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How-To Guides

Speaking at a virtual event on Airmeet is an extremely immersive and interactive experience. Read on for a detailed guide on how to use the tool and ensure successful communication with all participants.

Attending a virtual event on Airmeet is an extremely immersive and interactive experience. Read on for a detailed guide on how to use the tool and maximise the takeaways from the event.

Communities bring people together, create meaningful connections and provide a safe place to share knowledge & ideas. Planning to start one? Read this guide on community building.

Featured Blogs

Maneet Chaudhary
June 11, 2021
Maximising your virtual outcomes is essential if you want to get the best ROI. The Airmeet virtual event platform offers several features that help deliver an engaging experience to your participants. This guide takes an in-depth look at each of these features to help you understand them.
Mukesh Kumar
June 7, 2021
When hosting virtual events, virtual swag bags have the potential to not only be a component of your marketing strategy, but also a vital part of the user experience. They can have a long lasting impression on the audience’s conscience, in addition to making your event memorable. The catch is, they should be used correctly.
Ishani Appaya
June 4, 2021
Though virtual events have become very popular in recent times, it remains a challenge for event organisers to monetise them. There are multiple ways that you can monetize your virtual event. According to the data by Event Manager Blog, a whopping 32.8% of event organisers are still not capitalising on their virtual events and just doing it for free. Here are 16 tips to monetise your next virtual event.

Top Case Studies

Ishani Appaya
June 10, 2021
Airmeet hosted RPG’s first virtual Innovation Festival this year. It had three main sessions with 1370 registrants, 1054 attendees and 13 speakers. The top 30 projects were commemorated in style. Attendees interacted with teams via booths, and the awards ceremony was pulled off with panache. Read on to learn how Airmeet facilitated this prestigious event.
Ishani Appaya
June 8, 2021
NHRDN replicated its in-person showcase event in a virtual environment. They had 45+ corporates, around 15 CSRs and nearly 100 booths in attendance at their virtual event on Airmeet. Learn how they hosted and wowed 2000+ attendees at their first-ever virtual HR Showcase.
Ishani Appaya
May 27, 2021
Impact Hub Bern shared their journey of working as an outreach partner for a major telecommunications partner to host a critical multi-session event powered by Airmeet and exceeded event goals even with a small event team. Leverage this case study to learn about how you can host your next immersive conference with exhibitors, sponsors, booths, networking, parallel sessions and more on Airmeet.

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