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Brunico Communications Ltd. Achieved Over 90% Attendee Turnout with Airmeet

Mukesh Kumar
• June 10, 2024
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Brunico Communications Ltd.
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About Company:

Founded in 1986, Brunico Communications Ltd. is a privately-held B2B magazine publisher. It produces publications and events such as Playback, strategy, kidscreen, Realscreen, Media in Canada, Stimulant, kidscreen awards, Realscreen summit, and more.

Headquartered in Canada, Brunico specializes in publishing both print and electronic media. Its publications provide focused and comprehensive analysis of innovations, trends, news, discussions, challenges, and opportunities in the rapidly evolving global marketplace of the Media & Entertainment sector.

ROI / Benefits for the customer (numbers):

Expectations and Requirements from Airmeet

Expectations and Requirements from Airmeet

Brunico’s team were aiming to utilize Airmeet for their upcoming virtual events and were looking for: 

  • Ability to host a variety of virtual events, including meetups, summits, and more
  • Robust networking & engagement features
  • Comprehensive event analytics 
  • Dedicated event support

Solutions Offered by Airmeet

Solutions Offered by Airmeet

Along with the flexibility to host various types of virtual events, including meetups, webinars, summits, and conferences, Airmeet also empowered the Brunico team to boost attendee participation, enhance engagement, and evaluate event turnout with:

  • Dynamic branding capabilities: It empowered Brunico’s team to enhance the overall event outlook with customized registration forms, emails, event landing page, virtual background, and more, providing attendees with an immersive event atmosphere.
  • Personalized event reminders: This feature enabled the team at Brunico to boost attendee participation by sending personalized event reminders, keeping attendees informed and engaged with event updates.
  • Diverse interactive elements: With these features, Brunico’s team elevated attendee involvement with interactive features such as polls, Q&A sessions, chat feeds, and the ability to raise hands, providing multiple touchpoints for engagement.
  • Robust networking features: This enabled the team at Brunico to facilitate seamless networking with features like one-on-one sessions, a networking lounge, and breakout rooms, enabling attendees to connect and have meaningful conversations.
  • Comprehensive analytics: The team at Brunico could monitor and access the overall event data and assess attendee turnout rates by leveraging Airmeet’s comprehensive analytics. 
  • End-to-end customer support: With round-the-clock support with a 24/7 support lounge, reliable technical assistance, and a dedicated CSM, Airmeet ensured seamless virtual event hosting.


Positive ROI Impact:

  • By leveraging Airmeet’s 360-degree networking and engagement capabilities, Brunico’s team significantly enhanced attendee interactions, fostered meaningful relationships, and encouraged active discussions during events.
  • With the virtual event platform’s real-time analytics, the Brunico team was able to effectively monitor event performance and attendee involvement, allowing them to gauge event success, identify attendee interests, and identify potential leads.

Most-loved Features of Airmeet

Networking & Engagement:

Airmeet provided Brunico’s team with a variety of networking spaces and engagement features, such as the social lounge, speed networking, polls, Q&A, leaderboard, and more. These tools facilitated seamless networking, encouraged attendee interaction, and enhanced overall event engagement.

Custom Email Templates:

Customized email templates enabled the Brunico team to personalize and categorize their email communications. This flexibility allowed them to send event invitations, registration confirmations, bookmarked-session reminders, and more.

Branding & Customization:

The team at Brunico leveraged Airmeet’s branding and customization features to tailor their event to align with their brand-specific needs and requirements. From registration forms and in-event branding to emails, they could customize and incorporate branding elements into every aspect of their event.

Detailed Analytics:

Airmeet provided Brunico’s team with real-time event data and detailed analytics, empowering them to assess event attendance & turnout, attendee engagement, and overall event performance.

Alerts & Announcements:

Airmeet’s alert and announcement feature enabled the Brunico team to send text-based messages or notifications to event attendees. They could also broadcast audio or video announcements to all attendees present at the event.


In Airmeet, Brunico found their ideal virtual event platform, which was tailored to their specific requirements. From seamless virtual event hosting to 24/7 dedicated assistance, Airmeet provided Brunico with an end-to-end service, ensuring an effortless and high-impact event experience.

By leveraging Airmeet’s networking, engagement, branding, and customization features, Brunico’s team elevated brand presence, amplified attendee engagement, and improved overall event turnout—with over 90% of registrants attending the event.

The Brunico team capitalized on Airmeet’s detailed analytics to identify areas of interest, potential leads, and areas for improvement. This has empowered them to make data-driven decisions to continually optimize their events and provide attendees with the best event experience. 

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