Airmeet all-inclusive guide for hosts and organizers

• September 13, 2020

Get started with Airmeet

Create your organization

  • Head to
  • Click on “Host an event”.
  • Sign up with your email or social media handles.
  • Create your organization with Airmeet.

Create your first Airmeet

  • Select “Create an Airmeet” button on the top right corner of the community dashboard.
  • Select the type of event: Single session or Multi-session.
  • Feed-in the necessary details of the event: Event name, date, time, etc.

Your Airmeet is now created

  • Upon entering all the essential details, your Airmeet gets created.
  • You’ll get an event landing page link on the dashboard.
  • Participants can use the link to register for your event.

Airmeet event landing page

Your event landing page is now ready 👇

Add or update sessions & speakers

Add sessions

  • Go to your community dashboard.
  • Select your Airmeet event from the “Airmeets” section on the left.
  • Click on “sessions” from the left panel.
  • Start adding sessions—feed-in session name, date, time etc.

Add speakers

  • Stay inside your Airmeet event dashboard after adding your session details.
  • Now, add speaker details by clicking on the “Speakers” section in the left panel.

Map speakers to sessions

  • Map speakers to sessions on both “Sessions” tab and “Speakers” tab in the left panel.
  • Send speaker invites by copying the invite link under the “Speakers” tab.

Manage event registrations

  • Get access to all your signups in the “Manage registrants” tab.
  • Download data by clicking on the “Download CSV” button on the top right of the list of registrants’ data.

Gear up with top four things in an Airmeet

Virtual tables

  • Update no. of virtual tables in the community dashboard in “About the Airmeet” section.
  • Enter into the event, land on the social lounge, and select the edit button on the top left corner of each virtual table.
  • Add labels and brand logos to each table to increase engagement and enable conversations.

Branding and sponsorships

  • Community dashboard –> Airmeets –> Select your event –> Branding.
  • Add your brand logo and sponsor logo to appear in the event screen.
  • You will get to see the brand logo replacing the platform branding on the top right corner of the Airmeet event window. 
  • The sponsor logo will appear on the sessions bar near the RHS(Right-Hand Section).

Live stream

  • Community dashboard –> Airmeets –> Select your event –> Live stream
  • Select a social platform, choose the session you want to stream, enter channel URL and the stream key.
  • Tada! Your live streaming is all set.

Pre-recorded content

  • Community dashboard –> Airmeets –> Select your event –> Stream pre-recorded videos.
  • Upload speaker videos, sponsor videos or your brand videos to play in between sessions.
  • Go to the event –> Backstage and ensure if your videos are in the “videos” section in the RHS.

Airmeet glossary

Social lounge

Take a Break

Social Lounge is the signature feature of Airmeet where participants can network with fellow attendees, speakers, and hosts. It is a virtual ballroom with tables—participants can move between tables, join relevant conversations and meet more people. The social lounge area will be active and accessible before and after the event or sessions.

  • Custom welcome message: You can edit the welcome message for your audience in the “Configure social lounge” tab on the top right corner of the social lounge.

  • Take a seat: To join a table, you have to click on the “Take a seat” button below the table. Please make sure your participants make meaningful conversations at your event. Educate them that they can check the bio of the people in the table by hovering over their profile picture on the chairs.

  • Leave table: The conversations that happen at the social lounge are not controlled or limited by anyone, unlike other platforms. Participants get absolute freedom to move between tables, leave the table and join new conversations that are happening in the social lounge.

  • Table controls: Once you join a table, a window opens up where participants can video chat with each other in the table. The controls in the bottom bar of the window allow you to mute/unmute audio, turn on/off video, screen share with the audience on the table and a chat window(table chat) to share useful links and contact information.


Visit Backstage

Backstage is an exclusive space where hosts can sync up with speakers before going live. Hosts can help speakers get a quick dry run, test presentations and check audio and video quality before starting the session.

  • Go Backstage: Only the speakers that have joined through the speaker link will be able to see the “Go Backstage” button on the top right corner of the social lounge window. Hosts and speakers will be able to enter the backstage, by clicking on this button.

  • Start session: Once you are ready to go live, click on the “Start session” button on the top right corner of the backstage.

  • Session countdown: After clicking on the “Start session”, you will be given a 15-seconds countdown with a starting soon message.


Commence Session

Airmeet has got one of the most engaging stage experiences with emojis, polls, Q&As and chats. Your first step is to get familiarized with the RHS and bottom navigation bar elements.

Right-hand section(RHS)

Chat: Airmeet offers a secured public and private chat box to boost uninterrupted communication.

Q&A: A separate window, Q&A lets participants ask questions easily. Great questions need attention—the audience gets to upvote questions, and hosts will be able to sort them by popularity and get them answered.

Invite to the stage: The feature allows you to invite attendees as speakers to the dais and help you stay on top of speaker management. Search for the attendee that you want to invite in the “Attendees” section in the RHS. Click on the three vertical dots on the attendee’s thumbnail and “invite to stage”.

Videos: Stream pre-recorded video option on the Airmeet dashboard allows you to get pre-recorded videos from your speakers and stream it live. The videos that you upload on the Airmeet dashboard appears in the “Videos” tab on the RHS.

Bottom navigation bar

Reactions: Airmeet’s thumbs-up, clap, heart, and lots of other emojis make the experience lively and engaging.

Polls: Polls let you gather some insightful feedback from the audience and are also a smart way to increase engagement in between sessions.

Screen share: Screen share presentations and videos in a click of a button. Please make sure you don’t go on mute while playing videos from your laptop/desktop computer.

Speed networking

Speed networking matches you with fellow-participants, speakers and hosts to have a one-on-one conversation with them. The time duration of each discussion is usually limited to make the experience quick and productive.

Speed networking zone: The audience will be able to speed network only if they get into the speed networking zone. Encourage them to click on “Start speed networking.”

Time duration: The ideal time slot for a speed networking meeting is between 2-5 minutes. Keep it as minimum as possible to make it more active and engaging.

Set up speed networking →

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Incredible Companies Use Airmeet

Most loved Virtual Events Platform

Incredible Companies Use Airmeet

Most loved Virtual Events Platform

Incredible Companies Use Airmeet

Most loved Virtual Events Platform

Incredible Companies Use Airmeet

Most loved Virtual Events Platform