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5-Quick Steps & Tips to Make Webinars More Interactive

Meghana Dalal
• May 8, 2024

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If you’re reading this, chances are you’re all set to host your next webinar, and just for that, Congratulations! You’re on the right track, tapping into what is considered as one of the most lucrative marketing channels out there today.

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5-Quick Steps & Tips to Make Webinars More Interactive

It’s true – Having a solid webinar strategy will help you create leads, increase brand recognition, and position your company as a thought leader in the field. And the best part?  You just need to convert the attendees who are already interested in what you have to offer, into loyal, paying customers. Right?.

Well, not really. If only it were that simple! 

In reality, no matter how carefully planned or executed, not all webinars work. Some fall short in terms of audience engagement, leaving the webinar organizers, host, and participants dissatisfied.

In fact, some of the biggest challenges that webinar organizers often face are related to audience engagement – Creating interactive webinars, maintaining audience interest throughout the duration of the session, and providing a memorable and valuable webinar experience to your attendees. 

To help you deliver high-value webinars that are interactive and engaging, we’ve put together this guide that will show you steps to follow for more interactive webinars, tips to boost audience engagement, and also how Airmeet can transform your overall webinar experience for organizers, hosts and audiences alike. Read on…

5 Steps for More Interactive Webinars

Keeping your audience engaged during a live webinar can feel like a constant battle. You’ve poured your heart into crafting a stellar presentation, but sometimes, attention spans wane. 

Here’s where interactivity becomes your secret weapon! 

By incorporating these seven steps, you can transform passive viewers into active participants, boosting engagement and maximizing the impact of your webinar. 

Let’s dive into the specific steps to take that will help you transform your audience engagement levels. 


1. Ask Questions

Involve your audience while delivering your content, from time to time, by seeking their input with questions like “Was that clear?” and “Does anyone have anything to add to what we just covered?”. This will help you periodically check in with your audience and gauge their pulse.

Ask Questions

Asking your audience for suggestions on related topics to cover, once the main agenda of the webinar is taken care of, might also encourage them to participate and share their thoughts. During the Q&A session, place your audience front and center, unmute them and allow them to openly express their thoughts or questions in real-time.

Note: Remember not to ask so many questions that you interrupt the flow of your own webinar. Ask questions from time to time to break the monotony of speakers or to get the attention of weary or disinterested audience members.  

2. Send a Live Survey 

Make webinar surveys to send out to attendees during your live event to increase audience retention. Attendees could have the option to publicly share their responses and upvote specific recommendations and polls.

Send a Live Survey

A poll helps determine the current mood of your audience. Ideally, use short surveys with only a few questions. 

Remember to send out a final survey at the end of your webinars. Post-event, follow-up surveys provide insightful feedback and help your audience remember your brand.

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3. Quiz Your Audience 

Similar to surveys, you can pique the curiosity of your audience by asking them impromptu questions related to the content of your webinar.

Quiz Your Audience

This not only evaluates the effectiveness of the webinar experience, content, and delivery but also gauges attendee engagement. This allows you, as the event organizer, to assess and monitor engagement levels. 

Based on this insight, you can categorize the content that captures attendee interest and tailor your content and engagement strategies for future webinars accordingly. 

4. Spark a Discussion

Spark a Discussion

Delivering webinars in a conversational style works best, and engaging your audience in conversation will help build a stronger bond. Regardless of the topic of the webinar, ensure that your delivery comes across as more of a discussion than a lecture. To improve engagement, consider having two-way communication with your audience while you address them during your webinar.

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5. Hold a Q&A 

Hold a Q&A

Including a Q&A session is one of the best ways to address your audience’s post-webinar follow-up questions, enabling them to meaningfully engage in the live event, and giving them more clarity on your presentation. It helps them derive more value out of your webinar when the expert, or the panelists respond to questions from the audience. For more attendee engagement, you can conduct a full segment through a public chat feature where participants can share their thoughts and respond to each other’s questions.

Tips to Create Highly Engaging Webinars

In order to keep your audience interested throughout the entire session, you must start involving them before the event and maintain the level of interaction throughout the duration of the webinar. 

Here are a few tips to help you design and deliver a webinar that focuses on audience engagement and boosts the attendee experience. 

1. Craft Catchy Webinar Titles

Consider a webinar title that conveys to the audience all the benefits of attending the session. Captivating webinar titles set the right expectations and reveal the content ahead of time. 

For example, headings such as “Seven Strategies to Encourage Sideline Sales” or “Five Ways You Can Increase Your Email Response Rate” will carry more weight with your participants than vague headings like “The Best Sales Webinar” or other titles that don’t make the value proposition obvious to prospective attendees.

While crafting high-impact titles is important to drive registration, it also affects your marketing and promotional efforts. This is because, at the end of the day, you have to persuade people to sign up for your webinar in the first place. Instead of leaving your audience wondering what to anticipate from your webinars, a catchy and captivating title can spark their attention and build excitement in them.  

Furthermore, the more clear and captivating a topic is, the higher the chances that registrants will contribute to the session, and be involved. Increase the likelihood of registrants becoming participants by providing them with a sneak peek into the content of the webinar.   

Bonus Tip: Be precise! To guarantee that your titles appear properly in search results and social media feeds, try to keep them under 60 characters. 

