How To Give Your Employer Branding Efforts A Facelift

Anshika Pattnaik
• February 1, 2024

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In the extremely competitive industry of recruiting and retaining top-tier employees, employer branding is a method that has proven to be highly effective. At the heart of employer branding is the conscious management of an organization’s reputation as an employer in the marketplace. Crafting a compelling narrative that engages prospective employees and maintains their interest in your offerings is the essence of employer branding. It goes beyond a simple slogan or logo.

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As a result of the increased competition that businesses are facing, it is essential for them to improve their Employer Brands (EB). This post provides solid rationale for businesses to engage in developing a positive employer brand, as well as important ideas for increasing employee branding (EB).

1. Attracting Top Talent:

Imagine that your organization is a powerful magnet that attracts the most qualified applicants out of the thousands of applications that are submitted. One of the possible benefits of having a powerful employer brand is that it has the ability to make your company an attractive destination for applicants who possess a high level of qualifications. Having the ability to attract top talent is absolutely necessary in a job market that is so competitive.

2. The Alchemy of Engagement and Retention:

Take, for example, the possibility of working in a setting where the contributions of every employee are recognized and appreciated. Participation and perseverance are the two most important factors in this situation. Employer brands that are strong give employees the impression that they are more than just cogs in the machine. 

3. Streamlining Recruitment Costs:

A strong employer brand ensures that things continue to run smoothly. When customers start to identify your brand with excellence, it makes the process of recruiting easier. You will save yourself the time and trouble of having to browse through resumes since applicants who are attractive will come to you.

Discovering the Benefits of Employer Branding: Engaging Events

Many benefits accrue to companies who take part in Employer Branding (EB), which stands for employer branding efforts.  

  • Low-Cost Hire: Through social media referrals and word-of-mouth, strong EBs seek to cultivate a favourable work environment, which in turn attracts qualified recruits for a relatively low salary.
  • Faster Hiring: Because it is able to draw from a bigger pool of qualified prospects, EB is able to shorten the hiring process and spend more time connecting with each individual. This allows for faster hiring.
  • Lower Employee Turnover: An effective employer brand aims to attract top talent and create relationships with prospective hires, both of which contribute to a reduction in employee turnover.
  • Financial Benefits: Having a strong EB comes with a number of financial benefits, two of which are the ability to hire excellent individuals without making unreasonable pay commitments and the opportunity to offer competitive compensation.
  • Recruitment of Passive Applicants: By developing a robust EB, you have the ability to offer passive applicants possibilities for progression and a work-life balance that they would not be able to obtain anywhere else.
  • Builds Trust: Strategic EB investments can boost internet exposure by utilizing staff testimonies to build credibility and dependability. This enables the company to gain the trust of its customers.
  • Improves Performance: The influence of this on the outcomes of the business is that when employees have a positive perception of their company, customers are more inclined to trust them, which may lead to an increase in profitability. This makes it much simpler to see a correlation between the success of the organization and the acquisition of talent.
  • Acquire a competitive edge: According to the findings of the study, businesses that have higher degrees of inclusion are better equipped to achieve their financial and revenue objectives with greater precision. Your company will not only be able to distinguish itself in competitive marketplaces, but it will also be able to inspire efficiency and inclusiveness among its employees.

Airmeet: Elevating Employer Branding Events to New Heights

Airmeet is redefining the landscape of talent acquisition with its vast toolkit that allows you to attract and retain top talent during employer branding events. Airmeet makes it simpler to build candidate experiences that are truly memorable by providing a platform that allows for customization of settings, opportunities for branding, and real-time interaction.

1. Real-Time Interaction:

With the real-time interaction features that Airmeet provides, virtual gatherings may be transformed into dynamic experiences. Encourage actual connection by means of interactive Q&A sessions, virtual get-togethers that go beyond the confines of standard online events, and surveys that collect input promptly. With the help of these technologies, which create an immersive atmosphere and encourage guests to participate, each and every interaction is transformed into a memorable experience.

2. Customizable Spaces:

Businesses can use Airmeet as a tool to incorporate their brand identity into their virtual environments, increasing their visibility. 

3. Engagement Analytics:

With Airmeet’s robust analytics, businesses have the ability to determine the levels of attendee engagement and make improvements to events by leveraging feedback from attendees. Because of this data-driven approach, which allows you to adapt events to theneeds and preferences of your attendees, every event presents an opportunity for continual improvement.

4. Persona Mapping:

By adapting the content of the event to the specific interests and experiences of each individual participant, Airmeet makes it possible to personalize participation experience. There is a greater likelihood that attendees will engage better when it is personalized to such an extent. 

5. Branding Capabilities: 

Airmeet can serve as a forum for a firm to express its core values and mission to prospective employees. Through the use of interactive branding aspects into their narrative, such as quizzes and surveys,  businesses have the ability to leave a lasting impact on visitors to conferences and other events.

