Corporate Event Entertainment Ideas

Top 12 Creative Corporate Event Entertainment Ideas for Fun

Akshay Birje
• June 27, 2024

(10 min read)

Corporate events make for a great platform for companies to engage and connect with their employees at a deep level. It brings everyone within the organization together, encouraging employees and their employers to interact and create memories. And one of the key components of hosting a successful corporate event or party is to provide event attendees with the right entertainment.

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Putting a wholesome corporate event together involves identifying the right entertainment ideas that your audience will be able to relate to and enjoy. Therefore, it is important to know how to pick the best entertainment show for your exact event goals, budgetary restrictions, audience preferences, and other factors. 

In the article, we have put together 15 corporate event entertainment ideas that will help you plan engaging and memorable corporate events. Whether you are planning an in-person or a hybrid event, these innovative entertainment ideas will take your corporate event to the next level.

1) Magic Show: 

magic show to entertain at corporate events

Magic shows are a great way to entertain your guests. Viewing magic performed on television is far more exciting than experiencing it in person. 

Depending on the level of expertise, the magician will be able to win over people across age groups and enthrall the crowd. They effectively engage the audiences, raise the excitement level of the event overall, and entertain them all the time. 

Identify a few well-known magicians and pick the one that will deliver the most value to your event and its audience. Make sure to read reviews of the shortlisted magicians before finalizing one. 

After finalizing the magician, brief them on the nature of your event so they can design their set, show, and tricks accordingly.

2) Funny Award Ceremony: 

funny award show at corporate events

A ‘funny award show’ is a great entertainment idea to include in your corporate event. You can provide comical and lighthearted awards to your employees to lighten up spirits and bring in some laughter. 

Some ideas on ‘funny awards’ are:

  • First to Arrive in Office Award – Reward the employee who regularly comes to the office early. This will definitely add some cheer to the event, but it can also inspire not just the recipient but every employee.

  • Award for Break-Time Exerciser – Every office has at least one employee who is a fitness fanatic. If you have someone who consistently exercises during their lunch break or break time, award them with a solid gift. Any employee who works 8-10 hours and prioritizes staying fit deserves to be rewarded.

  • Best Comedian Award: It is a great idea to reward those who make you laugh at work, as laughter reduces stress and makes the work environment positive and cheerful.

  • Coffee Lover Award: Regardless of where in the world your office is, there’s bound to be coffee lovers there! And we can definitely agree on the fact that every office has at least one coffee lover, who is loading up on refills a couple of times a day! Why not make it official and present them with an award at your next corporate event?

  • Most Inquisitive Award: While it is normal and even recommended that employees pose questions to their seniors or managers about work-related issues, there’s always that one colleague who asks too many questions. Get your teams to nominate and vote for their most inquisitive colleague, and award the winner to spread some laughter.

  • Most Contagious Laughter Award: One of the most fulfilling aspects of working in an office, with a team that you get along well with is the laughter that you share with them frequently. And almost always, there is that one colleague with contagious laughter, who plays a central role in spreading chuckles and giggles. Recognize them with an award and encourage them to keep spreading cheer.

3) Live Music / Band: 

live music or band entertainment idea

Live music creates a lively atmosphere that can be super engaging and entertaining. Also, it brings a vibe that helps lift the mood of your guests throughout the event. 

One of the benefits of incorporating live music in corporate events is that you can request the band to tailor the lineup of songs to your specific needs. 

Before hiring a live band, ensure that they have years of experience and have performed at numerous corporate functions. Consider hiring a local band and meeting them in person prior to finalizing one. 

4) Comedy Show: 

comedy show at live corporate events

This is one of the most exciting ideas to entertain attendees at a corporate event. A well-executed comedy show transforms the corporate event into an energetic laughter riot. When people laugh together, they feel more connected to those around them. 

Stand-up comedians can play a huge role in creating long-lasting memories. Invite a comedian who specializes in working with corporate audiences and has a good sense of humor. Watch videos of their previous live corporate event performances. 

5) Interactive Food and Drink Station: 

interactive food and drink station at corporate events

Interactive food and beverage stations are a popular trend in corporate events that allow guests to personalize their food and drink choices. It is an innovative way to engage guests and create a memorable dining experience. 

You can design the following stations to fit different themes, cuisines, and styles. 

