Webinar Guide to Increase B2B Lead Generation

• September 24, 2020
Webinar guide
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2B marketing strategy is no less than a gold mine if you have webinars in your strategic plan as webinars are becoming central to the B2B marketing strategy. While B2B marketing is more complicated than B2C marketing, businesses see the investment worth it. In B2B marketing, one has to convince the organisation as a whole, improve brand image and credibility.

So, what are the advantages of B2B webinar marketing? Some of the benefits include-

  • Target a larger number of prospects from across the globe
  • Applicable for every stage of the sales funnel
  • Improved conversions and better ROI
  • Better customer experience 
  • Improves brand awareness 
  • Increased engagement and content retention
  • Brand loyalty and trust


Given that webinars as a B2B marketing tactic have many advantages, the shift is happening rapidly. 

However, many marketers find themselves floundering with creating an effective B2B webinar and even generating leads for B2B. But that need not decelerate your plans and actions. This blog endeavours to give you a few tips which can be used to improve lead generation through webinars.

Webinar guide to increasing B2B leads

1. Set clear goals and objectives

The first step is to have your road map in place. Marketers must define their goals and objectives for organising a webinar. 

This document should ideally elaborate on the goal of the webinar, target audience, when will you host the webinar, webinar hosting platform, how many participants would you need etc. A proper road map will help you generate leads, whereas the absence of one can diminish any such opportunities completely.

2. Identify your audience

If you get this step right then, you are one step ahead towards lead generation. Depending on the product that you are marketing, identify your audience accordingly. You can use surveys, online research, past customer data to determine the audience for a webinar.

3. Promote your webinar

Promoting your event is critical as it will attract the right audience and will help in increasing the number of attendees as well. Use multiple platforms to promote your event. These could be social media (paid and free), targeted emails, email signatures or through industry influencers. Promotion plays a defining role in the lead generation as well as webinar success. 

You could also consider giving your attendees a signup incentive or some early bird offers. It will help increase footfall on your landing page. 

4. Create an outstanding landing page

This is where you will convert potential attendees into actual registrants. So, invest a lot of time in creating an exceptional landing page. Ensure that the page is enticing and informative.

Some tips would be to create a landing page which has a simple design, includes information, and has a picture and details of the speaker. Use meta tags, data and SEO friendly words. We would also recommend that you test a few landing pages before you decide on the appropriate one for your event.

Make it simple; make it memorable, make it inviting to look at and make it fun!

Make it simple; make it memorable, make it inviting to look at and make it fun!

5. Design engaging content

Content is the king of any webinar. Without engaging content, conversion of your attendees to possible B2B leads is out of the question. Once you have defined your audience, create content that is engaging and will lead to conversations. Your webinar should give attendees complete information and should be designed with the end view of making sales.

Include stories, case studies and market trends to make the webinar more interesting. Incorporating visual elements and FAQs is another way of keeping your audience engaged. We would suggest that you rehearse the webinar with all those involved a day or two before the event, so there are no glitches on the day of your event.

Pro-tip for content: Ensure that your webinar wraps up in an hour, keep time for audience interaction and make your brand identity discernible throughout the webinar.

6. Interact with the audience

One-way communication has never worked to generate any leads or business. Make your webinar engaging by interacting with your audience. Include Q&A sessions, polls and feedback after your webinar. Such interactive tools help attendees ask and know more about the product.

7. Follow-up

This is yet another critical aspect of webinar B2B lead generation. Post the event, send a thank you note to the attendees. One can include key slides or edited parts of the video along with this note. That could make your attendee re-think further and be an effective way to generate leads.

You could also write a blog or create a vlog for keeping your audience cheek by jowl with further developments and updates on your product.

8. Develop a lead specific score

A lead score is ranking your participants on a given scale and parameters. Why? Scoring your participants will help you rank them in an order which can help you determine who would be the most potential customer and who would be the least. Simply put the lead score is nothing but your analytics.

Your parameters can be as simple as the participant’s position in the company, their role in decision making, or their engagement and involvement in a webinar, whether they have downloaded content, or viewed videos later. You could also include some parameters on the company’s profile and if they have had a purchase history.

Lead scoring can be a team activity, and this score can be passed on to the sales team to make the final sales pitch.

9. Use the right platform

This might be the last pointer but the most prominent one as  your platform would be the ultimate tool that will hold the entire event and make it a success. Use a platform that will give your attendees a glitch-free and immersive experience.

Airmeet is one such online webinar hosting platform. With no download required, Airmeet uses HD quality audio and video to give attendees a professional webinar experience. Airmeet also offers a host of engagement features so you can communicate with your audience.

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B2B lead generation is not a one-step process. A series of actions that are rightly planned and executed will help in creating webinars and increase B2B leads. Put into action the points mentioned above and taste the fruit of successful B2B lead generation.

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