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The Best Virtual and Hybrid Event Training and Certifications

Virgil Wadhwa
• January 9, 2023

(7 min read)

The difference between a good and outstanding event comes down to training and certifications. And now that the world is pivoting to virtual events, hybrid and virtual event training give you the skills you need to stay at the forefront of the industry.

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Virtual events have changed the industry. Event planners are no longer bound by the availability and logistics of in-person venues. However, navigating the world of virtual and hybrid events demands new skills. Event professionals must have some form of virtual and hybrid event training or knowledge. Here, we have listed some virtual event certifications and training to help you take your career to the next level. 

When done well, virtual and hybrid events can provide the same—if not more—impact as their in-person counterparts. They have the ability to engage, streamline, power human connections, and drive discovery and growth. To produce outstanding event results, it’s essential to have the right knowledge and understand what makes an effective strategy.

This article will share a list of high-quality training resources, courses, and certifications that will help you take your skills to next-level virtual and hybrid event production. 

Let‘s begin!

Why you need event training for virtual and hybrid events 

Even though there’s been a return to in-person events, many businesses have discovered the power of hosting hybrid and virtual events. A recent survey of 500 human resource professionals found that 41.8% are likely to organize virtual events over other types. Another survey found that only around half of event professionals consider themselves comfortable or savvy with virtual event technology.

Clearly, online events are here to stay. And the key to hosting a successful hybrid and virtual is understanding the tools and technology and knowing how best to reach the audience. Lacking experience can be a barrier, which is why virtual event training is essential and can give you the boost you need to host impactful events using a virtual event platform.

However, not just any class will do. It’s imperative to seek training and virtual event certifications from genuine and expert sources. It’s also important to identify which training best fits your needs.

What to look for in a virtual and hybrid event training program

Events span an incredible amount of industries. Some events are designed to drive business growth, while others are solely for entertainment. An event professional needs to consider what types of events they’ll be planning before signing up for any hybrid and virtual event training course or certification.

For example, you’ll study vastly different things if you want to plan and execute dynamic business events vs produce concerts or weddings.

Another thing to consider is how much training you want and what’s required to get that training. What’s the duration and cost? Do you receive a virtual event certification? Do you need a virtual event management certification or just the skills?

Each situation will be different, but here’s what you should look for in any type of digital event education:

Hybrid and virtual event training courses

What to look for in a hybrid and virtual event planning and management course: 

  • A course that teaches an in-depth understanding of hybrid and online events and how they fit into today’s world
  • How to engage and connect attendees virtually
  • How to assess and choose the right virtual platform
  • The planning process
  • How to assess event success

Virtual and hybrid event training with certifications

What to look for in a hybrid and virtual event planning and management certification: 

  • A more robust curriculum than a course
  • Attracting an audience
  • Engaging attendees
  • Understanding and designing event content
  • Sales and monetizing of online events
  • Choosing the right technology and platform
  • Executing the event
  • Measuring the success of an event
  • Creating an event community

The top 5 virtual and hybrid event courses

Courses tend to be a great introductory step toward gaining skills in hybrid and virtual event management. You’re more likely to find content that lets you go at your own pace and start at any time rather than having set dates. Some of the top courses available are:

Event Academy – Virtual Event Management course

Duration: Self-paced

Content: The Event Academy touts its Virtual Event Management course as an essential skill. The content is a self-guided video tutorial endorsed by The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM). The lengthier course material covers how virtual events have changed the industry and what event planners need to know, how to make online events as good—if not better—than live events, how to choose a platform, logistics of virtual events, and more. P.S. It’s a coveted virtual event management certification in the industry and can make you more employable.   

Dates: On-demand

Udemy – How to Plan a Virtual Event

Duration: 1.5 hours plus reading materials

Content: Udemy’s class on planning virtual events is ideal for people with limited time who want to begin building their skills. You’ll cover how to organize and plan a virtual event, how to maximize impact, how to reach your audience, the technology you need, and how to use it.

Dates: On-demand

Event Leadership Institute – Hybrid and Virtual Events course

Duration: 38 minutes

Content: This course quick-dives into types of events, the common concerns of hybrid and virtual events, and designing online events. The course also shares the best practices you’ll need to produce outstanding events.

Dates: On-demand

LinkedIn – Virtual Events Essential Training 

Duration: Self-paced

Content: LinkedIn goes deeper into the skills you need to produce attendee-centric virtual events. You’ll learn to identify your goal and define your audience, plan the event budget and logistics, how to navigate event marketing, how to find speakers, and how to execute and measure the success of your virtual event. This is also a great choice for someone looking for a beginner-level virtual event management course. 

