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Indegene Streamlined Event Operations And Strengthened Event Branding with Airmeet

Akanksha Kumari
• May 10, 2024
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Digital Conference/Summit
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About Company:

Established in 1998, Indegene is a digital-first life sciences commercialization company. They aid biopharmaceutical, emerging biotech, and medical device companies in product development, market entry, and long-term growth in a modern, efficient manner. Collaborating with top-tier organizations, Indegene integrates and adapts modern technology to enhance accessibility and affordability in healthcare.

ROI / Benefits for the customer (numbers):

Challenges with their previous events platform

Indegene was using Whova for their virtual events in the past, but they faced challenges with the platform’s overall functionality, leading them to explore alternative options for their upcoming events and future initiatives.

Expectations and Requirements from Airmeet

Expectations and Requirements from Airmeet

Transitioning from their previous virtual events platform, the Indegene team was seeking a solution that could seamlessly align with their event and lead-generation efforts. 

The team at Indegene was looking for a comprehensive set of features and functionalities to fulfill their annual conference requirements. After a thorough evaluation, they opted for Airmeet having been satisfied with the platform’s robust features and offerings.

Ranging from API testing to Pardot integration, these were their expectations from Airmeet:

  • A unified platform accessible across their entire ecosystem 
  • Platform testing includes API testing, registration flow, session management, and data integration 
  • A streamlined registration process to enhance attendee experience
  • Supporting their lead generation team with Call-To-Action features was imperative
  • Diverse networking opportunities, gamification capabilities, and attendee engagement features
  • Analytical insights at the attendee level were crucial for evaluating event effectiveness and engagement
  • Flexibility to include both prerecorded and live sessions to cater to varied content needs
  • Integration with their email marketing tool, Pardot.

Solutions Offered by Airmeet

Solutions Offered by Airmeet

Airmeet provided Indegene with a unified platform boasting comprehensive features, dynamic functionalities, and unwavering support. Leveraging these capabilities, Indegene ensured a seamless experience for their Annual Conference. 

These key features and solutions included:

  • Platform Testing Support: Assisting Indegene’s team throughout the platform testing journey, from API testing to evaluating registration flows.
  • Streamlined Registration Management: Implementing a user-friendly registration system with various entry options to elevate attendee experience.
  • Diverse Engagement Tools: Offering a plethora of engagement tools such as Q&A sessions, polls, hand-raising, live quizzes, virtual networking tables, and gamification features.
  • Lead Generation Support: Facilitating Indegene’s lead generation efforts through call-to-action buttons and seamless integration capabilities.
  • Pardot Integration: Integrating Pardot, Indegene’s email marketing tool, for tracking campaign performance data and ensuring centralized data management.
  • Customization Options: Providing flexibility to customize sessions, speaker profiles, event landing pages, and various branding elements to align with Indegene’s branding requirements.
  • Combined Session Formats: Enabling the seamless execution of combined sessions featuring both pre-recorded and live content.
  • Real-time Analytics: Providing real-time and detailed analytics at both event and attendee levels, including event analytics, attendee profiles, interests, and engagement scores.
  • Post-event Engagement: Facilitating effortless post-event interaction and engagement with attendees through event recordings and session replays.


Positive ROI Impact:

  • The streamlined CTAs facilitated pipeline generation during events, enabling Indegene’s lead generation team to swiftly engage with hot leads and potential prospects.
  • Airmeet’s comprehensive insights into event performance and attendee engagement empowered Indegene to make data-driven decisions, identifying areas of opportunity and improvement.
  • The seamless integration with Pardot streamlined email marketing initiatives, allowing Indegene to effectively track campaign performance and manage data.
  • Leveraging Airmeet’s customization and branding capabilities, Indegene seamlessly incorporated their ideas and branding requirements into the event, improving brand’s visibility and creating a stronger brand presence among the event attendees.

Most-loved Features of Airmeet

Most-loved Features of Airmeet

Unified Attendee Profile:

Airmeet’s AirProfile equipped the Indegene team with extensive attendee information at their fingertips. This feature empowered them to access every necessary detail about their event attendees. This unified 360-degree profile offers in-depth insights into user interests, activities, and engagement scores based on various in-event interactions.

Engagement and Networking:

By utilizing Airmeet’s interactive engagement and networking features, like round tables, speed networking, gamification, and more, the Indegene team curated an engaging and immersive event experience for their conference attendees.

Session Replays:

Session replays facilitated by Airmeet allowed Indegene to conduct post-event activities effectively. This feature empowered event attendees to revisit sessions at their convenience, while also enabling event organizers to ensure continued engagement with attendees after the event.

API Integrations:

Airmeet’s extensive range of 30+ API integrations enables users to seamlessly connect their CRM and automation systems with the platform, ensuring a streamlined workflow. Utilizing this capability, the Indegene team efficiently integrated their marketing automation, enhancing their email marketing initiatives and facilitating seamless event operations.

Event Sessions:

Airmeet empowered Indegene to effectively schedule and host a blend of sessions, seamlessly integrating prerecorded sessions with real-time audience interaction alongside live sessions. 

Event Branding:

Airmeet’s diverse branding elements provided Indegene with the flexibility to fulfill their branding requirements and synchronize their conference with their branding goals. With this feature, the team at Indegene could integrate branding elements into registration forms, emails, networking spaces, and other event areas. 

Email Customization:

This feature empowered Indegene’s team to personalize event templates based on various categories, individuals, and groups. This also enabled Indegene’s team to send customized emails for various purposes, including invitations, reminders, confirmations, session bookmarks, and more.


Airmeet effectively addressed the challenges that the team at Indegene faced with their previous platform by meeting their specific event requirements and assisting them throughout the virtual event platform testing process, enabling them to understand the platform clearly and capitalize on its features.

By utilizing Airmeet’s solutions, such as simplified registration management, versatile branding tools, demand generation support, and seamless integration, Indegene could streamline the pipeline generation process, enhance brand presence, manage event operations, and monitor data in real-time.  

Airmeet’s unified attendee profiles, event analytics, and engagement features not only improved the attendee experience and post-event engagement but also offered Indegene comprehensive event-related information. 

By optimizing Airmeet’s diverse features, Indegene met their event hosting objectives while delivering an impactful and engaging conference experience for attendees.

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