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Webinar Follow-Up Strategies – Post-Webinar Content Sharing

Mayukh Bhattacharjee
• July 5, 2024

(8 min read)

Webinar organizers are aware of the fact that it takes putting their nose to the grindstone to conduct a webinar and make it successful. If you’ve ever hosted one, you’ll know that as demanding as it is to pull off a high-impact webinar, it is also just as fulfilling to reap the results of all your hardwork. However, assuming that your work is done once the webinar concludes would mean that you’re missing out on a ton of opportunities!

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Webinar Follow-Up Strategies - Post-Webinar Content Sharing

It pays to tap into the potential of certain post-webinar follow up strategies that can not only help you stay connected with your attendees but also to deliver continued value to them. Following up with your attendees ensures that they retain the value derived from the webinar and are inspired to, eventually, take action and become a customer.

But how can you effectively follow up with your attendees after the webinar concludes? 

Among the many follow-up strategies you can adopt for your benefit, one of the most rewarding ones is post-webinar content sharing. Post-webinar content sharing primarily refers to the dissemination of valuable information for engaging the attendees of your event, and maximizing the impact of your webinar beyond the live event. 

So, how does post-webinar content sharing actually work? We’ll be exploring that and everything else you need to know about maximizing returns on your post-webinar follow up strategies in this article. 

How can webinar content be utilized for a follow-up?

The content delivered during a webinar can be leveraged in many ways, even after the event is over. In fact, the lifespan of a well executed webinar can extend well beyond the event itself, serving as a steady source of leads and engagement. 

Here are some ways in which you can leverage your webinar content as part of your follow up strategy. 

Sharing the Webinar Recording 

One of the best ways to continue providing value to your attendees and engaging with them in a meaningful way even after the event concludes, is to share the recording of the webinar with them.

Sharing the Webinar Recording

Make sure that you send out a follow-up email with the recording to all your registrants and attendees. This post-webinar follow up strategy ensures that attendees are able to revisit portions of the webinar that they wish to learn more about, as many times as they please. 

Sending the recording to the registrants who couldn’t attend the live event is a great way to tell them that you care about them. 

Access to the Additional Resources

People who frequently attend webinars expect some additional resources after the event. Sharing some supplementary materials related to the webinar topic is a good way to build trust and credibility among your attendees. 

This can include some case studies on the content you discussed, articles, whitepapers, etc. By providing additional resources, you’ll add value to your participant’s experience and help them understand the content better.

Summaries and transcripts

Just like the webinar recording, summaries and transcripts of the webinar will also help the participants reinforce their gains from the webinar. Share these documents with them to help them strengthen their learning, and they’ll be able to focus on the key points and refer to the important information required for them.

Recap Q&As

Almost all webinars have a dedicated Q&A session, typically towards the end, where attendees interact with the speaker and have their queries answered.  Compile a list of some high-value questions and answers from the session and send it to the attendees. This will eventually help them reinforce their learnings from your webinar. 

Create Interactive Content

Another type of post-webinar content sharing is creating interactive content. Based on the topics discussed in the webinar, create some interactive content post-event and engage the webinar participants to further reinforce their learning. The interactive content can come in the form of quizzes, polls, etc.

Create Interactive Content

Post-Webinar Content Sharing Tips – Repurposing Webinar Content 

Repurposing webinar content refers to taking the original content delivered at the event and adapting it into different styles across various platforms to maximize its reach and impact. 

Hence, post-webinar content sharing can be done not only for following up with your webinar participants immediately after the event, but also in several other ways catering to different audiences.

Here are some of the most effective ways you can repurpose content:

Transcribe Your Webinar Content

A full transcription of your webinar content can be useful for optimizing your webinar’s lifespan and impact. You can choose to upload the transcription either as a pdf or as a web page. By uploading it onto a web page, you can earn an array of advantages, including offering your audience the flexibility to choose between watching and reading your content. Transcription is also a useful SEO boosting tactic that can support your overall marketing efforts.

Publish Blog Posts

Another way to repurpose your webinar content is to convert the session into an educational and insightful blog post.  This not only serves as a summary of sorts for your webinar attendees, but also gives people who didn’t register to the event a chance to gauge the quality of content your webinar delivers, and encourages them to register to subsequent events you host. 

Upload Slides to Share your Content

Upload Slides to Share your Content

Why let the efforts put into the creation of the webinar presentation go in vain, post-event!  Leveraging slideshare for presenting those slides that have detailed explanations, content, and video, and or any valuable information can also add value to your audience. 

Update the Webinar Content to your Website

If you have executed the webinar well, the content of that event definitely deserves to be on your website so that more people can see and benefit from it. You can choose to do this in any format that suits you –  either in the form of blog posts as mentioned earlier, or the transcript, or even the entire recording of the event, etc. 

Create a Downloadable Guide

A great way to utilize your content post-webinar is by developing an additional downloadable resource in the form of a guide, ebook, or whitepaper, especially if your webinar was a resounding success.Creating an ebook or whitepaper from scratch could be challenging and time-consuming, so use your webinar content to create any kind of downloadable material that you can use as a lead magnet to maximize returns from the webinar. 

Create an infographic 

You can utilize and repurpose the webinar content to create a catchy infographic. Use the content and the Q&A session’s topics to develop a compelling visual presentation of the key insights. 