Dates: On-demand

QC Event School – Virtual Events Training course

Duration: Self-paced

Content: Described as a mini course, the QC Event School’s Virtual Events Training is designed to show you how to develop an event concept and integrate it online, what technology to use, and how to make a virtual event as engaging as an in-person event.

Dates: On-demand

The top 3 virtual and hybrid event training with certifications

Certifications not only certify that you’ve learned a specific skill but typically offer a richer learning experience. With a hybrid and virtual events certification program, you’ll more likely have live classes, a longer class/course duration, access to a community of learners, and resources that go more in-depth into the subject. Some of the top virtual and hybrid event certifications include:

Virtual Event Institute (VEI) – Virtual and Hybrid Events Certification

Duration: 15 hours

Content: The Virtual Event Institute (VEI) has set the standard for skills in virtual and hybrid events training. This full certification covers a wide array of topics from marketing, selling, and monetizing an online or hybrid event to planning, running, and following up on virtual events.

Dates: On demand – but must finish coursework within a given time frame

Event Leadership Institute and MPI – Virtual Event & Meeting Management Certificate

Duration: 6 Weeks

Content: This intensive virtual events certification covers an enormous amount to boost your knowledge of hybrid events and virtual events. During the six weeks, you’ll have live classes and access to a community forum while learning about planning, staffing, vendors, marketing, developing content, attendee engagement opportunities, technology, analytics and security, and virtual event execution. The extensive course offered by MPI is one of the best choices if you’re looking for a virtual event planning course or certification. 

Dates: Contact the Event Leadership Institute for dates

PCMA Digital Event Strategist Certification

Duration: Self-paced – but must complete within 365 days.

Content: PCMA Digital Strategist training will teach you to have a strong digital event strategy that captures audiences with interactive, blended experiences. You’ll learn from industry-leading experts about the industry, planning, marketing, monetizing, and measuring an event, along with creating an experience that optimizes audience engagement. You’ll have monthly access to live panel discussions as well. The best part? You can get this Digital Event Certification at your own pace via on-demand lectures. 

Dates: On demand

Quick comparison chart:

NAMETypeDurationSet Dates
Event Academy: Virtual Event ManagementCourseSelf-pacedNo (on demand)
Udemy: How to Plan a Virtual EventCourse1.5 hours+No (on demand)
Event Leadership Institute: Hybrid and Virtual Events courseCourse38 minutesNo (on demand)
LinkedIn: Virtual Events Essential TrainingCourseSelf-pacedNo (on demand)
QC Event School: Virtual Events TrainingCourseSelf-pacedNo (on demand) Course does have completion time frame
Event Leadership Institute/MPI: Virtual Event & Meeting Management CertificateCertification6 WeeksYes
PCMA: Digital Event Strategist CertificationCertificationSelf-pacedNo (on demand) must complete certification within 365 days
Virtual Event Institute (VEI): Virtual and Hybrid EventsCertification15 hoursNo (on demand) Course does have completion time frame

Training and upskill series for virtual and hybrid event training

Most professionals participate in ongoing training and education. It doesn’t always have to be in the form of a virtual event course or a certification, but can also be in the form of attending thought leadership programs, community meetups, and more. Here are some additional resources that will help build your digital event skills:

  • Event Leadership Institute virtual event planning essentials – This set of mini-courses is included in an annual membership. 
  • Airmeet’s Power Hour – A monthly series that lets you hear from industry experts and gives you new ideas to boost the power of your events.
  • Airmeet’s Eventions – Info-rich sessions designed to give you actionable virtual event frameworks to work from.

3 Steps to choosing the best event training program for you

Step 1 Identify your budget and how much time you have 

Any hybrid or virtual events course or certification is going to be worth your time—because today’s event leaders know how crucial hybrid and virtual event training is. Evaluate how much time and money you can invest, but also look into resources, like professional development funding through company scholarships, or payment plans. Your team might even be able to get a discounted course/certification rate.

Step 2 Look at which content will most benefit your career

How much knowledge do you need? Does the course offer class meetings or teach about different virtual event formats? Do you learn about a variety of virtual event technology? Look at what you could benefit from, and find content that fills any skill gaps you have.

Step 3 Verify the course and program’s quality

Check out the validity of each course or certification. Look for what programs companies sent their event people through or what platform hosts the courses. The more information they can offer you, the better.

Take your hybrid and virtual event planning skills to the next level

We hope this list helped you find the best hybrid or virtual event training for you. Virtual and hybrid events are on the rise, so you can definitely build a stellar career in the field with a bunch of hybrid or virtual event management certifications. 

Now that you have the resources and tools, it’s time for you to boost your hybrid event planning and virtual event management skills to meet the needs of an industry that is pivoting to virtual events.

Don’t forget to try Airmeet for your future virtual, hybrid and digital events.

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