Top Virtual Exhibition Platforms to Elevate Your Events (2024)

Meghana Dalal
• July 5, 2024

(8 min read)

Events are evolving beyond physical limitations. Platforms for virtual exhibitions have become an effective tool for companies and organizations to hold lively and participatory online events. These platforms give sponsors and exhibitors a dedicated area to present their goods, services, and brand narratives to a worldwide audience—think of them as virtual booths.

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This article explores the realm of virtual exhibition platforms, outlining some of the top options now on the market and examining their main advantages. This guide will provide you with the expertise to select the ideal platform to enhance your upcoming event, regardless of your experience level with virtual events. 

What are Virtual Exhibition Platforms?

Software programmes called virtual exhibition platforms allow users to simulate being in a real exhibition hall in a virtual setting. They provide a range of tools that let exhibitors present their goods and services, connect with visitors, and gather leads in an easy-to-use online environment. 

Benefits of Virtual Exhibition Platforms for Events

Virtual exhibition held on these platforms offer numerous advantages over traditional physical events, including:

  • Expanded Audience: Draw participants from all across the world, beyond local constraints.
  • Lower Costs: Get rid of venue rental fees, transport charges, and other event-related logistics expenses.
  • Enhanced Interaction: Use interactive elements like gamification, live chats, and product demonstrations to give participants a more interesting experience.
  • Data & Analytics: Utilize integrated analytics tools to obtain insightful knowledge on the behavior and engagement of attendees.
  • Sustainability: Lessen the event’s negative environmental effects by consuming fewer resources and traveling less. 

Top Virtual Exhibition Platforms to Consider For Your Next Event

Here are some of the top virtual exhibition platforms:

1. Airmeet

With its extensive feature set, Airmeet is an all-in-one virtual events platform that makes organizing exciting virtual trade shows and exhibits easy. For guests, exhibitors, and organizers alike, it offers a really engaging and participatory experience.


Key Features of Airmeet designed for Virtual Exhibitions

Airmeet goes beyond basic virtual event functionalities, providing features that specifically and significantly enhance overall virtual exhibition experience:

  • Dynamic Virtual Booths: To draw in and keep attendees interested, create dynamic virtual booths that include multimedia presentations, product demonstrations, downloadable brochures, and live chat features.
Dynamic Virtual Booths
  • Establish Lasting Relationships: Establish lasting relationships by providing 360 degrees of engagement and a special networking environment where guests can communicate with industry peers and with one another via group chats and facilitated networking sessions.
  • Offer Multiple Ticket Tiers: Make several ticket tiers with various prices and access possibilities. To draw in more registrations and attendees, provide targeted coupons along with special discounts and promotions.
  • Host Interactive Sessions: Provide participants with information and encourage participation by hosting live product demonstrations, industry discussions, interactive conferences and workshops within your virtual exposition.
  • Utilize Analytics and Reporting: Use in-depth analytics and reporting to gain insightful knowledge on booth engagement and attendee behavior. To make the most out of your virtual exhibition plan for upcoming events, keep track of important data like booth visits, dwell time, chat conversations, and downloaded information.
  • Personalize Attendee Experience: You can personalize every element of the attendance experience using Airmeet.  You may design a journey that is unique to each user, complete with customized welcome greetings and bespoke content recommendations.
  • Highlight Your Brand with Customizations: Make your brand the star with 360° Brand Expression. Showcase the character and principles of your business throughout the whole thing. Create a completely immersive brand experience by making use of Airmeet’s capabilities, which include interactive components, bespoke backgrounds, and logos. Remember to thank your sponsors! Smoothly incorporate sponsor logos and branding to provide everyone with the most exposure possible.
  • Integrate Reporting Tools: Integrate Google Analytics or additional reporting tools to obtain a comprehensive understanding of the behavior of attendees.  Monitor data such as session attendance, engagement levels, and post-event feedback to determine what is successful and what needs to be improved.
  • User-Friendly Platform: The easy-to-use platform of Airmeet makes organizing spectacular events a breeze. Put an end to the technical difficulties and concentrate on developing an engaging message.
User-Friendly Platform

Pricing Details

A flexible pricing structure is provided by Airmeet to meet a range of needs. See the Airmeet Pricing Page here for a detailed breakdown of prices. 

2. vFairs

Leading virtual events platform vFairs specializes in producing captivating and immersive virtual trade exhibits and exhibitions. In order to assist exhibitors and organizers in providing a remarkable virtual experience, it provides a broad range of customizable features and tools. 

vFairs 2

Key Features for Virtual Exhibitions

  • Highly customizable virtual environments, including exhibition halls and auditoriums.
  • interactive virtual booths that can share files, hold live chat sessions, and conduct video conferences.
  • strong analytics and reporting capabilities to monitor lead generation and attendance.
  • Leaderboards and scavenger hunts are examples of gamification and engagement tools.
  • smooth interaction with different CRM and marketing systems. 