Next, you can consider transforming the infographics to micrographics, as they are convenient for sharing at online events. These intriguing visuals are a great tool to redirect the audience back to the original webinar. 

Present it as a Podcast

Another great way to repurpose your webinar content is by presenting it as a podcast or as a live stream. You can either show your content via live stream or encourage the audience to see your content through a specific link ; in either case, the reach of your valuable content will be extended.

Channels for Post-Webinar Content Sharing with Participants

Channels for Post-Webinar Content Sharing with Participants

You’ve seen  how you can utilize post-webinar content and how it can be repurposed! But what are the best channels for sharing post-webinar content with your audience? Let’s find out!

  • Social Media – When it comes to sharing something with an audience today, social media platforms have got to be the go-to choice.  And it is no different when it comes to sharing webinar content post-event, either! You can utilize the power of several social media platforms, including X,LinkedIn, and Instagram, and share the key takeaways and highlights from your webinar. 
  • Use Emails – Next on this list come emails. Emails continue to be one of the most dependable channels whether it is to promote your webinar or follow up with attendees post the event.  
  • YouTube or Other Video Sharing Platforms – You can also share your webinar content by recording it and publishing it on YouTube or other video sharing platforms. It is also one of the greatest channels for post-webinar content sharing, as it attracts a huge viewership and does not even require people to register to see your content. This could mean that viewers can eventually gather interest and trust in your content, driving more people to attend your future events!
  • Community Groups and Online Forums: If your company has any online forums, a LinkedIn community groups, or  slack channels, it can also serve as a great platform for post-webinar content sharing. 
  • Podcast – As mentioned earlier, podcasts serve as a great platform for post-webinar content sharing, where the event’s content can eventually be repurposed and shared. Make sure that your webinar is suitable for audio consumption and convert it into a podcast episode!

Benefits of Post-Webinar Content Sharing

Benefits of Post-Webinar Content Sharing

People opt for post-webinar content sharing as their webinar follow-up strategy often without too much thought or strategy. But when done cleverly, it can bring you a ton of benefits. 

Here are some for reference: 

  • Generate and Nurture Leads – The prime goal of most webinar organizers in organizing the event is to generate and nurture qualified leads. As webinar content is itself a great tool for lead generation, sharing that gated content post-webinar  can help you capture some unique leads and nurture them via targeted marketing campaigns or follow-up emails!
  • Maintain Engagement and Extended Reach – Sharing the content of the webinar post-event can help you reach a larger audience and include those who weren’t able to join your virtual event. Hence, sharing the content with the absentees also ensures an increase in your overall engagement among the participants.
  • Provides Educational Value – Another unique benefit of post-webinar content sharing is the educational value it provides. Webinar attendees can reinforce their learning, retain the key points of the content delivered, and strengthen their understanding of the topic.
  • Provides Effective Feedback –  Being a follow-up strategy, it obviously helps generate feedback as well for webinar organizers. You can receive engagement metrics from the post-webinar content, which basically reflect on the content’s views and how much it has been liked, commented on, and shared. These valuable insights can help you gain a fair understanding of whether or not your content meets audience expectations and standards. 
  • Improve SEO and Website Traffic – If you’re looking to improve SEO rankings of your website as well as increase traffic, sharing your webinar content with the transcripts or summaries and having the appropriate keywords will help you do so. And having a strong SEO presence will also eventually help you increase traffic to your website.
  • Helps in Building Networks – By sharing post-webinar content over social media, it encourages ongoing discussion on the webinar topic and eventually increases engagement within your community, as well as your industry! It drives the participants to interact with each other beyond the webinar sessions!
  • Cost Effectiveness- Last but not least, one of the most effective benefits of post-webinar content sharing remains its cost effectiveness! Resharing the content of the event on social media or sharing infographics extends the lifespan of your webinar and helps maximize webinar ROI!

How Can Airmeet Help in Post-Webinar Content Sharing?

If you’re looking for a preferable platform for hosting a webinar and maximizing your event’s ROI , Airmeet could be the event platform for you!  

Airmeet is a powerful platform for organizing your any and all of your virtual events. Designed to scale, Airmeet comes loaded with several intuitive capabilities that have helped thousands of enterprises transform their webinar marketing efforts, the world over. 

With Airmeet’s session recording features, you can not only record your virtual events and webinars, but the platform also allows you to edit the video wherever necessary by providing trim and style component features! 

Besides, it also provides an event replay feature, which allows webinar participants to attend and witness the highlights of the webinar post-session! With its email customization feature, you can write personalized emails, share additional resources from the webinar.

Bottom Line

Overall, post-webinar content sharing is one of the most lucrative strategies for a webinar follow-up. It opens several possibilities for an organizer to maximize webinar returns including effective lead generation, network building, building audience trust and loyalty, and many more!

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You can share your webinar recordings and other resources post-webinars via several channels, including social media, email, or even your website. To help attendees maximize value gained from your webinar, , make sure that you pair resources into presentation slides, reading materials, etc.

There are several ways to measure the effectiveness of post-webinar content sharing strategies, which include checking the email open rates, seeing the click-through rates of the shared links that contain your webinar content, seeing the webinar replay views, etc.

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