Upgrade your
webinars with a sales
and marketing floor

Maximize the ROI from the leads you spend hours and $$$ on to get to your webinar. Run highly engaging sessions and get immediate face time with your audience for demos and feedback.

Loved by companies of all sizes

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Run highly interactive sessions and engage with your prospects in real-time for faster and better lead generation

Customer acquisition costs have increased by 60% in
the last 6 years.

Don’t lose the lead you spent hours and $$ on to get to your webinar. Engage them with great content and sessions and connect 1:1 for demos, feedback, and more.

Connect with your prospects right where they are

Bring lead contact time down to a few minutes and increase conversion rates.

Run polls at the end of your webinar to gather interest for your offering. Navigate all interested attendees to the lounge for demo’s, consultations, and Q&As.

Let your customers do the selling

Connect new prospects with existing advocates.
Set up a virtual table to connect advocates with prospects and share case studies or use Speed Networking for shorter 1:1s.

Host interactive demos and trainings to convert trials into active users

Run highly interactive product demos and training sessions with immersive emojis, polls, Q&As, and chat. Empower your audience to ‘raise hand’ and come on the stage during sessions.

Get feedback on new products and features

Design virtual tables for 1:1s or group conversations around your new release and get feedback on your messaging, product, and pitch.

Measure turn out and engagement data in real-time to
identify and engage with your best prospects

Everything you need to run successful social webinars


  • Landing Page Builder and
    custom forms
  • Branding and customizations
  • Email invites and reminders
  • 24*7 video and audio support
  • Multi-day or recurring 
webinar series


  • Social lounge and speed networking
  • Private backstage
  • Virtual photo booths
  • Dedicated engagement spaces:
    Polls, Q&A, Chat, DMs, Raise hand, and more
  • Real-time in-event announcements

Measure & Act:

  • On-demand recordings
  • Real-time attendee and engagement analytics
  • CRM and marketing automation integrations

Reimagine how webinars can drive revenue for your business