Pricing Details*

vFairs offers a Basic Annual License for organizations with minimal event needs, but not a free plan. See the full pricing details here.

3. RingCentral 

A flexible virtual events platform, RingCentral (previously Hopin Events) provides a plethora of tools for organizing virtual conferences, job fairs, exhibitions, and more. Its goal is to give exhibitors and attendees a smooth and enjoyable virtual experience. 

RingCentral platfrom

Key Features for Virtual Exhibitions

  • Complete solution for all event types, including integrated registration, analytics, and session tools
  • Personalized content, navigation, and interactive tools
  • Ensure a smooth experience for attendees using smartphones and tablets
  • Host live presentations, webinars, and product demonstrations for a dynamic learning experience. 
  • Offer on-demand recordings for attendees who miss live sessions.

Pricing Details*

RingCentral’s  monthly billing offering is slightly higher compared to some others in the category. A free demo is available. See the full pricing details here.

4. InEvent

InEvent is a comprehensive event platform for creating memorable event experiences. Whether planning a traditional in-person event, a fully virtual experience, or a hybrid blend of both, InEvent helps you to manage every aspect seamlessly. The registration process, participant interaction, data analysis, and post-event reporting are all covered by its extensive toolkit. 

InEvent platfrom

Key Features for Virtual Exhibitions

  • Easily oversee in-person, hybrid, and virtual events from a single platform.
  • Build interactive online spaces with tools for networking, gamification, and live chat.
  • Ticketing, analytics, and registration management solutions make event planning easier.
  • Utilize email campaigns, white-labeling choices, and unique landing pages to create branded event experiences.
  • Utilize the integrated analytics and reporting features to get insightful knowledge about the behavior of attendees. 

Pricing Details*

InEvent offers tiered event registration packages, including Essential, Premier, and Elite. Prices are not publicly available, but you can see the full pricing details here.

5. Accelevents

With the help of Accelevents, a top event management platform, you can organize captivating in-person, hybrid, and virtual events of any size. Accelevents offers the features and resources you need to create smooth and memorable experiences for your audience, whether you’re hosting a small meeting or a large international conference. 

Accelevents Platform

Key Features for Virtual Exhibitions

  • Utilize integrated features for registration, marketing, interaction, and analytics to effectively manage virtual, hybrid, and in-person events.
  • Build engaging virtual spaces with capabilities for gamification, breakout sessions, and live streaming.
  • Utilize solutions for participant management and automated processes to streamline event planning.
  • With integrated analytics and reporting, you can analyze event success and improve subsequent events by getting actionable insights. 

Pricing Details*

Accelevents offers various pricing plans for businesses of all sizes and event complexities. See the full pricing details here.

6. Dreamcast

Dreamcast is a platform for virtual events that specializes in producing interactive and engaging virtual trade shows and exhibits. It provides a number of features and tools to assist exhibitors and organizers in providing a remarkable virtual experience.

Dreamcast Platform

Key Features for Virtual Exhibitions

  • For captivating and interactive virtual exhibitions and events, create 360° virtual worlds.
  • Utilize a single platform to handle every part of your event, including marketing, registration, live streaming, and analytics.
  • Provide exhibitors with individualized virtual booths so they may display goods, provide live demonstrations, and encourage networking.
  • Utilize interactive activities, live chat, Q&A sessions, and other features to increase audience engagement in the virtual setting.
  • Monitor important data like lead generation, attendee behavior, and booth traffic to assess event success and improve subsequent encounters. 

Pricing Details*

Please contact the team to receive an estimate for your event; pricing details are not made public. See the full pricing details here.

7. Hubilo

With its extensive feature set, Hubilo is a flexible virtual events platform that can be used to conduct conferences, trade shows, exhibitions, and more. It seeks to give guests and exhibitors a fun and interactive experience. 

Hubilo platform

Key Features for Virtual Exhibitions

  • In virtual events, create dynamic connections between participants and exhibitors by utilizing features such as networking lounges, breakout rooms, and live chat.
  • Use an intuitive platform for registration, content management, and analytics tools to simplify the organization of your event.
  • Get insightful knowledge about the behavior and interaction of attendees with thorough reporting and analytics.
  • Create captivating virtual worlds with branded options and movable booths to create a one-of-a-kind event experience.
  • Organize webinars, virtual events, and hybrid events from a single platform. 

Pricing Details*

For a specific quote, contact Hubilo. See the full pricing details here.

8. BigMarker

BigMarker takes the complexity out of hosting online events. With the help of their intuitive platform, anyone can produce captivating hybrid and virtual events. BigMarker is the ideal choice for companies and organizations of all sizes because it doesn’t require downloads and provides a smooth experience for both hosts and attendees. 

