Revolutionizing Learning & Development: Insights from Comcast’s KnowledgeFest

Kabir Uppal
• February 8, 2024

(5 min read)

KnowledgeFest by Comcast is a dynamic learning event designed for employees to acquire knowledge & share it widely. Read to know its impact on organizational success.

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In a world where the only constant is change, Learning and Development (L&D) and Human Resources (HR) leaders are continually seeking innovative ways to keep their workforce skilled and engaged. Comcast’s KnowledgeFest, an event that has evolved from humble beginnings to a global learning phenomenon, offers valuable lessons. 

Let’s dive into these insights and discover how they can transform your organization’s learning culture.

KnowledgeFest by Comcast

1. Carve Out Time for Learning:

One of the most critical steps towards fostering a learning culture is dedicating time to it. As emphasized during the session, “We need to make sure that our employees are getting time to learn, dedicated time to learn.” 

Implementing a strategy similar to KnowledgeFest’s dedicated learning periods can significantly boost your team’s skill development and knowledge acquisition.

2. Employee-Led Learning: The Key to Engagement:

What sets KnowledgeFest apart is its approach to leveraging internal talent for facilitating learning sessions. This not only enriches the content but also fosters a deeper sense of community and empowerment among employees. 

As Ben from Comcast shared, “The sessions are facilitated by employees… that provides them an opportunity to demonstrate the skills.” Adopting such an approach in your organization can be crucial in enhancing engagement and ownership.

3. The Power of a User-Centric Platform:

A pivotal element for any successful learning event is the user experience of the platform used. Jamie from Comcast highlighted the importance of this aspect, saying, “The user experience of everything for us is the most critical.” Your learning platforms must be accessible, intuitive, and user-friendly to ensure maximum participation and effectiveness.

4. Embracing Data-Driven Decisions:

In today’s digital age, data is king. Comcast’s use of Net Promoter Score (NPS) and other metrics for assessing their events offers valuable insights. As Jamie mentioned, “We look at a lot of different facets of this event to gauge success.” Similarly, L&D and HR leaders should utilize data analytics to continuously refine their strategies and offerings.

5. The Global Learning Community:

In multinational organizations, inclusivity and global participation are vital. Comcast’s ‘follow the sun’ model for KnowledgeFest ensured that learning opportunities were accessible across different geographies, thus fostering a global learning community. This approach is crucial in today’s diverse and distributed work environments.


The evolution of Comcast’s KnowledgeFest from a small internal training session to a globally acclaimed learning event is nothing short of inspirational. It stands as a testament to what can be achieved when L&D and HR leaders are committed to innovative, inclusive, and data-driven approaches in their learning strategies. 

As Ben aptly put it, “find partners… that are going to be in it with you to deliver something.” By following these insights, you too can revolutionize the learning and development landscape in your organization.

Are you ready to transform your organization’s learning and development approach? Let’s start a conversation about the innovative strategies that can elevate your team’s potential.

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