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The Pinnacle Guide to Virtual Holiday Party Extravaganzas

Akshay Birje
• December 14, 2023

(10 min read)

A virtual holiday party is an online celebration where people connect and enjoy the festival remotely. The virtual party is hosted on an online platform. Participants can join the holiday party from their own place. The following are a couple of virtual holiday party ideas that will help you enjoy the festive period with your team

  • The Ultimate Holiday Party: TeamBonding will make holiday parties memorable and special for your virtual team. You get the chance to celebrate this virtual party either in person, virtually, or a combination of both. There are many activities available at TeamBonding, such as Quickfire Festive, Escape the Blizzard, and more.
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  • Virtual White Elephant: Virtual White Elephant is a gift exchange game. This game is fun to play with family, friends, and virtual teams during the holiday season or other special occasions. You can pick any gift you want for gift exchange.
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  • Virtual Holiday Party Games: Have a wonderful time with your family, friends, and virtual team by taking part in fun games. The holiday party games are one-hour games, including Holiday Trivia, Winter Pictionary, Holiday Jeopardy, and more.
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  • Yuletide Showdown: A Yuletide Showdown is a fun holiday game to play with friends and an online team. This game is specifically played during the Christmas season. Yuletide Showdown will instantly boost mood and holiday joy among teams and friends.
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  • Gingerbread: A Gingerbread house-making session is perfect for those who want to make their own gingerbread house. Build gingerbread, from baking the dough to decorating it with candy. Celebrate gingerbread house-making time with your remote team and colleagues.
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  • Wine and Cheese Holiday Party: A virtual wine and cheese holiday party brings people together remotely to enjoy the company of friends, family, and colleagues. This interactive virtual wine-tasting event includes a variety of bottles of wine and cheese. Explore how to taste wine like a pro.

    Unique Benefits
    1) Get three hand-picked bottles of wine
    2) Customizable boxes for Wine and Cheese Pairing
    3) Flavors that match your cheeses and snacks
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  • Holiday Beer Party: A virtual beer party is an online meeting where people celebrate the holiday with their favorite beer. Each party guest will get a box with holiday cookies, beers, cheeses, and party snacks. 
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  • Virtual Holiday Hijinks: Virtual Holiday Hijinks is a high-energy team-building game. It is a winter-themed base event that increases communication and collaboration among team members. In Holiday Hijinks, the team will be solving fun puzzles that test brains and skills.
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  • Virtual Mixology: Virtual Mixology is a great online event where people learn how to mix cocktails. A cocktail-making event will bring excitement to every team member. Get unique cocktail kits and create an engaging virtual party that will make your people feel cherished and celebrated.
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  • Woyago Virtual Holiday Party: Woyogo’s virtual holiday parties are unique ways to celebrate the holidays with your remote team. It allows you to select your festive city for a virtual party. Woyago Virtual Holiday Parties will create lasting memories for your team.

    Key features
    1) A fun holiday storytelling activity
    2) The hosts are skilled in building connections
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Virtual Holiday Party Companies

Virtual holiday party companies specialize in hosting enjoyable and interactive online parties to celebrate the holiday season. Let’s see the top companies that offer excellent virtual holiday party events.

  • TeamBonding: TeamBonding is a well-known company that specializes in holding virtual holiday parties. Their events help team members create strong bonds and work together more effectively.

    TeamBonding offers a wide range of virtual holiday parties, including

  1. Murder mystery dinner
  2. Cookie Decorating 
  3. Virtual escape room
  4. Music Festival
  5. Virtual campfire

    These various holiday party events will keep your remote team entertained and engaged.
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  • Virtual Holiday Party: A virtual holiday party is hosted by a skilled and experienced event host. It is one of the best virtual holiday party companies. The party planning expert helps you organize the event as per your budget.
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  • The Go Game: The Go Game is a popular online platform that offers virtual, in-person, and hybrid team-building events at all budgets. They also provide access to an event dashboard, which helps clients plan, customize, and see the results of their events.
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  • Gingerbread Games: Gingerbread games are generally played during the holiday season. They host holiday parties for big and small organizations. Gingerbread platform’s games create a memorable experience for their clients. You will play games for 90 minutes at each virtual party.

    Gingerbread’s holiday games include:

  1. Baking contest using gingerbread
  2. Holiday Trivia
  3. Icebreakers quizzes

    A rapid-fire gingerbread event will make your team love the holidays.

    Learn more about it here


  • Teambuilding: Teambuilding is a leading virtual holiday team-building company. This platform is perfect for improving team engagement during the holiday season. Teambuilding hosts a variety of events for virtual holiday parties.

