Why host a webinar panel of speakers? 5 amazing benefits for every business

• February 9, 2021
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ebinars are everywhere! You know why? They have proven to be one of the most effective ways for lead generation, audience reach and engagement. And they work equally well for everyone, whether you are big or small, B2B or B2C company, association or community, with a regional or global audience.

If your technology platform is the right fit for your goals, you will be able to scale and drive necessary customer action with much ease. 

While the benefits of webinars are compelling, the idea of hosting a panel of speakers might be dreaded by many hosts. However, once you understand the impact of a live panel, you are likely to host them very often.

So, what is a live webinar panel discussion?

A panel discussion is a great way to address subjects that are too vast and multi-faceted for a single speaker to cover. A panel discussion is a real-time webinar with a group of experts who bring forth their views on a subject or problem. Typically, a panel consists of 3-4 speakers and a moderator. 

It allows the speakers to briefly introduce themselves first and then present their views on a topic within a slotted time. It usually ends with the Q&A with the audience. Do not confuse a panel discussion with a series of presentations from multiple speakers. 

Panel discussion encourages a roundtable kind of conversation among the panellists, where they are focused on building a dialogue rather than presenting unconnected insights. 

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Benefits of live webinar panel of speakers

Let’s take a deep dive into how a live panel of speakers can optimise your webinar results:

1. Increase audience reach

Webinars are an excellent tool to connect with a broad audience who you would not have been able to reach through physical events. A real-time webinar allows you to gather more interest as there are no geographical limitations, low cost and convenience. 

This advantage is doubled when you provide more value to your audience by inviting a panel of speakers rather than a single speaker. A panel allows you to bring in diverse perspectives on a single topic; thus attracting a diverse audience supporting different points of views. 

The live panel discussion has higher perceived value and thus enjoys more registrations.  

Another way a panel of speakers boosts reach is that each expert speaker promotes the event in his/her network, attracting his/her audience to the event.   

2. Immersive and interactive

Unlike webinars that might turn the audience to mere passive spectators, panel discussions are more dynamic and focus on engagement. Panel discussions are more democratic as they allow a fair amount of time for each speaker and audience. And we all know, the higher the level of engagement, the higher the loyalty and conversions.

Q&A type of panel discussions allows more audience involvement as they seek answers to their questions and get a better understanding. Gamify your panel discussion to make them even more engaging. 

Live discussions are also more immersive as they humanise the event. Webinars that are just presentation-centric forget the existence of the audience, whereas live webinar discussions are memorable, lively and not overly sales-oriented.

3. Provide concrete information with multiple perspectives

A panel brainstorms different ideas to solve a single problem. It allows the audience to critically analyse a topic from different angles, as they hear expert opinions. It stimulates and clarifies the thought of the audience, and thus helps in finding better solutions. 

A panel presents the participants with different viewpoints, resulting in better assimilation of content. It broadens the attendees’ attitude towards the subject, improves judgment and helps them develop respect for others’ opinions. 

4. Establish credibility and authority

Panel discussion allows you to establish brand credibility as you provide a platform for experts to come together for one event. Experts only back credible brands, and if you were able to invite an impressive panel of speakers, people will consider you trustworthy and flock towards your brands. 

If you are one among the panel of speakers, you can provide the audience with valuable industry insights and showcase your industry knowledge. It establishes you as an authority and you can enjoy long-term benefits.   

5. Long-live the content

Compelling content will enjoy a long and fruitful life even after the webinar is long over. When you invite industry experts and practitioners, deliver insightful information and drive engagement, the registrants that missed attending the live event are bound to go over the recorded session. 

You can also repurpose the webinar content in multiple ways. You can use it as a teaser for promoting an upcoming event, keep sharing insightful quotes from the discussions and transcript the discussion to make it available in more than one format. You could even make short social media posts out of the long discussion to offer digestible information.

When executed correctly, a live webinar that brings together several experts is a great tool to make your webinars unique. They offer your audience diverse perspectives on a single topic; with leading brands and industry speakers on the panel, they establish you as an authority.

When executed correctly, a live webinar that brings together several experts is a great tool to make your webinars unique. They offer your audience diverse perspectives on a single topic; with leading brands and industry speakers on the panel, they establish you as an authority.


When executed correctly, the live panel webinar that brings together several experts is a great way to make your event unique. They offer your audience diverse perspectives on a single topic, they boost attendee participation, and, with leading business peers and industry speakers on the panel, they establish you as an authority.

So don’t limit yourself to hosting single speaker webinars! Up your game and host a live webinar with expert speakers. 

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