Benchmarkit (formerly RevOps Squared) Skyrocketed Engagement and Achieved a 74% Turnout with Airmeet

Mukesh Kumar
• October 9, 2023
Company Name:
Industry Segment:
B2B SaaS
Use Case:
Webinar Series, Event-led Growth

About Company:

Benchmarkit helps B2B SaaS and cloud companies make smarter, data-driven decisions. Their B2B SaaS Benchmarking Index offers real-time access to critical industry benchmarks, covering the full customer lifecycle from acquisition to retention and growth. This allows businesses to optimize their strategies and accelerate revenue.

ROI/benefits for the customer:

  • Benchmarkit achieved an average participation rate of 74% across their events.
  • Custom receptions and sponsorships were featured in 75% of their major events.
  • Personalized event logos spiced up 50% of their larger events.
  • Custom registration forms were used in half of their major events, helping gather more attendee data.
  • About 10% of attendees joined via mobile web, and another 2-3% used the mobile app, offering more ways to participate.
  • Airmeet’s custom email options were leveraged to make joining the events hassle-free for attendees.
  • A customized landing page was used for 75% of events, enhancing the user experience.
  • The “show on stage” feature directed attention to key content like questions and polls.
In a standout event, nearly 30% of attendees visited the booths set up for quick information access.


Earlier events were marred by low engagement and poor data tracking, creating frustration for BenchmarkIt. This not only impacted their revenue but also made it difficult to fine-tune event strategies effectively.


Airmeet effectively improved both engagement and ROI for BenchmarkIt. With Airmeet’s detailed analytics, BenchmarkIt was now able to track registrations, attendee numbers, and associated costs reliably. This data-driven approach significantly refined their event planning. The targeted use of custom emails contributed to their remarkable 74% turnout rate.

Ultimately, Airmeet enhanced its return on investment through heightened engagement and attendance rates.

Features loved/used:

Custom Reporting:

Airmeet’s custom reporting tools helped BenchmarkIt cut down on time and effort, streamlining their operations.

Detailed Analytics:

BenchmarkIt could closely monitor all event activities using Airmeet’s in-depth analytics, saving significant time while getting actionable insights.

Custom Template:

Airmeet offered a variety of email templates, letting customers pick what best fit their needs. Attendees could also bookmark sessions they were interested in, making sure they got timely email reminders and didn’t miss out.

Marketing Materials:

BenchmarkIt was particularly pleased with the strong turnout, thanks to Airmeet’s targeted marketing materials and timely reminder emails.

Pay-as-you-go Model:

This flexible pricing option allowed BenchmarkIt  to manage their budget effectively, as they only paid for actual attendees, not just registrations.


Thanks to Airmeet’s robust features and efficient management tools, BenchmarkIt elevated their event game and saw tangible improvements.

They successfully amped up attendance and engagement rates by making full use of Airmeet’s offerings. Additionally, Airmeet’s analytics enabled them to keep tabs on crucial metrics like registration, attendance, and the revenue they were generating.

The use of targeted marketing materials and well-timed reminder emails further bolstered their already strong turnout rate, rounding off a significantly improved ROI.


With Airmeet, BenchmarkIt gained access to real-time metrics on attendee behavior and revenue, streamlining their data analysis. Custom reporting tools further cut down the time and effort needed to make sense of this data.

Airmeet also made the registration process a breeze, offering features that let organizers categorize and track attendees effectively. All in all, BenchmarkIt has upgraded their event management game, delivering smoother experiences and enjoying a boosted ROI.

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