    The company offers several holiday activities, such as winter trivia, virtual campfires, murder mysteries, and more thrilling games. All virtual holiday parties are easy to book. The firm will get in touch with you once you submit your schedule and budget.
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  • CocuSocial: CocuSocial is an online platform that offers live cooking classes. It is a great platform to learn cooking skills. The remote team will enjoy cooking and spending quality time with chefs. Guests will learn how to bake desserts, piazzas, and more. At the end of the party, the team will enjoy their handmade food.
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  • Teleparty: Teleparty is specifically designed for virtual holiday parties. Teleparty is an online platform where people can watch movies and TV shows together. Watching movies with your friends, family, and remote team would be a great idea to make a virtual holiday party special. They allow people to set up their Teleparty, select a fun picture and username, and chat with others while watching.

    Teleparty has multiple streaming sites:

    HBO Max
    Amazon Prime
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  • The Grable Group: The Grable Group is an entertainment company that provides virtual entertainment activities for holiday parties. You can consider the Grable Group for celebrating online Christmas parties. They hire comedians, musicians, artists, entertainers, and keynote speakers for live and online events. Additionally, they have an experienced team that assists clients in achieving their objectives. 
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Virtual Holiday Party Ideas for Work

Virtual holiday parties engage and entertain team members. They bring everyone together, spread holiday cheer, and build some wonderful memories. The following ideas will make your online party truly awesome.


  • QuizBreaker: QuizBreaker is an online platform where teams engage in virtual quizzes and icebreaker activities. Complete the quizzes with other people and get to know more about each other. Create and host multiplayer trivia games on this platform.

    Key Features
    1) Automate your quizzes. You don’t have to start them manually at the party.
    2) Attendees can earn achievement badges while playing
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  • The Escape Game Show: This game is perfect for remote and hybrid teams. All players are divided into groups and compete against each other to solve unique puzzles. The host guides the participants on how to play and what to look for.
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  • Frost’s Virtual Holiday Trivia:  Frost’s Virtual Holiday Trivia is a great virtual team-building event for professional groups. The guest has to complete three rounds of holiday and winter-themed trivia questions. Furthermore, you get points for each correct answer. The event also includes a round of Frost’s Icebreaker Questions, which can help create a bond with teammates.
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  • Virtual Beach Staycation: A virtual beach staycation is a trip in which participants experience the sights, sounds, and feels of being at the beach. You can have fun quizzes about travel, movies, and music, and even a contest to show off your best vacation outfit. The guests will enjoy their workday with a virtual beach staycation.
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  • Virtual Chocolate Party: A virtual chocolate party is a chocolate-tasting event where you can have a range of hot chocolate flavors with friends, family, and a distant team. They allow you to select different hot chocolate flavors, such as peppermint, white chocolate, hazelnut, caramel, French vanilla, raspberry, and more. This virtual chocolate-tasting party is ideal for celebrating achievements, new employee recruitment, final goodbyes, and retirement.
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  • Virtual Wellness Activities: A virtual wellness activity is an online event that helps people improve their physical and mental health. The team can take part in a variety of activities, such as yoga, meditation, and more. Wellness reduces stress and anxiety and improves focus and concentration.
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  • Virtual White Elephant: A virtual white elephant is a gift exchange game. It is similar to a traditional Secret Santa gift exchange, but all of the gifts are virtual. Everyone will get a turn to open surprise gifts. Once the first person opens a mystery gift, the next person can either open a new gift or steal a gift that has already been opened.
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A virtual holiday party allows friends, families, colleagues, and remote teams to have fun and celebrate the holidays through video calls. Moreover, virtual holiday parties are accessible, flexible, and cost-effective for everyone.  

To host a virtual holiday party event, you need a reliable video conferencing platform like Airmeet. Then you should have a strong and stable internet connection for a smooth virtual experience. 

The best part of a virtual party is that you can connect with your friends, families, and colleagues from all over the world. You can communicate, play games, and have fun together just by sitting at home. Ultimately, virtual holiday parties make the holiday season memorable for everyone.

Encourage team members to use the chat feature to communicate with others. Make use of Airmeet’s polls and quizzes to get your team engaged. There is a “breakout room” feature available for small group activities. Lastly, utilize Airmeet’s networking feature for casual conversation. 

A virtual holiday party theme is a festive idea that creates a special vibe for an online celebration. Select the theme that is perfect for you. There are some popular themes, such as Winter Wonderland, Secret Santa, and the Holiday Movie Party. 

You can make your family holiday party special with Pictionary, Holiday Bingo, Christmas Charades, Trivia, Virtual Karaoke, and a White Elephant gift exchange game.

You can make your virtual holiday party more festive with the following ideas:

Decorate your virtual space

Play background holiday theme music

Tell everyone to wear holiday attire

Conduct holiday interactive polls 

Encourage attendees to decorate their virtual space 

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