Virtual Game to Play with Coworkers

Aditi Singh
• February 2, 2024

(5 min read)

In the digital shared workspace between coworkers, where they are not only separated by cabins, but also by cities and sometimes countries, connecting with each other after work or outside of work, is a challenge.

In such scenarios,  digital get-togethers are an effective solution.  

Virtual games can be a great way to bond with coworkers, as they allow us the possibility to connect with and build trust in each other. Because while playing virtual games, we are letting our fun side come out and are not afraid of being judged while playing games. And while these games are virtual, the fact that the entire team gets together to live out a common experience that is as fun as it is honest, is also a huge factor for their success in building a healthy team spirit. 

Role of Playing Virtual Games With Coworkers

There are several virtual ways to bond with coworkers, but video games are the most effective way. Games are not a new way to bond. Even in the physical realm, we bond with acquaintances more over something we experience together, such as a basketball tournament or a light and fun game called- ‘never have I ever’. In the digital world, where we cannot see each other or have any sort of physical connection, the need for bonds is not left to chance but is planned and smartly executed. 

Virtual games play a significant role in bringing coworkers closer and opening up to each other. 

Before we get into discussing some fun virtual games that you can introduce in your organization, let’s take a quick look at the benefits that you can expect from them. 

Team Building:

Virtual games don’t just provide great entertainment value,  but are also extremely effective in team building. 

They provide a common experience to be shared between coworkers to bond over, to discuss, and to let their guards down. 

Stress Relief and Morale Boost:

One of the biggest challenges that haunts a remote work culture is the possibility of working longer than one might in an office set up. This, invariably, cuts into one’s work-life balance and causes stress. Virtual games help counter this issue, and bring the team together, for a few minutes, to blow off some steam and share a few laughs. This can do wonders in building morale as well as in relieving stress.

Building Genuine Friendship:

Virtual games provide an opportunity to connect with our coworkers on a personal level – to see them as an individual with unique preferences, opinions and motivations. It helps us see the casual side of people, where real emotions are at play and the possibility to connect at a deeper level with our colleagues is high.

Virtual Games to Play With Coworkers

There are several games that teach us not only how to trust each other but also the importance of collaboration and its importance to the outcome. Here are a few examples:

Among Us

This is a multiplayer game where players are given a task to catch the imposters amongst them and eliminate them strategically. . The game is a collaborative effort among coworkers to win. They must foster better communication, build strategic thinking, and work together as a team. This game could be played on both a phone and a computer. 


This is a word association game where the players collaborate and work together to uncover the team’s agent. The requirements of the game involve clear communication, creativity, and the ability to form associations. The virtual adaptation of the game could be played on virtual board game platforms. 

Online Trivia:

This is the best game to have some light-hearted fun with coworkers and bond. You can choose from general knowledge questions or company-related topics to play. The game fosters friendly competition, collaboration among the coworkers, and helps them get to know each others’ interests and skills in relaxed environments.

Pictionary Online

Pictionary online is a guessing game where co workers take turns drawing hints to get their team mates to guess words, phrases or even movie titles.  The game encourages creativity, collaboration, and lots of laughter among coworkers. 

Online Escape Rooms

This game is a puzzle to solve, filled with adventures. The team works together and solves the puzzle, to escape within a given time frame. The virtual escape room promotes problem-solving, fosters collaboration, and gives us a sense of achievement to the players. The game could be played on several virtual escape room platforms.

Rocket League

This game is a unique combination of automobiles and rocketry powers. The players control rocket-powered cars to score goals. Rocket League demands teamwork, coordination, and strategic thinking. One of the most fun ways to infuse friendly competition among coworkers. 


It is an interesting game that drops the player anywhere in the world, and the player has to guess the place, based on the surroundings. It is a very engaging game that also encourages geographical knowledge and fosters teamwork. 

Town of Salem

This is a multiplayer game where different players take on different roles, such as townsfolk, mafia, and many more. The players use deduction and strategy to identify and eliminate the “evildoers”. The game requires cleverness and deception and also encourages teamwork and critical thinking. 


This is a 2D sandbox game where players come together to explore, build, and fight in a pixelated realm. The game also encourages them to be creative while also fostering teamwork and problem solving as the players progress towards a common goal. 

Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves is a multiplayer, collaborative game where the players are pirates who sail the seas and embark on the quest together while navigating difficulties thrown at them. The game requires teamwork from players to sail the ship while also navigating naval battles and interpreting treasure maps to reach their destination.

Different games bring out different qualities from the players, but the end goal is to create the feeling of a shared experience and collaboration.  

Virtual games are essential for remote workers because they bring coworkers into a more comfortable and relaxed environment, helping them lower their stress levels, and share a little laughter together. 


Virtual games require a set of skills important to building and strengthening a team, such as collaboration, communication, and strategic thinking. These are all elements of effective teamwork. When coworkers share a common challenge, the colleagues build trust, eventually strengthening their bonds, which reflects in their workspace.

There are a variety of games out there, including some multiplayer games, such as ‘Among Us’ and ‘Fortnite; collaboration puzzle games, like ‘Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes; simulation games; and casual icebreaker games.

Often, virtual games require players to communicate in real time, form their strategies, coordination, and problem solving skills, and also improvise as the game progresses. Through the course of the game,  the players share information,convey their ideas and need to effectively collaborate to achieve the objective together. All of this requires them to get better at communicating with different team members in a way that guarantees results, quickly. 

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