Here are the top ten reasons why webinars should be a part of your marketing strategy in 2021

Top Reasons to add Webinars in Marketing Strategy

Aditi Biswas
• November 8, 2021

(8 min read)

Wondering why webinars should be a part of your marketing strategy? Here is an interesting read that deep dives into the whys and the hows of webinars and how it can help drive lead gen, brand recognition, increase reach, and more.

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A good marketing strategy ensures that you’re targeting the right audience. It also builds your brand, creates a community of loyal customers while improving the ROI. And as you are planning your strategy, explore all the options and don’t miss out on webinars.

Webinars are an essential marketing tool for your plan. You can also use this as a content marketing strategy in the digital world. It includes audience engagement, digital marketing, and different pieces of content. With webinars, you can build a better brand image and nurture the leads you already have.

As webinars grow more popular as a marketing tool, it’s critical to know what they can do. In this article, you’ll understand why webinars should be part of your marketing strategy. 

1. Webinars build relationships

Build meaningful relationships by hosting webinars
Build meaningful relationships by hosting webinars

Webinars allow you to offer your audience value right away. With a webinar, leaders can impart the right knowledge, training, and expertise. It also builds a relationship and a rapport by giving value first. That, in turn, creates a loyal community, leading to sales.

You can also build relationships through the following promotional efforts:

Email Marketing (Invitations)

A webinar software allows you to create an invitation that you can send to certain people. You can use email marketing or email updates as a marketing strategy to reach a wider audience. More so, having a targeted email list allows you to attract your ideal customers better.

Social Media Promotions

One of the fastest ways of establishing relationships is through social media channels. And social media marketing allows you to do that. You can use interactive social media posts or advertisements for your webinar. With the efficient use of social media, your customer base will increase.

Polls and Surveys

It’s critical to address audience input while developing webinar content. You may use the polls and surveys tool to see if your chosen topic is relevant to the webinar attendees. You can also use this tool to ensure that you will please your current audience with your webinar.

2. Webinars can reach a wide audience

Webinars help reach a wider audience if done correctly.
Webinars help reach a wider audience if done correctly.

Every business organization plans its marketing strategy to reach a focused target audience. Webinars can go beyond gaining a greater number of people. You can connect with an audience that is difficult to reach out to. More so, webinars are not limiting, helping you reach global audiences.

You may also boost the number of people who register for your next webinar by doing the following:

Use different channels to repurpose your webinar.

A typical webinar lasts 30 to 50 minutes. Yet, not everyone has the time to attend the entire event. It is critical to repurpose a webinar so that it is easier to comprehend and reaches a broader audience. You can turn your webinar into a promotional video, blog post, article, or even an infographic.

Give varying degrees of access to different content types to categorize them. 

Since not every material has equal value for your audience, you must not share it in the same way. You can use live webinars and entire webinar replays, with more questions in the sign-up form. Other formats, like blog posts or presentations, are often left open with a call to action. In doing so, you may achieve a nice mix of revenue growth and lead generation.

Experiment with new distribution platforms 

Marketers share their information via email, advertisements, and social media. But, to further use your reach, you can use lesser-known channels. You can distribute information through partners, event organizers, and colleagues.

3. You can host webinars in many formats

Host any kind of webinars, from social to networking, to panel discussions with Airmeet.
Host any kind of webinars, from social to networking, to panel discussions with Airmeet.

You may provide webinars in a variety of forms to fit the needs of any marketing plan. Read along to find out which one works best for you:

  • Product Webinars: Here, you can show the usage, method, and benefits of your product or service.
  • Educational Webinars: It shows how to resolve potential customers’ problems or share expertise.
  • Panel Webinars: It is a webinar where industry experts, leaders, or influencers have discussions, with a moderator conducting the event. That is a great way to create engagement.
  • Q&A webinars: You can engage audiences by getting answers to their queries and knowledge from experts.
  • Networking Webinars: This type of event can be used to nurture the relationship with customers. You can inform them about new inventions, developments, or significant changes in the industry. A networking event helps to form substantial connections with the attendees.

You can also use interactive formats to attract and keep your audience engaged:

  • Panel Discussion Format: With multiple experts sharing their perspectives on a subject of interest, panel discussions may keep your audience’s attention. Hosting a spirited conversation among a varied collection of professionals can engage your audience. Webinars can also help you grow your audience, especially if each panelist has a different set of followers.
  • Chat Show: For a less formal approach, you can try a chat show. It may be a fascinating approach to give in-depth insights from prominent industry experts. It is formatted like a late-night talk show.
  • The Interview: Interviewing a guest speaker who is an expert in their industry can generate a lot of interest and draw a crowd. This basic question-and-answer interview style is more intimate. It gives the aura that the listener is obtaining unedited inside information firsthand.

