Why webinars should be a part of your marketing strategy

• March 10, 2021
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good marketing strategy ensures that you’re targeting the right people with relevant and appealing content, building your brand, creating a community of loyal customers while improving the ROI. While you are planning your strategy, explore all the options and don’t miss out on Webinars.

Everyone today understands what a webinar is, but what is its potential? Read this article to know how webinars are an essential part of any marketing strategy in the present scenario.

Why webinars?

1. Webinars build relationships

Webinars allow you to offer your audience value right away. When a company connects with an audience via a webinar, it can impart knowledge, training, and expertise. It builds a relationship and a rapport by giving value first. That, in turn, creates a loyal community, eventually leading to sales.

2. Webinars can reach a wide audience.

Every business organization plans its marketing strategy to reach a focused target audience. Webinars can go beyond, reaching a greater number of people. You can easily connect with an audience that would otherwise take a lot of time and effort to reach through in-person sales calls. Webinars are not geographically limiting, helping you reach global audiences. 

3. Webinars can be hosted in multiple formats.

Webinars are versatile as they can be presented in different formats to meet any marketing strategy’s varied demands. Read along to find out which one works best for you:

  • Product Webinars: Here, you focus on your product or service, demonstrating its use, process and advantages. 
  • Educational Webinars: These are intended to show how to resolve potential customers’ problems or share some expertise. 
  • Panel Webinars: A panel-style webinar may be planned where industry experts, leaders, or influencers have discussions, with a moderator conducting the event. That is a great way to create engagement. 
  • Q&A webinars: Audiences are highly engaged and interested in webinars to get answers to their queries and get knowledge from experts.
  • Networking Webinars: This type of event can be used to nurture the relationship with customers. You can inform them about new inventions, developments, or significant changes in the industry. A networking event helps to form substantial connections with the attendees.


4. Webinars help you engage with the audience.

A critical part of any marketing endeavour is to engage with the audience to sit up and take notice. The exciting thing about webinar marketing is that it offers an engaging experience to the attendees. 

Select a platform that stimulates the audience with interactive features like a chatbox, emojis, live polls, social lounge, Q&A session, etc. When attendees get on a user-friendly interface with interactive features, they communicate, and that’s how they engage and connect.

5. Webinars generate leads

As compared to other marketing strategies, leads generated through webinars are more credible. People that register for webinars are genuinely interested in your offering and have higher chances of conversion. 

When the webinar is about something thought-provoking and fascinating, it leads to sign up of newer attendees. Apart from existing leads, webinars proactively attract new leads and create loyal customers optimising the sales funnel. You can utilise the different kinds of webinars detailed in point 3 to help your sales team shift leads down into the funnel, and retain them as your customers. 

6. Webinars attract affiliate marketing

Webinars are one of the best tools for affiliate marketers as all parties succeed while they build their community. Affiliates want a strategy that converts a visitor into a buyer and delivers value to the customers- precisely what a webinar aims to do. It’s a win-win situation for all and leads to higher registrations and subscribers. 

7. Webinars offer quicker ROI

The conversion from lead to a customer is much faster through webinars. Interested customers do the registrations upfront; they get some value through the webinar, and trust is already built. Attendees are at the entrance of the sales funnel. If they like the product or service being offered, they can allay any apprehensions through webinars and the conversion can be quicker.

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You need a well-planned and cross-channel marketing strategy that includes webinars, to be successful.

You need a well-planned and cross-channel marketing strategy that includes webinars, to be successful.

8. Cost-effective marketing

If effective marketing can be done without spending sizable amounts of money, why not? Webinars are the most cost-effective way of reaching a global audience. The amount of time, money, and resources required to create a webinar and publicise it is far less than any other live event. 

In any physical event, the economies scale up as you increase audiences’ number, but the cost remains the same with webinars. When you calculate the cost per attendee, it reduces further when you can reach out to a higher number of audience. 

The pointers shared above showcase how webinars are an indispensable part of a marketing strategy and should help you incorporate them in your marketing plan. 

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