Various Employer Branding Events to create the right impact:

1. Webinars: Illuminating Industry Insights and Company Culture

A. Connect with Potential Candidates Worldwide:

You can attract candidates who are searching for more than just a job by holding thought-provoking seminars on current business trends. These seminars highlight your company’s leadership in the industry and attract candidates who want to work in an environment that is creative and forward-thinking.

How Airmeet Enhances the Experience:

  • Visual presentations that are creative and captivating in nature.
  • Organized question-and-answer sessions that enable conversation to take place in real-time.
  • Powerful networking opportunities to connect with industry experts and peers

B. Company Culture and Employee Testimonials:

The culture of a firm is critical to the functioning of the business. Businesses have the ability to contribute tales that are culturally relevant on Airmeet. With the help of webinars you can send out invitations to employees to share their experiences, putting an emphasis on the distinctive characteristics that distinguish your company from the other businesses in the market for potential employees.

How Airmeet Enhances the Experience:

  • In order to create stories that are compelling, multimedia is utilised.
  • Live testimony and Q&A sessions with staff that are interactive.
  • It is possible to provide prospective employees with a taste of what it is like to work at the company by using virtual office tours.

C. Q&A Sessions with Hiring Managers:

The possibility of making direct contact with recruiting managers is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and Airmeet makes it simple to take advantage of this opportunity via webinars. During question-and-answer sessions, candidates are given information about the recruiting process, the expectations of the company, and the overall vision of the organization. This helps to create an environment at work that is open and communicative.

How Airmeet Enhances the Experience:

  • Personalized conversations can take place in private chat rooms on the internet.
  • It is important to obtain timely responses to your concerns as well as clear explanations.
  • To have a more personal experience, you could participate in virtual roundtable conversations.

D. Career Development Workshops:

The fact that a company invests in the professional development of potential employees demonstrates its commitment. Through the utilisation of Airmeet’s interactive capabilities via webinars, participants in practical courses have the opportunity to learn knowledge and skills that are personally relevant to the tasks they perform at work.

How Airmeet Enhances the Experience:

  • Separate regions that require individualized care.
  • Learning platforms that are interactive and also support group collaboration.
  • After the event, resources for ongoing development will be available.

2. Connecting Talent Pools Around the World Through Online Job Fairs

A. Connect with Potential Candidates Worldwide:

Regardless of where they are located, businesses have the ability to connect with talent all across the world through Airmeet. It is possible to attract applicants from a wide variety of backgrounds and points of view through the use of virtual job fairs because geographical limits are eliminated.

How Airmeet Enhances the Experience:

  • Availability on a global scale for a wider variety of applications.
  • Filtering and searching are two options that might be utilized to improve and concentrate relationships.
  • Real-time communication can be achieved through the use of video chat and instant messaging.

B. Live Chat Sessions with Recruiters:

One of the most important aspects of recruitment is the human connection. Through the use of Airmeet’s live chat sessions, recruiters have the opportunity to have one-on-one conversations with potential candidates, during which they may respond to their inquiries, offer their insights, and establish a relationship that extends beyond the conventional hiring process.

How Airmeet Enhances the Experience:

  • Chat functionality is included without any interruptions.
  • This refers to chat rooms that are specifically designed for certain departments or work positions.
  • Analytics in order to maintain communication after an event has taken place.

C. Put an emphasis on the company’s ideals and the stories of its successes.

In comparison to a straightforward list of open positions, a virtual employment fair provides a higher number of desirable outcomes. On Airmeet, employers have the ability to provide prospective employees with an understanding of the culture of the firm through the use of multimedia presentations, virtual tours, and employee testimonials.

How Airmeet Enhances the Experience:

  • Personalized branding through the use of virtual booths that are fully customizable.
  • Live demonstrations and displays of dynamic multimedia material.
  • Lounges for networking in which individuals can engage in casual conversations with one another.

D. Provide a tour of the workspace in a virtual setting:

Through the use of Airmeet, a physical workplace can be transformed into a virtual conference room. Provide prospective employees with a tour of your business, even though they will be working from a remote location, so that they can get a feel for the environment and ask questions about what it is like to work there.

How Airmeet Enhances the Experience:

  • Experience a sense of complete immersion with the assistance of our 360-degree virtual tours.
  • During the tour, there will be interactive aspects as well as live commentary.
  • Booths on the internet that are reserved for particular types of employees or groups.

3. The Art of Creating Genuine Connections That Go Beyond Resumes Through Meetups and Networking Opportunities

A. Please make room for casual conversations:

At Airmeet meetups, candidates and staff members are free to relax and start a conversation without having to worry about the formalities of resumes and job descriptions. This presents an opportunity to both make new acquaintances and strengthen ones that already exist.

