Webinar Follow-up Strategies - The Power of Post-Webinar Surveys

Webinar Follow-up Strategies – The Power of Post-Webinar Surveys

Mayukh Bhattacharjee
• June 25, 2024

(6 min read)

People often struggle with how they can follow up with their attendees after hosting a webinar! This problem leads to a one-step solution in the form of post-webinar surveys!

Table of Content

“Did the attendees appreciate the webinar content?” 

“What value did they receive from the event?”

“Did I deliver well as a webinar presenter/organizer?” 

If you’ve ever hosted a webinar, it is very likely that these questions have haunted you right after the event! And eventually, this takes you towards a fleeting desire to fix all the things that you knew could have been done better, in the next webinar. Perhaps even wondering how webinar experts become so good at delivering high-value webinars consistently, leaving audiences feeling enriched and delighted after the event!  

One of the reasons that some webinars deliver as much value to attendees is because the organizers are particular about leveraging the power of post webinar surveys. Conducting post webinar surveys is arguably one of the greatest webinar follow-up strategies ever, which not only helps you gauge attendee experience and the overall impact of the webinar, but also assists you in optimizing future events to stay better aligned with audience expectations and feedback. 

With the insights gained from the post-webinar surveys, you’ll be able to streamline your webinar strategy, examine your mistakes, and redefine your approach.

In this article, we walk you through all you need to know about post-webinar surveys and why you cannot ignore them in your upcoming webinars.

Importance of Post-Webinar Surveys

So, you have already driven engagement and made it an interactive webinar via several polls, quizzes, Q&As, etc., and you’ve enjoyed some success generating leads via the on-demand version of the same webinar that you’ve uploaded onto your website. 

Why do you, then, need to send out post-webinar surveys to the attendees, considering that you already know that they were engaged well at the event? 

Fair assumption. But there’s more to a webinar than engagement scores and lead generation. 

A carefully crafted post-event survey will help you understand the attendee experience at a granular level. Did the webinar meet the attendee expectations? Was the webinar content useful or was it just engaging? Was the speaker able to do justice to the topic of discussion? Did the attendees get to network with peers from around the world and exchange meaningful conversations? Were they inspired enough to convert into return attendees for your future webinars?

These are some of the details you will be able to look into, when you leverage post-webinar surveys. Besides, when you opt for post-webinar surveys to be anonymized,  they bring out honest opinions from your audience, providing you with the chance to address genuine concerns and issues and deliver better experiences in the future.

1. Helps Understand your Audience

The biggest advantage of post-webinar surveys is that you’ll understand your audience’s needs and preferences directly from them. In the survey, make sure to include open-ended questions about how you can deliver more value, improve subsequent webinars, and serve them better. By examining their answers, you can understand exactly what they need and what was lacking in your webinar, and improve upon them, eventually. 

2. Improve your Webinar Quality 

By understanding what your audience expects from your webinars, you’ll be better equipped to meet and exceed their expectations, driving more people to join your virtual event. When your focus is on delivering high-impact webinars, you will find a loyal audience base who will in turn spread the word about the event, allowing you to grow organically and for the right reasons.

Improve your Webinar Quality

How do I design a post-webinar survey?

Conducting a post-webinar survey just to get attendee feedback does not define success by itself. A lot depends on how cleverly you craft the survey. A well-designed survey ensures better responses and, in turn, better webinar performances in the future.

  • Ask simple and clear questions – One of the most crucial factors in making a survey successful is asking simple, clearly-phrased questions. In today’s fast-paced  world, it is crucial to remember that when attendees have taken the time to respond to your survey, you need to respect their time and effort.

    A great post-webinar survey ensures that there is minimal effort on the responder. Complex questions that are confusing or frustrating must be avoided. Simply put, the simpler the questions, the more accurate and insightful the feedback.

  • Include a variety of question formats: Your post-webinar survey questions should be inclusive and varied in format to ensure a comprehensive understanding of attendee sentiments. The quality of your feedback depends largely on how balanced your survey is. Don’t create too many of one type of question – instead, opt for a good mix of rating-based, open-ended, closed-ended and multiple choice questions. This way, you are assured of both qualitative and quantitative data.

Types of Post-Webinar Surveys with Examples

While there are several types of surveys to be explored, depending on your industry, your goals, and many other factors, here are some of the most relevant and commonly used post-webinar surveys to send out to attendees. 

  • Customer Satisfaction Survey
  • Webinar Content Survey
  • Format Feedback Survey
  • General Webinar Survey

Let’s take a deeper look at understanding how these surveys work and can contribute to maximizing your webinar survey’s success.

Types of Post-Webinar Surveys with Examples

Customer Satisfaction Survey

The most common type of survey you can send out following your webinar is a customer satisfaction survey. 

