Virtual/Hybrid Events & Virtual Photo Booths – A Match Made in Heaven

Aditi Biswas
• August 16, 2021
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Social media + Photo booths = the FOMO generators for your next event

Why? Photo booths successfully give attendees elaborate selfies (with props and background, kitschy decor et al.) to create a visual homage.


These are fun. 

These are viral. 

These generate leads.

They successfully recreate the selfie-buzz. 

And, they are great for engagement and reach.

But while these are extensively used in weddings, parties, and birthdays, virtual events are where the actual potential lies hidden. Using online photo booths helps event organizers create user-generated content that helps market the event. (Remember Coca-Cola’s huge success with ‘Share a coke’ – UGC campaign and what they managed to do  where they asked users to design personalized labels and post?) 

In this world of Instagram, TikTok, and selfies, providing this experience to the attendees becomes a no-brainer. Besides, online photo booths just require a few hundred dollars (per event) and do not need elaborate cameras or tech. 

After all, everyone loves a good photo, and essentially photo booths are just free advertising. 

Table of Contents

From the offline to the online (world)

Want to know how photo booths came into existence? Read this blog to know more.

While the first photo booth found itself in the World Fair in Paris in 1889, it was only in 1925 when Anatol Josepho first used three photo booths in New York City to generate business. And soon, it became a symbol of pop culture, with Andy Warhol using it as a medium for his portrait work. 

While this is the humble origins of a photo booth, it soon underwent an astronomical change in the social media era. It was now much more elaborate, over-the-top, and excessive. 

The modern online version of photo booths was one step ahead. Websites like Snapbar, Outsnapped, Virtualbooth, Pixilated, Brandmatic, etc., helped transform the tangible experience online. No more elaborate set-ups and cameras; these offered the same experience but went beyond being just ‘selfie machines.’ 

Virtual photo booths - the game-changer in online events

The virtual photo booths are considered game-changers in online events. It creates interaction, which wouldn’t have been made possible otherwise. 

So, what’s in it for the event planners? 

These photo booths (under the guise of fun) ask the users to click photos and booms and share that on social media platforms – creating the much-desired user-generated content. It helps with attendee advocacy for the event and engages your audience at a much more intrinsic level.

Let’s look at an example. Event organizers used a third-party tool like Brandmatic to provide a virtual photo booth experience to their attendees at Strategy Fest 2021.  

How does the photo booth in Airmeet work?

  • Begin with choosing the right photo booth platform. Purchase a plan most suited for your event format
  • The virtual photo booth provider will customize a unique link for a specific event. For example, it can be something like 

Now that this has been set up, it’s time to plug in this link to your Airmeet event.

Once this step is done, there are multiple options for plugging in your shareable photo booth link, in the Airmeet platform.

  • Conference format – You can add the photo booth link to your custom Reception page. Highly recommended, as this is where all your attendees will land once they enter the event.

All other event formats – 

    • Pin it to the event chat so that your attendees can always see the link. See how here.


    • Catch your participant’s attention by broadcasting the link via the Announcement feature. 




There are multiple options for plugging in your shareable photo booth link, in the Airmeet platform.

Sounds interesting? See how Brandmatic worked perfectly with Airmeet at a virtual conference.

Note: This is not an integration. You’ll have to choose an online virtual photo booth platform and share or embed the link generated by the platform.

FAQs about virtual photo booths

No. You can use the shareable link provided by the virtual photo booth platform and embed it on your website landing page.

Most of the virtual photo booths don’t require an app download. Once you share/embed a link, the user can click a photo and share it (if they want) on social media platforms.

Most of these photo booths offer customization in appearance, color scheme, image output, and even the URL that people access. Check with the platform before purchasing.

All fun and loads of images

Still not convinced? Read here to know how photo booths help create buzz.

Now that you know how these virtual photo booths can help you, it’s time to explore a bit more. First things first,

Pick a theme that flows well with your virtual event

Customize and personalize. That should be your mantra when playing around with themes for your photo booth and virtual event experience. Use gifs, stickers, music (maybe a Spotify link), brand colors – the opportunities to exploit this is never-ending. 

Play with this new branding opportunity

Photo booths come with branding opportunities. Want to showcase your sponsors? – Use a virtual photo booth and set it up in the reception area. Let them use their colors and logo. Promote your sponsors and engage your attendees – all at one place.

Creating an event album

Once the event is over, you can use the photos to create memorabilia and send it to your attendees. You can leave the album open or make it gated to get more information about your participants.

Use a real-time social media feed

Set up a real-time social media feed on your virtual/hybrid event landing page. Use it to showcase engagement. For example, the images captured using Brandmatic can be used to feed into your website landing page, an innovative way to bring together remote guests. 

Checklist for your virtual photo booth

Must-have features of your online photo booth. 

  • Unique photo booth link for the event
  • Shareable and embeddable links for the event
  • Custom photo frames and brand-able stickers
  • Downloading the image files, and sharing it across social media platforms 
  • Galleries of all the photos, to view and moderate
  • Analytics 
  • Social media image mosaics 


Remember, you don’t want a boring photo booth – for then, your audience will not click photos. So select the platform that best fits your needs and make everyone camera-happy!

Playing the online photo booth cards right

Easy to set up and fun to use – online photo booths are here to stay. And for savvy event organizers and marketers, this helps them to aggregate data and use it to promote the event and increase its shelf-life.  

Do you think photo booths are here to stay – Yasss or Nahh? Send us what you are thinking about when we say online photo booths and virtual events are a match made in heaven.

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23 days ago

Hey Aditi, thanks for the mention of Pixilated in your post! Airmeet customers can trial PixiWeb, our virtual photo booth software for free at this link:

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