How Airmeet Enhances the Experience:

  • Locations on the internet where individuals can engage in informal social interaction.
  • Activities that are designed to break the ice and start conversations.
  • Meetings centered on the pursuit of common interests.

B. Build relationships and foster a sense of community by doing the following:

Establishing business relationships is simply one aspect of connecting with people; the most important aspect is developing a sense of belonging for those you are interacting with. Airmeet’s elements that encourage continuing involvement allow participants to continue to keep in touch with one another and participate in the event even after the initial event has concluded.

How Airmeet Enhances the Experience:

  • In live chat rooms, members are able to engage in an infinite number of conversations.
  • Talks are held in groups and forums among people who have similar interests.
  • Meetings that are explicitly organized and held on a regular basis in order to cultivate community.

C. Please discuss the following specific topics or potential career paths:

The organization of events that are specific to particular academic disciplines or career paths can improve customization. Through the use of Airmeet, you are able to swiftly organize focused conversations with others who share your personal interests or professional path.

How Airmeet Enhances the Experience:

  • It is possible for groups to meet in a variety of locations in order to discuss specific topics.
  • Industry professionals who are experts in the field moderate panels.
  • Opportunities to network that center on those who have similar interests.

4. Activating Workshops Through the Facilitation of Real-World Experience and the Enhancement of Skills

A. Learn the skill set and acquire the knowledge you need:

Continuous skill improvement is essential in today’s job economy, which is characterized by rapid evolution. Through the utilization of Airmeet’s interactive workshop concept, employers are able to assist candidates in the development of the skills and knowledge they require.

How Airmeet Enhances the Experience:

  • If you want to learn by doing, use interactive tools.
  • Undergoing physical activity in separate rooms together.
  • Following the event, an exchange of resources and help was provided.

B. Make use of the company’s tools and technologies in a setting that is representative of the real world.

It is extremely useful for technical experts to take advantage of opportunities to gain hands-on experience with the tools and technology offered by the organization. By participating in interactive sessions made possible by the platform that Airmeet offers, candidates have the chance to get a firsthand look at the technologies that they might use in their professional lives.

How Airmeet Enhances the Experience:

  • Papers are being edited together while displays are being shared.
  • Interactive simulations and live demos can be found here.
  • By using question-and-answer sessions with the purpose of gaining clarification and improving knowledge.

C. Offer Personalized Feedback and Mentorship Opportunities:

The possibilities for mentorship and constructive criticism that are included in a fully immersive course are in addition to the opportunities for instruction. The Airmeet platform makes it possible to have one-on-one conversations, which in turn creates an atmosphere that is ideal for mentoring and conducting coaching sessions.

How Airmeet Enhances the Experience:

  • Separate locations for events that are more intimate.
  • The purpose of arranging mentoring sessions is to encourage discussions that are focused.
  • Surveys and feedback forms with the purpose of carrying out ongoing improvement.

As we make our way around the vast landscape of Airmeet employer branding events, the story develops like a symphony of activities that require participation, progression, and connection. In the process of developing an all-encompassing employer branding strategy, each and every kind of event makes a contribution.

Airmeet is more than simply a conduit for encounters that have the potential to impact people’s lives because of its platform’s adaptability and user-friendliness with regard to individuals. Flightmeet is a digital platform that facilitates the materialization of chances. Webinars that are instructive, international job fairs, gatherings that establish communities, and seminars that promote talent are all held on this platform.


As the landscape of employer branding is in a state of perpetual flux, events serve as vibrant canvases on which firms can develop narratives that are appealing to those who are considering applying for employment. Engaging meetups that build community, interactive seminars that develop skills, virtual job fairs that connect organizations with a worldwide pool of candidates, and immersive webinars that delve into industry insights are just some of the events that are available. The range of events is diverse and always evolving.

Because of the proliferation of digital platforms and the growing demand for authentic connections, employer branding events have been pushed beyond the boundaries of their traditional scope. At this point in time, companies are getting more inventive when it comes to the process of developing experiences that highlight their culture, principles, and opportunities. Platforms such as Airmeet, which bring people together through the means of technology, are becoming increasingly prevalent, which is another factor that is changing the game.

As we navigate our way through this intricate web of events, there is one thing that sticks out: the process of employer branding is one that is constantly evolving. Each and every get-together, each and every new acquaintance, and each and every anecdote add something fresh to the ongoing story. Employer branding events provide businesses with the opportunity to showcase themselves in a favorable light while also providing prospective employees with a taste of what there is to offer in terms of jobs in this highly competitive market. Are you willing to reinvent the narrative associated with the employability of your company? Please come along with Airmeet on a journey filled with collaboration and exploration.

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