GradConnection’s Remarkable Turnout Gathers 1000+ Attendees

Akanksha Kumari
• October 30, 2023
Company Name:
Industry Segment:
Recruitement services
Use Case:
Career fairs, Virtual events series

About Company:

GradConnection is a large website for university students and recent graduates to search for career opportunities and jobs. They operate in a number of countries, including Australia, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

GradConnection also specializes in building job board software for universities across the world, called GradConnection Campus. Their unique software allows university careers services to operate their own careers website and job search for their students and alumni. GradConnection Campus is a complete career solution that helps to support university career services and makes it easier for employers to reach students who are looking to take their first career step. 

ROI / Benefits for the customer (numbers):


Earlier, the customer was dealing with frequent technical glitches while conducting their events, which was hindering the event experience for both speakers and attendees. The absence of assistance was compounding the issue, making the event more stressful and disorderly. These issues cast a shadow over otherwise well-planned events, causing disruptions and frustration. They were looking for a solution to eliminate the impediments that had hindered their events and, in turn, enhanced the overall experience. 


With Airmeet’s advanced features, the customer has found efficient ways to manage their events. Utilizing these features has allowed the client to customize their events, enhancing overall efficiency. Airmeet has enabled them to seamlessly conduct events, providing a smooth experience for both speakers and the audience. Additionally, the customer can easily reach out to customer support for assistance whenever needed. The availability of consistent support and effective management ensures that their questions are promptly addressed, resulting in well-organized events.

Features loved/used:

Modern Customization

By making use of modern customizable functionalities, the customer is now able to personalize the entire event. This includes the option to incorporate a welcoming video or multiple images on the event’s landing page, which will be presented in a slide format. Moreover, multiple banner images can be added, accompanied by the ability to activate social media sharing links. Modifications to button colors, text colors on buttons, and even the background are also possible. Furthermore, complete customization is available for the reception area, lounge, and booths.

Email Customization and Deliverability Status

By having access to this feature, the customer was able to access various template categories such as “Event Reminder,” “On Invitation,” and “Session Bookmark.” These templates enabled the client to categorize attendee requests and send them corresponding email reminders. Additionally, the customer could track email delivery status through the available statistics.


By utilizing Airmeet’s versatile, customizable features, the customer has attained a heightened capacity to tailor every facet of their event to precise specifications. These features aided Gradconnection in running the event smoothly, ensuring a seamless experience without any disruptions or technical errors.

On the other hand, the customer successfully established connections with a vast audience, exceeding a tally of 1,000 participants and achieving impressive outcomes. With increased audience engagement and interaction combined with enhanced return on investment (ROI), the event was executed with remarkable proficiency, culminating in an impressive overall event rating that surpassed the 4.8 mark.  


In conclusion, the customer’s utilization of modern, highly customizable functionalities has revolutionized their event management. They can now personalize every aspect of their event. Leveraging Airmeet’s capabilities, Gradconnection now enjoys a seamless event experience, conducting their events without any interruptions or technical glitches. This approach enabled the client to reach a vast audience, fostering remarkable audience engagement, interaction, and ultimately, an exceptional event performance.

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