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How to use Airmeet for your brand’s digital marketing

• October 29, 2020


o you know that 75% of companies with event budgets between $50-100 million say they expect an ROI of more than 5:1 for the live event and experiential programs?

Statistics show that virtual brand marketing through events results in higher returns. Every company has a different objective and brand marketing requirements. Some brands are looking to launch a new product, raise product awareness, or build a community and brand ambassadors. Some companies want to meet the learning needs of the industry, generate additional revenue, organise virtual events, and more.

Evaluate your objective first and see how Airmeet can do wonders for your brand marketing. Let’s understand it step by step.

Why Digital Marketing?

Marketing helps businesses and organisations achieve their goals, which might be to reach a wider audience or drive sales. Similar to traditional marketing, digital marketing aims to connect with current and prospective customers via digital channels.

Goals and strategies

  • Gaining new leads: Acquiring more leads or customers prevails to be the key goal to scale your business.

  • Increasing awareness: The goal is to reach out to more prospective customers and provide them with what they require; you can call it a solution.

  • Activating consumers: Out of sight, out of mind! You need to create a buzz amongst the customer base who have become dormant over some time. Your digital marketing campaign should encourage new buyers and stimulate existing ones.

  • Taking new leads onboard: Just like new acquaintances, new customers require that initial push and connect to build faith. So plan to stay in touch with them through emails, offers, and perks so that they soon become part of your community

Check out the Airmeet hub to get insights into how you can include event marketing in your digital marketing strategy. Our resources, techniques, definitions, and recommendations through visuals, videos, and blog articles can serve as a quick guide.

Every company has a different objective and brand marketing requirements. Statistics showthat virtual brand marketing through events results in higher returns.

Every company has a different objective and brand marketing requirements. Statistics show that virtual brand marketing through events results in higher returns.

How Airmeet can be your event marketing unicorn

Event marketing is a digital marketing strategy that marketers leverage to promote their brand or offering via real-time engagement. By including event marketing into your online marketing campaigns, you can create a more meaningful and long-lasting relationship with your audience.

Whether you are looking to market a new product, build loyalty, boost industry learning or drive conversions, there is an event type for every objective. You can host a “Product Demo” or a “Case Study” event to create awareness about your new product and meet marketing goals.

For all your needs, Airmeet is an all-in-one platform to host immersive events and build real connections online. You can create various event formats to meet every purpose as it is very versatile and easy-to-use. It offers a wide bunch of features that you may require for your events, webinars, workshop, meet-up, conference and more.

Let us dig deeper to know more about the features offered that makes it a go-to platform for every marketer-

Save Money: Yes! You can choose to remain in the free plan forever. Airmeet’s free plan can host 300 participants per event free for your lifetime.

Convenient to use: Airmeet has an easy to adapt, user-friendly interface. It can be accessed directly via any browser, with no need to download.

Very secure platform: All your security concerns are well taken care of by Airmeet. It is GDPR compliant and offers end-to-end encryption for data protection and privacy. During any kind of private event, guest authentication is approved by hosts, so no need to fret about the crashers.

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Networking: Marketing is much more than mere sales; it is more to do with spreading awareness and building your community. Most attendees, during a virtual event, seek more connections than just gaining knowledge. They want to interact with like-minded people, who can be a presenter or another attendee.

Participation yields interest and helps create a community. One of the Airmeet’s features “social lounge” allows small group interactions through virtual tables. These virtual tables can be personalised and converted into booths, based on the requirements.

Participants can switch tables and exchange their contact cards virtually. This feature makes the event live, real, interactive, and happening. Airmeet allows participants to network and move freely between our fully customisable and branded virtual tables.

Live Social Streaming and Screen Share: To reach a wider audience, you can live-stream your event on social media. This feature can increase the reach by multiple folds and even boosts engagement.

The screen share feature makes a presentation more worthy and interesting for the attendees.

Interactive features like Q&A, Raise Hand, Emojis, and Chatbox: Such interactive features engage the audience and inspire them to start conversations. A Q&A can be conducted towards the end of the event, but adding a ‘Raise Hand’ feature allows attendees to share the live feed with the speaker. Additionally, you can upvote to give your feedback, boost participation and enthusiasm.

Emoji reactions let you express yourself immediately, and not impact the flow of the event, but cheer up the ambience. The chat box option keeps the buzz going during any event, where participants keep sharing their inputs, queries and keep getting replies. It is a secure way to interact and chit chat.

Session-recording: It’s a great idea to record videos to reshare and repurpose. It can be useful for people who could not attend or to create a teaser for future events. The unlimited and secure recording feature by Airmeet is something you cannot miss.

Polls: Airmeet’s poll feature allows you to gather feedback from attendees through surveys or polls, as this valuable insight can help you understand your audience and make upcoming events better.


Airmeet is an excellent platform to host events and drive results for your brand effectively. Create a community or raise education around your brand by hosting successful events on Airmeet.

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Incredible Companies Use Airmeet

Most loved Virtual Events Platform

Incredible Companies Use Airmeet

Most loved Virtual Events Platform