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Online Event Management Courses and Certifications

Virgil Wadhwa
• May 18, 2023

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Looking for opportunities to take a leap forward in your event management career? Here’s a list of online event management courses you can pursue at your own pace to build a thriving career in this amazing industry.

But before we jump in, let’s explore how to choose the right online event management course for you.

How to choose an online event management course?

Here’s a simple algorithm to find the right event management course for you. Just ask these questions while selecting a course: 

  • Is the course offered by an accredited or a credible institution? 
  • Does the course offer any specialization? If yes, then do they fit your interests?
  • What is the minimum level of experience required to make the best use of the event management certification?
  • Check if a particular online event management course exceeds your budget. 
  • Answer: “Am I only considering online event planning courses, or are you open to in-person programs?”
  • Is the event management certification industry recognized?
  • What’s the best curriculum an event planning course can offer you?
  • Do you value the option of self-paced learning more than anything else?
  • What are the areas where you can compromise?
  • How does a particular event management course stand up against other options? 
  • Does the course offer you credit towards the coveted CMP certification?

Best short-term online event management courses

Course TitleCourse ProviderBenefitsDurationFree
Event Management Fundamentals: Plan Events with ConfidenceUdemyThis course offers knowledge on event budgeting, venue selection, and event promotion. Additionally, you will also learn the basics of event logistics and operations management.3.5 hours$49.99
Event Planning: The Complete Guide to Successful EventsUdemyThis program covers the aspects of event planning from start to finish. You get to learn about event design, budgeting, marketing, and execution. Additionally, you get handy and useful downloadables, templates, and resources to kick-start your event planning journey.6.5 hours$94.99
Event Management: Research, Design, Plan and Execute EventsCourseraIf you’re looking for something that’s a little more comprehensive and dives deeper than the courses on Udemy, this course on Coursera could be right for you. It covers, even strategies, techniques, and planning templates, and explains event sponsorships and ways to get them. 
Gain insights into event budgeting and evaluation
17 hours (self-paced)Varies (financial aid available)
Event Planning and Management SpecializationCourseraSeries of courses covering event planning and management- Includes topics such as event design, marketing, logistics, and risk management. Hands-on assignments and case studies.3 months (8-10 hours/week)Varies (financial aid available)

Best event management courses and certifications for event planners

1) Offline and online event management certificate courses by NACE

NACE brings courses curated by experts and brilliant minds to give you the knowledge you need to cement your position in the event planning industry. 

You get the option to purchase a bundle of 6 online event management certifications. What’s the best part? You get to contact hours towards your CPCE certification. 

The course covers topics like event management, accounting, catering, sales and marketing, and experience curation for events. 

In short, NACE becomes a great choice for those who want to pursue an online event management certificate course while also gaining some contact hours CPCE certification for a future-proof investment. 

This brings us to the next course on the list — the CPCE certification.

2) CPCE online event management certification by NACE

Imagine graduating from a globally acclaimed program in event management. CPCE event management certification is one such course offered by NACE. The course attempts to train you in the eight core principles of event management and planning. 

The program’s structure allows you to pursue an in-person or online training path. 

You get all the study material and mentorship to advance your career. Ultimately, you graduate from the event management course by clearing an exam that you can either choose to take online or offline to get your event planning and management degree.  

Learn more about the course here

3) QC event management certification course for aspiring event managers

This course by the QC Event School brings immense value to those seeking an online event management course. It’s a self-paced program with no strict deadlines and lifetime access to the course material. 

The list of course catalogs is also impressive. You can choose your niche from various options like Corporate Event Planning Certification, Private Event Planning Certification, Wedding Planning, and more. 

Once you’re done with the foundational courses, you can take your skills one step ahead as an event planner with the advanced courses offered by QC Event School. Choosing to advance in a field like Promotional Event Planning, Event Decor, or Virtual Events can further enhance your potential. 

Check out the event management courses and certifications offered by QC Event School here:

4) CMP event planning certification for event managers

CMP is a globally recognized program and a highly coveted one. Undertaking this course can open up better opportunities for you as an event professional. 

You can earn a certification based on your professional experience, education, and score on the certification exam. 

You can learn more about a CMP certification here

5) CMM: Certification in meeting management for event managers

Corporate meetings and events require careful planning. That is why only trained and experienced event professionals and managers are trusted with such a big responsibility.

The CMM certificate is issued by Meeting Professional International, which is accredited by Indiana University Faculty.

The best part of getting a CMM certification is the validation and recognizability in the corporate world that open up multiple doors for you.

This certification is offered as a 15-week on-campus intensive program, making it a certification on the list that can’t be completed online.

6) CSEP Certification

“Okay, this person is legitimate. He has the competence and necessary skills to host mindblowing events.” Do you want to be recognized like this in the event industry? A CSEP certification would help you do that.

