Major Tech Events 2024

Aditi Singh
• November 23, 2023

(5 min read)

Technology is all around us; it not only makes our lives much easier but also begins and ends with one. It became possible because of the technological evolution we have witnessed in the past few decades, from railways to healthcare technology to airways to communication. Technology also makes us more efficient and saves us time and money. The invention of technology has been a blessing for humankind.

Technology is advancing towards greater heights than most people might have anticipated in the past, as in the last few decades we have experienced technology changing our complete outlook on the world and our society. With great inventions such as smart phones, social media, and the internet, and now going forward with Artificial intelligence (AI), in coming time we might experience change at a way faster pace than in the past, all because of evolution in technology. 

To keep up with the fast-paced growth of the industry, entrepreneurs, business leaders, and technology enthusiasts gather together to upgrade their knowledge and network with fellow enthusiasts while reaping many other benefits. 

Benefits of attending Tech Events

Tech events are highly beneficial, especially in our fast-paced world where technology is reaching for advancement every now and then. To keep up with the latest progress in technology and new discoveries, tech events are a go-to. 

There are an enormous number of opportunities to network with fellow tech industry experts, investors, tech enthusiasts, and entrepreneurs to collaborate on future endeavors. It is a great place for knowledge sharing, product launches, and even finding tech job opportunities. Tech events are beneficial for individuals as well as companies or organizations in attendance. 

Hence, the importance of tech events is huge and highly beneficial for attendees all around the world.

Major Tech Events in 2024

A tech event is a platform for industry leaders, keynote speakers, and panel discussions to share their experience, organize workshops, and be beneficial for individuals, entrepreneurs, startups, or big companies.

Enriched with inspiration and motivation for fellow professionals, whether you are starting out or long ahead in your journey,

Here, I have compiled a list of tech events happening in 2024

NDC Security 2024

Date: January 8–11, 2024

Location: Oslo, Norway

Link: NDC Security 2024

This four-day in-person event comes with two-day workshop on security, and the other two days are dedicated to conference sessions on the same. With mixture of workshops and conferences, NDC Security provides an amazing platform for security professionals and enthusiasts to come forward together, learn new changes, and upgrade themselves professionally.

CES 2024

Date: January 9–12, 2024

Location: Las Vegas, NV

Link: CES 2024

In this event, there is a great chance for you to seal good business deals, as you will get to meet industry experts, partners, customers, investors, the media, and policymakers. All these professionals will be present at the event to provide insights from there experience and share their journey to securing their competitive position in the tech industry. 

The feature topic of CES 2024 is Vehicle technology to express innovation related to collision prevention and lane driving, basically concept cars.

Google, Amazon, Sony, and many others are going to be featured exhibitors, along with Chritiano Amon, President and CEO of Qualcomm, as a keynote speaker at the event.

MIT Reality Hack

Date: January 25-29, 2024

Location: MIT, Cambridge, MA, USA

Link: MIT Reality Hack

MIT Reality Hack is attended by thought leaders, mentors, creators, professionals, students, and technology lovers. It is a great event to explore and learn all about technology and hacking while also having a tremendous opportunity to collaborate and network with the best in the field.

Mobile World Congress Barcelona 

Date: February 26-29, 2024

Location: Fira Gran Via, Barcelona

Link: Mobile World Congress Barcelona

The most influential event in the mobile industry, as it is only hosted once a year, it’s importance is beyond comparison. Attended by senior executives of global companies and government officials from various countries to bring together coverage of tech business and learn where your career or business is headed. A place to witness thought leaders becoming changemakers and an idea changing into business deals, this event is a remarkable opportunity to network and form strong connections.

Web Summit Qatar

Date: February 26-29, 2024

Location: Doha, Qatar

Link: Web Summit Qatar

Let’s gather together in Doha with important names from tech industry for invaluable networking sessions and an enormous opportunity to book new deals and generate leads. In present time, upgrading yourselves is as important as networking, and masterclasses and roundtable discussions let you expand your professional knowledge and skillsets.

Testμ 2024

Date: 21 – 23 August, 2024

Location: Online only

Link: Testμ 2024

Join the ‘Heart’ful conversations on the future of testing! An online-only conference that puts ‘you’ at the centre. It is by the community, for the community! Sessions on upcoming and current trends, hands-on learning sessions with 45+ speakers and 30+ sessions.