Questions asked in this type of survey include:

  • On a scale of 10, how satisfied were you with the webinar overall?  (You can also ask for an explanation on the reasons for their rating to gain deeper insights.) 
  • What was your favorite and least favorite part of the webinar? 
  • Did the webinar meet your expectations?  (This will help you analyze whether you have marketed your webinar appropriately or not.)

Webinar Content Survey

A webinar content survey helps you understand if or not your attendees appreciated the quality, their likes and dislikes of the webinar content. It will help you determine whether or not your content strategy is in line with the audience’s needs and preferences. Content quality can truly make or break the webinar, so getting audience feedback on it is crucial. 

Questions asked in this type of survey include:

  • Was the content a determining factor that made you attend the webinar? 
  • What was your favorite topic covered in this event, and why? 
  • Did the topics covered in the webinar provide you with a comprehensive understanding? 
  • Was the pace of content delivery effective in adding value to you?

Format Feedback Survey

This is a type of survey that seeks audience feedback on the overall format of the webinar, which includes how it was conducted, the webinar topic, the performance of the guest speakers, etc.

Unlike the other types of surveys, it solely focuses on some specific elements from the webinar.

Questions asked in this type of survey include:

  • Were you satisfied with the overall execution and delivery of the webinar?
  • Did the guest speaker somehow influence your decision to attend the webinar? 
  • Were you happy with the webinar agenda and flow? If not, what changes would you recommend?

General Webinar Survey

This type of survey helps in understanding  what the audience wants from you, what they are looking forward to seeing, etc.

Questions asked in this type of survey include:

  • Was the duration of the webinar appropriate? If not, what would you have preferred?
  • Did the webinar provide you with sufficient value and actionable insights?
  • Would you be interested in attending our upcoming webinars?
  • On a scale of 0-10, how would you rate your webinar experience, and why?

Analyzing Post-Webinar Surveys

You make a post-webinar engagement strategy, draft questions, create a questionnaire, send out the survey to your attendees, and it’s done! On to the next webinar, right? Wrong.

Once your post-webinar survey responses come in, you will have to analyze those answers for insights and data points that will help you craft better webinars in the future.

How to go about analyzing this?

Analyzing Post-Webinar Surveys
  • Understand the feedback – Taking attendee feedback into consideration and closing the feedback loop is one of the easiest ways to win audience loyalty. Never underestimate the power of attendee feedback because there can be a wealth of learning in there. 
  • Understand the patterns – Surveys are not only about seeking answers from the audience; analyzing behavior and preference patterns can also give you a huge advantage in providing value to attendees. It might not come as a direct answer in a survey, but by seeing trends and patterns in your survey responses, you’ll be able to better strategize your upcoming virtual event!
  • Implement the changes –  Examine all your survey responses and identify genuine issues that you can address easily. Create an immediate and long-term resolution plan, and categorize the audience’s concerns accordingly. Fix what can be fixed and for those issues that involve strategic resolutions, initiate the process of resolving them.

Bottom Line 

Ultimately, improving the overall webinar experience is an ongoing battle, and post-webinar surveys can be your most useful weapon in that pursuit. And if you’re looking for a reliable webinar platform to host successful webinars and also execute these post webinar surveys effortlessly, Airmeet is the one for you. 

Airmeet is a comprehensive webinar platform that offers a range of unique features that empower you to streamline your webinars effortlessly. From high-impact integrations with CRMs  and survey tools to customization capabilities, Airmeet offers a unified solution to improve your webinar follow-up strategies and simplify post-webinar survey efforts, allowing you to create and share polls and surveys with attendees directly through the platform itself. 

Besides, it also offers creating and publishing polls for webinars or any other virtual event format, with which you can create multiple choice questions to get direct reviews from the attendees!

Investing in the right webinar platform can solve several event-related challenges for you, allowing you to focus on things that require your attention on a strategic level. Airmeet has been the preferred webinar platform for over 4000 enterprises the world over, and it will surely be yours too. Check out Airmeet now to unleash the true potential of webinars. 


To encourage more post-webinar survey participation, organizers can take a few steps, like keeping surveys easy and short for participants to complete, offering incentives such as discounts or free resources, and sending gentle reminders to those who haven’t responded.

Some best practices for designing post-webinar surveys include drafting concise questions, keeping a combination of rating scales, open & closed-ended questions, etc to give flexibility to the respondent while answering, and avoiding biased language. Before the final circulation, one final check is recommended to double check clarity. 

Organizers should assure participants that their responses will remain confidential and aggregated solely for analysis. Using anonymous survey platforms or tools that do not collect personally identifiable information is an option. 

Yes, post-webinar surveys can include particular questions to collect testimonials or endorsements from the webinar participants. Organizers can seek permission from them to use these testimonials for promotional activities. This builds trust and credibility and encourages more future attendees. 

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