It’s claimed to be the benchmark certification in the event industry and is designed in a fashion that elevates the experience and caliber of event professionals.

With this certification, you get enough experience to climb the leadership ladder or jump-start your own event planning business.

7) Online event management course by MPI Academy

It’s the perfect path for event planners and professionals looking for self-paced and flexible courses with various topics to upskill themself in the field of events. 

The MPI Academy offers online courses and certificates in event planning and management that add to the credibility of aspirants. The course content, assignments, and certificates are awarded online and in person. 

The best part? You can also complete MPI courses and earn credits toward your CMP certification. 

The course fee ranges from 480 USD to 4000 USD, depending on the clock hours, course topic, and content. 

Check out professional event planner certifications and courses online here.

8) Online event manager certifications by ELI (Events Leadership Institute)

ELI offers industry-relevant courses that help event professionals develop skills in event management, event monetization, event experience, and technical production. 

You can prepare for an online certification with the help of on-demand and multi-week instructor-led courses. 

You can also choose to pursue on-off courses on niche topics with the help of content that’s available online. Choose from a large variety of training in business, planning and management, technical production, venue management, and more. The best part? On-demand training is short and snappy (30 minutes per lecture) that can help you self-pace your course. 

Check out their courses here

9) International Career Institute (ICI)

ICI is a well-known institute that specializes in distance education. A little more detailed, the course also helps students prepare for interviews and teaches them how to get more clients, increase their business and become professional event planners.

Students will get their certificates at the end of the program to confidently enter the event planning business.

ICI has an entry-level diploma course and an advanced course for those with some work experience.

Ideal for beginners with a few years of experience in the event management industry.

Check out the course here

10) Emory Continuing Education

The Emory Continuing Education institute offers six different courses for event management.

To obtain the certificate, students must go through all program levels. The online courses are unique because they focus on the critical aspects of hosting a successful event.

Ideal for beginners and event management professionals who want a degree and contact hours towards CMP.

11) Bryant University

The Bryant University’s Executive Development Centers train students to take leadership roles in the event planning business.

The Event Management and Leadership course covers technology, service management, hospitality, green events, and sustainability.

This course will also train people with marketing skill sets to become dependable event planners.

12) Event Academy

Event Academy is a recognized institute that offers event management courses online and offline.

The online course is divided into three levels. Each level has a different duration, is priced differently, and opens additional opportunities. One of their courses, (Online Postgraduate Diploma) is a detailed course which lasts for a year. 

Students are taught about PR, advertising, marketing, social media, event budget, special events, business plans, social events, etc., to become experts and host different types of events. This course also offers job placement and helps students jumpstart their careers in event management.

13) Profitable Event Business course by Udemy – an online course to kickstart your own event planning business

This beginner-friendly course kickstarts your entrepreneurial journey in the event planning industry. Learn the skills you need to build a lucrative event business and become a successful event planner.

Alright, you’re all set to kickstart your online event management education

You found some best event planning courses to pursue to move forward in your career. However, while choosing a course for yourself, you should keep your budget, schedule, and professional goals in mind. Some goals are comprehensive and teach you A-Z of event management and planning, while some courses offer a deeper perspective on specific topics.

Online event planning degrees and certificates give you the flexibility to finish your course at your own pace. But you should aim to complete it in the recommended time frame for the best results.

Consider the right virtual event platform for your future events

As an event planner, you’ll face a decision to choose the right virtual events platform for your events sooner or later in your life. A virtual event platform guide like this can come in handy.  That’s all for today. It was good to Airmeet you.

Online Event Management Courses: FAQ

Start by gaining event planning experience and knowledge of virtual event platforms and event marketing tools. You can then build an event management portfolio by interning, or volunteering. The next step would be to leverage your network to stay updated on event management trends and get certified. Once you have the experience, updated knowledge, and an event management certification, you can become an event manager that works for an organization or finds their own clients.

You can consider studying subjects such as event management, hospitality, marketing, communications, and business administration. These fields will equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge to plan and execute successful events. Practical experience through internships or volunteering can also be valuable in gaining relevant industry insights.

It’s difficult to label any single online course as the absolute best in event management, as the choice may vary based on individual priorities. However, we have highlighted several esteemed online event management courses in our article.- Event Management and Design Certificate – offered by the University of California, Berkeley Extension.- Event Management Certificate – provided by Event Leadership Institute.- Professional Event Management Course – offered by the Event Academy.- Online Event Planning and Management Course – provided by the International Institute of Event Management.- Event Planning and Management Certification – offered by the University of Washington.- Each course has its own strengths and focuses, so it’s important to choose one that aligns with your specific interests and goals in event management.

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