  • Pasta Bars: Invite guests to create their dream pastas, by laying out a variety of options as ingredients and toppings. A pasta bar will create an unforgettable experience that guests will love.

  • Ice Cream Bar: Since everyone loves eating ice cream, why not include it at the food station? Guests can enjoy making their favorite flavor of ice cream with unlimited toppings and add-ons. 

  • Burger Bar: Burgers may be the most indulgent food ever invented. Allow your guests to make burgers of their choice by providing them with a range of options to choose from, making sure to include a range of dietary preferences. 

  • Salad Bar: Salad bars are a popular corporate event dining option in many nations across the globe. Ensure there is enough variety in a salad bar, to cater to all dietary and personal preferences.

  • Popcorn Bar: Popcorn is a popular snack food in social gatherings. Let your guests enjoy popcorn with a variety of toppings, including plain, salted, caramel, buttered, and other choices.

  • Sandwich Bar: Sandwich bars work well for all kinds of gatherings, from college functions to corporate events. Offer guests a variety of breads, meats, cheeses, vegetables, and condiments to create their own unique sandwich combinations.

  • Mimosa Bar: Set the tone for a memorable event with a variety of juices (orange, lemon, grapefruit, and cranberry), champagne, and fresh fruit slices. This is a great option if your event is scheduled to go on from noon until night.

  • Bloody Mary Bar: Bloody Mary is a classic cocktail and one of the most versatile drinks. It needs vodka, tomato juice, a variety of hot sauces, vegetables, and toppings.  

By offering your audience a variety of customizable food options, you can create a dynamic event experience for them.

6) Light show: 

light show a great event entertainment idea

A light show is a form of entertainment that typically involves changing colored lights, images, or other visuals, often accompanied by music and sound effects. When it comes to planning an unforgettable event, lighting may make a huge difference. The Light shows are usually held at night because it makes for a more visually appealing and enthralling experience.

Consider putting on a laser light show or a drone light show at your next corporate events. A laser light show involves using projected laser beams set to music. 

A drone light show, also known as a drone display or drone art, is the use of multiple unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) fitted with LED lights that are made to fly in a coordinated formation to create mesmerizing visual effects.

7) Photo Booth: 

Allow your event guests to capture memories with a photo booth. It is a popular addition to corporate events. With a photo booth, you can really offer an awesome and interactive experience for everyone. 

If you want your employees to remember the event for years to come, incorporating a photo booth into your next company meeting is a fantastic entertainment idea. You can set up several photo booths to lighten up your corporate events: 

  • Green Screen Photo Booths: Green screen photo booths use a green screen as the backdrop. They allow you to transport guests to any scene imaginable, like the Eiffel Tower, a tropical resort, and even outer space. This option is ideal for events with a specific theme or branding. 

  • Traditional Enclosed Photo Booths: A traditional enclosed photo booth is a small, separate station that offers individuals a private place to click pictures. For decades, these booths have been a popular draw at social events. The enclosed photo booth offers privacy to attendees wanting to try creative and funny poses! 

  • GIF Photo Booths: This is a type of booth that allows participants to take a series of pictures and turn them into animated GIFs. These booths can create a unique sharing experience for your guests. 

  • 360-Degree Photo Booths: In the world of events, 360-degree booths are an emerging trend. It includes a camera that takes pictures from every angle, allowing attendees to capture 360-degree images and video. These booths are perfect for larger events, providing attendees with a unique keepsake.

  • QR Code Photo Booths: The QR code photo booth allows guests to capture and share their most cherished movements uniquely. In fact, the OR code enhances the photo-taking experience. Using their smartphones, guests can scan the event-specific QR code. Once scanned, attendees will be directed to the website, where they can view, share, or download their photos.

  • Open-Air Photo Booths: An open-air photo booth is a photo stand that is set up in an open area, almost in any location. It typically includes a backdrop, camera, and lights. They are much more flexible than enclosed photo booths.

  • Virtual Photo Booths: For virtual and hybrid events, a virtual photo booth is a great option. They typically use virtual backgrounds and digital props to capture unique photos. These booths are highly customizable, accessible, and convenient. 

  • AI Photo Booths: An AI photo booth uses artificial intelligence to enhance the photo-capturing experience. It significantly enhances the user experience of attendees in real-time. With the advanced capabilities of AI, event guests can edit images, add effects, and turn their generic photos into professional ones. 

