the year

Workshops and Trainings

Host interactive sessions and inspire your audience

Employee engagement

Engage everyone at work to get closer

Create virtual and hybrid event experiences
that everyone loves to attend.

Job Fairs

Connect Talent with Global Employers

Product Launch

Leave a long-lasting impression in the market

Trade Fairs

Host highly immersive and interactive fairs

Demo days

Prioritize growth with networking-led pitch conferences

Award Ceremonies

Host a grand reception for your rockstars


Organize codefests that inspires innovation

Hybrid Events

Bring together the best of virtual and in-person events

Real-time Analytics

Track event performance and engagement

Airmeet Mobile App

Access events on the go

Event Plannings

Plan your perfect event hasslefree

Rich Integrations

Connect Airmeet with your favorite apps

Interactive stage

Deliver sessions high on engagement

Meetings & Networking

Craft meaningful conversations

Immersive Booths

Boost event ROI with interactive booths

Event Sponsorships

Generate more value for your sponsors

Event Gamification

Keep your events fun and engaging

Airmeet Security

Host safe and secure events


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