SXSW Conference 2024

Date: March 8–15, 2024

Location: Austin, TX

Link: SXSW Conference 2024

The SXSW Conference features a variety of tracks that include important discoveries in technology, music, film, and culture, making the event unique and invaluable for attendees all over the world. 

Finovate Europe 2024

Date: February 27–28, 2024

Location: Intercontinental O2, London, United kingdom

Link: Finovate Europe 2024

The conference is a fine opportunity to meet with fintech visionaries, the innovators leading the fintech revolution, and many bank and financial institution executives from across the globe.

Witness the most innovative technology on the market in a seven-minute demonstration with neither slides nor sales pitch. 

Google Cloud Next 2024

Date: April 9–11, 2024

Location: Mandalay Bay, Convention Center, Las Vegas, NV

Link: Google Cloud Next 2024

Google Cloud Next ‘24 is a major event to learn about the latest trends and advancements in technology from industry experts and leaders and a huge opportunity to eye-witness the announcement and illustration of new products and services from technology specialists. The keynote sessions are supposed to share insights and the latest developments in the cloud and the future of AI. 

RSA Conference 2024

Date: May 6–9, 2024

Location: Mascone Center, San Francisco, California, U.S.A.

Link: RSA Conference 2024

Don’t miss this amazing chance filled with many opportunities to be an active participant and also engage in hands-on learning at the RSA Conference. You will also be able to meet many cybersecurity professionals, exchange ideas with them, and form long-lasting connections in the industry. 

ODSC East 2024

Date: April 23–25, 2024

Location: Boston, MA and Virtual

Link: ODSC East 2024

Attendees can participate in the event in person as well as virtually and be part of mini-boot camp, training, AI expo, keynotes, and talks. The event is said to be leading AI training conference with massive opportunities to network with like-minded leaders and investors.

VIVA Technology

Date: May 22–25, 2024

Location: Paris, France

Link: VIVA Technology

An event where businesses get to meet innovators from various countries and extend their hands in designing the future of technology. Opportunity to learn the latest trends in technology, test the newest form of AI and cybersecurity, and meet both hardware and software leading developers.

A paradise for startups looking for funds, investors, or even business partners to get inspired and share invaluable business ideas.

Dublin Tech Summit 

Date: May 29–30, 2024

Location: Dublin, Ireland

Link: Dublin Tech Summit 

Dublin Tech Summit is Europe’s fastest-growing tech festival, with 200+ international speakers and 300+ global media. This year, feast your mind with workshops and live podcasts, learn the best of technology, and network with the best minds in technology. It’s also a chance to get an insight into AI, dive into deep technology, quantum computing, and so much more.

AI and Big Data Expo North America

Date: June 5–6, 2024

Location: Santa Clara Convention Center, CA

Link: AI and Big Data Expo North America

This event is big for professionals and enterprises that are interested in enterprise AI, machine learning, deep learning, ethical AI, security, data ecosystems, and NLP. Listen to 250+ speakers sharing their relevant knowledge and sharing their real-life experience in many forms, such as solo presentations and panel discussions with experts.

London Tech Week 2024

Date: June 10–14, 2024

Location: London, United Kingdom

Link: London Tech Week 2024

London Tech Week will again knock on the door in 2024 with 300+ speakers and 70+ partners to shape the future of global technology with sustainable innovation. As technology is rapidly developing, it is also important that we keep in mind the effects it might have on our planet, and this event provides us with the awareness and knowledge of technology needed to accomplish that. 

AWS Summit 

Date: June 26–27, 2024

Location: Washington, DC

Link: AWS Summit 

AWS Summit is a no-cost event designed mainly for the public sector community and to provide an opportunity to engage in interactive learning and network with public sector industry leaders and AWS partners. 

One of the best platforms to discover the drive behind culture change, digital transformation, and infrastructure modernization 

Black Hat USA 2024

Date: August 3–8, 2024

Location: Mandalay Bay Convention Center, U.S.

Link: Black Hat USA 2024

Black Hat is all about cybersecurity, and if you are intrigued by it, then it is a must-go event. It is the most technically relevant research for cybersecurity, and it is also internationally recognized for the same. Apart from trainings and briefings, the Black Hat five-day event also influences your networking by providing great opportunities to connect with experts.

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