  • Video Photo Booths: A video photo booth allows attendees to record a short video clip of the fun and share it on social media. These booths allow you to set up multiple video capture stations at your event so that more people can participate and film themselves having a fun time. A video photo booth is a great option for capturing event highlights and milestones. 

  • Themed Photo Booths: A theme photo booth is a type of photo booth that is designed on a specific theme, idea, or topic such as movie night, beach with palm trees, red carpet, and more. Theme photo booths are trendy at corporate events as they provide visitors with an immersive experience.

8) Augmented reality (AR) & Virtual reality (VR): 

A virtual reality show at corporate events

Virtual reality is one of the hottest features to incorporate into corporate events. According to this survey, 87% of event creators plan to use augmented reality (AR), and 88% plan to use virtual reality (VR) to provide guests with an entertaining and thrilling experience. 

With the unique capabilities of AR & VR, you can demonstrate your upcoming products or simply take attendees on a virtual tour. Create an AR and VR experience tailored to your attendees’ interests and event themes. Allow guests to wear a virtual reality headset and explore the opportunities it provides!. 

9) Book a Caricaturist: 

caricaturist is a great event entertainment idea

A Caricaturist is a cartoon artist who draws humorous or comical pictures of people. They are skilled at depicting the likeness of the subjects in a funny and exaggerated manner. 

Caricaturists are a great addition to entertain people of all ages at corporate parties, events, and celebrations. They create personalized artwork for each guest and complete the artwork in just 10 to 15 minutes. People will surely love to take their caricatures home as a unique souvenir. 

Caricaturists interact with guests and create a friendly atmosphere so they can enjoy the art. Whether you are planning a corporate party or holiday celebration, cartoon artists will really make the occasion special and memorable.

10) Mixology Class: 

a mixology class at a corporate party

Mixology class, often known as cocktail class, teaches you how to make mixed drinks, especially cocktails. This is one of the great entertainment ideas for corporate events.

Instead of serving pre-made beverages to your guests, consider setting up a mixology station that teaches attendees to experiment with new flavors. Participating in cocktail-making classes will allow team members to bond with colleagues and make new friends.

There is no doubt that mixology classes are the perfect choice to make a new favorite drink for your corporate event. 

11) Costume Contest: 

talent show a great event entertainment idea

A costume contest is a friendly competition where people dress up in a variety of costumes and compete with each other for prizes. It is an amazing team-building exercise to try out at your next event. Costume contests allow you to include the whole company.

Choose a theme to give an extra element of excitement to the competition. Consider themes such as the decades’ themes like the 1920s, 1980s, or even 1990s; or even a pirate theme, superhero theme, Halloween costumes, or movie characters. Offer attractive prizes to the best costumes. 

12) Talent Shows: 

talent show a great event entertainment idea

The talent show is an inexpensive activity. You can easily plan and execute it. Try a talent show if you’re looking for a unique way to entertain your participants. 

Let your employees show their hidden talent in front of the audience with skills such as dancing, singing, acting, and more. You can also encourage employees to put on a group dance or group singing performance. This will help strengthen their interpersonal relationships and build unity among team members. 

In the end, offer prizes or awards to the best performers. Hosting talent shows can significantly boost the creativity and non-professional skills of employees. They will provide a platform for attendees to get noticed in front of their peers.


Planning and hosting a corporate event is not as challenging as making it engaging and entertaining for everyone attending the event. Corporate event entertainment ideas not only keep attendees entertained but also foster team-building and build relationships with peers. They actually lighten the mood of attendees throughout the event.

By incorporating ideas like those discussed in the article, you can surely make your corporate events more enjoyable. From live music or bands to comedy shows and photo booths, each of these corporate event ideas will entertain your guests and leave a lasting impression on them. 


To choose the right entertainment option for corporate events, you have to consider the event goal, budget, unique theme, target audience, event venue, and creative entertainment ideas that can engage your audiences effectively. 

Corporate events can cost a thousand dollars or tens of thousands of dollars, depending on the size and type of the event. For example, a small-scale event with fewer attendees will cost significantly less than a big event, sometimes as low as $1000- $3000. However, large-scale events with more than a hundred attendees will cost anywhere from $3000 to $10,000 or more, depending on the many aspects you choose to include as part of your offerings. 

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