4. Webinars help you engage with the audience

The goal of holding a webinar is to appeal to your target audience throughout the session. So it’s critical to consider particular strategies better to engage your webinar audience as a webinar host. You can stimulate the audience with interactive features like a chatbox, emojis, live polls, a social lounge, and Q& A sessions. 

When attendees get on a user-friendly interface with interactive features, they communicate, and that’s how they engage and connect. 

5. Webinars generate leads

Hosting webinars help in generating leads.
Hosting webinars help in generating leads.

As compared to other marketing strategies, leads generated through webinars are more credible. People that register for webinars are genuinely interested in your offering and have higher chances of conversion. And when the webinar is about something thought-provoking and fascinating, it leads to the sign-up of newer attendees. 

Apart from existing leads, webinars proactively attract new leads and create loyal customers optimizing the sales funnel. You can utilize the different webinars detailed in point 3 to help your sales team shift leads down into the funnel and retain them as your customers. You can also use an email address or social media profile to attract potential leads. 

6. Webinars attract affiliate marketing

Webinars are among the best tools for affiliate marketers as all parties succeed while building their community. Affiliates want a strategy that converts a visitor into a buyer and delivers value to the customers- precisely what a webinar aims to do. It’s a win-win situation for all and leads to higher registrations and subscribers.

In addition, a typical webinar may help you interact with existing affiliates. It can help promote affiliate involvement and even improve revenue, so it is worthwhile to create them. A webinar, in particular, can:

  • Webinars can rekindle your associates’ enthusiasm.
  • You can use webinars to answer commonly asked queries or handle difficulties that your associates are experiencing.
  • Webinars make it easy to communicate with your affiliates and encourage them to participate.
  • Webinars can assist your associates in informing strategies in marketing campaigns.

7. Webinars offer quicker ROI

The conversion from lead to a customer is much faster through webinars. Interested customers do the registrations upfront; they get value through the webinar, and trust is built. Attendees are at the entrance of the sales funnel. 

If attendees like the product or service being offered, they can allay any apprehensions through webinars, and the conversion can be quicker. So, you need a well-planned and cross-channel marketing strategy that includes webinars to be successful.

8. Cost-effective marketing

Webinars are the most cost-effective way of reaching a global audience. The amount of time, money, and resources required to create a webinar and publicize it is far less than any other live event.

In any physical event, the economies scale up as you increase audiences’ number, but the cost remains the same with webinars. Calculating the cost per attendee reduces further when you reach out to a higher number of audiences.

The pointers shared above showcase how webinars are an indispensable part of a marketing strategy and should help you incorporate them into your marketing plan.

9. Webinars increase your credibility

When creating a webinar, finding the right guest speaker can increase your brand’s credibility. Guest speakers are generally eager to help you utilize their network to increase attendance. In return, you may borrow your guests’ credibility in addition to receiving publicity. Overall enthusiasm, attendance rates, and media platforms sharing will all rise.

You can also use the webinar marketing strategy below to increase your credibility:

Use webinars to create educational content.

Webinars are frequently utilized as online classrooms. It helps you interact with an audience eager to learn more about you and your brand right away. This type of online marketing will quickly build your brand’s credibility. 

Regular posting of webinars

Your web marketing strategy will grow stronger and more predictable as you publish webinars consistently. It will help you be a genuine contender and expert in your field. It will also raise your profile and name recognition.

Webinar series

You can boost your webinars by offering them in a series. Your audience will begin to follow you and immediately tune in to your next episode to see what happens next. Your webinar series will turn into a conventional television program.

10. Webinars allow your audience to find out more about your brand

Webinars aren’t just a unique mix for your audience to learn; they’re also a good resource for you! A guest speaker might teach you more about a particular issue, or a coworker with different duties could teach you something new. You may increase your value and business by becoming educated in a field that few people are familiar with.

In addition, if you keep your mind open to the inherent benefits of connecting with other industry professionals, your webinars will be that much more engaging and captivating. If the material you create doesn’t pique your interest, it’s unlikely that it will pique the attention of others.

All-in-all webinars are great for your business 

Using webinars as a part of your marketing strategy can put you and your brand in many advantages. You may enhance your credibility, engage your audience, and develop connections with webinars. It also emphasizes your target market as well as potential customers.

Indeed, webinars are the most cost-effective promotional tool to acquire new consumers and achieve extra heights. You may always read the material above if you want additional reasons to utilize webinars as a marketing strategy!

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