BigMarker Platform

Key Features for Virtual Exhibitions:

  • Use an easy-to-use platform that requires no downloads to host captivating conferences, webinars, and hybrid events.
  • Utilize tools like surveys, breakout rooms, live chat, and Q&A to increase attendance.
  • Transmit your events to a global audience with our smooth streaming features.
  • With integrated registration forms and interaction tracking, you can increase audience size and generate leads.
  • Use thorough analytics to get insightful information about the behavior of attendees and the success of the event. 

Pricing Details*

See the full pricing details here.


9. OnAir by Eventsair

OnAir, a leading event management software company by EventsAir created the virtual and hybrid events platform OnAir. It has a number of features made especially for holding online trade events and exhibits. 

OnAir by Eventsair
OnAir by Eventsair platform

Key Features for Virtual Exhibitions

  • With pre-recorded sessions, interactive live broadcasts, and on-demand content all available on one platform, you can meet a variety of demands.
  • Encourage engagement among attendees by implementing elements such as virtual exhibitor booths, group discussions, and video chat.
  • Use tools like closed captioning and real-time translation to reduce the gap between attendees who are virtually present and those who are in person.
  • Utilize the built-in analytics to monitor engagement and improve future events by gaining insights into event performance. 

Pricing Details*

OnAir offers paid event management plans for various sizes and complexities. The starting price is not publicly available, and a free plan is not offered. See the full pricing details here.

10. Gather

Gather is a distinctive virtual events platform that uses realistically rendered virtual locations to provide a highly engaging and interactive experience. Trade displays and virtual exhibitions are a good fit for the platform. 


Key Features for Virtual Exhibitions

  • Highly immersive and interactive virtual environments that resemble real-world spaces.
  • Customizable virtual booths and exhibition halls for exhibitors.
  • Proximity-based audio and video chat, enabling natural conversations.
  • Engagement features like whiteboards, screen sharing, and file sharing.

Pricing Details*

For communication, Gather has two pricing tiers: a free plan with limitless audio, video, and chat for small teams, and a premium subscription with priority support, domain-restricted access, and meeting recording features for bigger teams. The quantity of active users determines the monthly cost. View the whole list of prices here.

11. Remo

 Remo offers a unique virtual event platform that fosters natural and engaging connections. Imagine a virtual venue where guests can roam around freely, connect with one another easily, and take part in lively conversations, exactly like they would at an actual event. Remo is a useful tool for organizing engaging online summits, networking gatherings, and conferences. 


Key Features for Virtual Exhibitions

  • Recreate a physical event space with a virtual venue where attendees can move around and network freely.
  • Facilitate natural conversations with video chat functionality at round tables, fostering small group discussions.
  • Use customisable branding options to make your event’s appearance and feel unique to your business or event theme.
  • To increase attendance, include interactive elements like breakout rooms, Q&A sessions, and live polling.
  • Utilize the integrated analytics tools to obtain insightful knowledge on the behavior and engagement of attendees. 

Pricing Details*

The pricing depends on the subscription term and may vary based on the chosen term. See the full pricing details here.


Virtual exhibition platforms have revolutionized the event industry, offering a cost-effective and scalable solution for hosting engaging and interactive exhibitions. With a wide range of platforms available, there’s a perfect solution for every event size and budget. 

Virtual exhibitions offer a dynamic, cost-effective way to reach a global audience, fostering partnerships and expanding reach. Hosting your next virtual exhibition on a reliable platform like Airmeet allows for connecting with anyone, anywhere, offering interactive experiences, and tracking metrics to optimize exhibition strategies for future success.

By leveraging the power of virtual exhibitions, you can reach global audiences, create a memorable experience for attendees, and achieve your event goals. 

Disclaimer – *The pricing of all platforms are true as of June2024.


Consider features like customizable booths, interactive tools, networking opportunities, lead capture, and analytics capabilities.

Yes, virtual platforms offer features like lead capture forms and live chat, enabling exhibitors to connect with potential customers and generate qualified leads.

Promote your event effectively, create engaging content for your virtual booths, and leverage interactive features to keep attendees engaged.

Many platforms offer both free and paid plans. Free plans typically have limited features and attendee capacity. Paid plans offer a wider range of features and can accommodate larger events. The cost varies depending on the platform, features selected, and expected number of attendees.

Consider the following factors when choosing a platform:

  • Pick a platform that fits your attendee count and budget.
  • Identify must-have features like booths, chat, lead capture, and analytics.
  • Consider their technical skills and choose a user-friendly platform.
  • Ensure it works with your marketing and CRM tools.
  • Look for reliable customer support.

Some effective tips for hosting a successful virtual exhibition are:

  • Plan & Promote Early
  • Engaging Booths
  • Maximize Interaction
  • Networking Made Easy
  • Track & Improve

You can measure the success of your virtual exhibition by tracking metrics such as:

  • Number of registered attendees
  • Booth traffic and engagement
  • Leads generated
  • Attendee satisfaction ratings
  • ROI (Return on Investment)

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