2. Design a Compelling Webinar Landing Page

Potential guests will find your landing page to be their initial point of contact. Make it worthwhile! Here’s how to make a landing page that persuades visitors to sign up:

    • Simple and direct value proposal: Clearly outline the subject, speaker qualifications, and main conclusions that audiences should anticipate.
    • Aesthetically pleasing design: To draw in attention, make use of clear, high-resolution photos, pertinent graphics, and an easy-to-use layout.
    • An effective call to action (CTA): Make it simple for users to register by including a large, obvious CTA buttons. 

Bonus Tip: Use the integrated landing page designer in Airmeet to quickly and easily create a polished and educational page. 

3. Rope in Best-in-class Industry Experts as Speakers

Your speaker choice can make or break your webinar. Select presenters who are enthusiastic and informed about the subject. Here are some things to remember while selecting a speaker: 

Proficiency and Trustworthiness: Choose presenters that have a solid reputation in the industry and a track record of accomplishment.

Engaging Communication Style: Seek out presenters that can personally connect with the audience and who are articulate, vibrant, and dynamic.

Conformity to Your Desired Audience: Make sure the guests you want to target are interested in the speaker’s background and areas of interest. 

Bonus Tip: Your webinar experience can be further enhanced by the smooth co-hosting and interesting speaker interactions made possible by Airmeet’s powerful webinar technology. 

4. Focus on Creating Engaging and Informative Content

Remember, your audience is dedicating valuable time to attend your webinar, so focus on informative and helpful content. This is where the previously mentioned advice to find out what your audience is most interested in learning from your webinars comes in handy.

Your webinars can be more visually striking depending on the structure you select, especially if your subjects are more instructional or technical. Product demos, Q&A sessions, and panel discussions are excellent means of delivering important information while maintaining audience attention.  

Moreover, divide more complex subjects into manageable chunks so that participants may take in the knowledge more quickly. Before going on to the next topic, go over the ones you’ve already covered to gauge their level of participation and the effectiveness of your interactive efforts. 

Bonus Tip: Make the most of Airmeet’s interactive tools, such as polls, quizzes, and whiteboards, to engage your audience during the webinar. 

5. Send out a thorough post-event survey

Delivering the webinar is not the end of your work. Get insightful input from participants to find out what went well and what needs to be improved upon for subsequent events. The following items belong in your post-event survey:

    • Delivery and relevance of content: Inquire about the topic’s validity, the speaker’s skill, and the webinar content’s overall impact and value. .
    • Engagement and interactivity: Determine how involved the audience is and get ideas for how to make upcoming webinars even more participatory.
    • Overall audience satisfaction: Assess participant satisfaction to find out where the webinar experience can be improved most. 

Bonus Tip: With the help of Airmeet’s integrated survey features, you can gather insightful feedback right within the platform. 

How Airmeet Can Help You Deliver Engaging Webinars & Events

How Airmeet Can Help You Deliver Engaging Webinars & Events

The days of passive webinars with no involvement are long gone. With Airmeet, you can easily create dynamic and captivating online experiences, enabling you to organize and conduct successful webinars and events of any scale.

Here are the different ways in which you can rely on Airmeet to power your webinars with maximum audience engagement  

  • Break the Ice: From the outset, encourage vibrant conversations and audience involvement. Encourage audience participation with Airmeet’s powerful engagement features like interactive whiteboards, live polls, Q&A sessions, and more!
  • Go Beyond Text Chat: Use tools like breakout rooms and virtual tables to create a sense of community and connection. By doing so, participants can engage in smaller group discussions, network, and generate ideas while emulating an in-person experience virtually. 
  • Adopt Gamification to Make It Fun: Gamification features provide a dash of enjoyable competitiveness. Throughout the webinar, use interactive quizzes, leaderboards to promote healthy competition, and assign points for participation to keep your audience interested and motivated.
  • Flexibility with Multiple Formats: A variety of online training modalities are supported by Airmeet, such as webinars, seminars, product demos, training sessions, and virtual gatherings. With Airmeet, you can effectively engage your audience and accommodate varied learning styles, whether you’re hosting engaging discussions, showcasing products, or delivering educational content.
  • Powerful Analytics to deliver consistently high-impact webinars:Deliver webinars that are consistently impactful by utilizing Airmeet’s rich analytics and reporting capabilities. Learn about participation rates, comments, participant engagement, and more to keep refining your webinar strategy.
  • Integrations to keep audiences engaged pre- and post webinar: Integrate additional platforms with ease to maintain audience interest both before and after the webinar. Airmeet guarantees a seamless and unforgettable experience for speakers, hosts, and attendees, from registration to follow-up.

Airmeet offers more than the standard presentation tools. It’s a platform made to encourage communication, engagement, and an incredibly memorable webinar experience for hosts, speakers, and attendees.


A major risk associated with online presentations is the ability to stream a live webinar that is widely viewed, but offers minimal opportunity for interaction and engagement with participants. Your webinar will probably not succeed in the deluge of virtual events if it lacks interactivity and excitement.

Fortunately, there’s an easy fix. The purpose of online presentations is to facilitate engagements, and the most effective way to do this is through interactive webinars. You can begin producing interactive webinars that generate leads by selecting interactive features, like Q&A sessions, live call-ins, polls, and surveys.

Are you ready to take your webinars to a new level?

Check out Airmeet and see how it has helped over 4000 enterprises transform their webinars. 

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