Employer Branding: Unleashing the Power of Airmeet’s Features for Seamless Virtual Events

Anshika Pattnaik
• January 25, 2024

(5 min read)

Employer branding refers to an organization’s purposeful efforts to demonstrate its values and workplace culture in the competitive realm of talent acquisition. One of the most critical factors in deciding how prospective employees perceive a company is its ability to communicate its distinct identity as an employer.

Strong employer branding provides a variety of advantages. For starters, it makes the organization appear more appealing to potential employees, attracting top talent. Furthermore, it also plays an important role in encouraging employee loyalty which in turn helps establish a motivated and stable workforce. Finally, by influencing potential employees’ perceptions of your company, a strong employer brand gives you a competitive advantage in the labour market.

With its cutting-edge virtual events platform, Airmeet is changing the face of employer branding events in the realm of talent acquisition and brand-shaping. Airmeet’s technologies and immersive virtual experiences allow organizations to showcase their culture, ideas, and opportunities in ways that go beyond traditional limits. The Employer Branding Imperative

As a result of the intense competition in the talent market today, employer branding has transformed from a trendy term into an essential business need. Even though traditional methods, such as job fairs, continue to be useful, it is possible that they do not have the immersive and engaging components that are necessary to demonstrate the unique culture and values of a firm. 

Airmeet provides a modern solution to the problems that are typically associated with traditional methods of talent acquisition. In contrast to static employment fairs, it offers a dynamic online environment which allows you to differentiate your organization vis a vis your competitors. With Airmeet, businesses can exhibit their culture, values, and opportunities in a way that attracts  and engages potential employees.

Here are ways in which some of the world’s leading brands leverage Airmeet to fuel their Employer Branding efforts: 

1. Branding and Customization

Airmeet is a game-changer in the world of online events since it provides elements that conventional webinars just cannot compete with. One of its distinguishing features is that it can create digital settings that are immersive, incorporating your brand’s identity and allowing for a high level of customization. It allows you to construct virtual lobbies, booths, stages, and meeting rooms that are representative of your company’s brand identity.

Personalization for Elevating Attendee Experience

When it comes to personalization, Airmeet truly delivers. When participants join this virtual environment, they are greeted with experiences that are both dynamic and individualized. The fact that each user on the website is given a personalized name badge, establishing exclusivity.. 

Additionally, Airmeet goes one step further by providing recommendations for content that is customized to the user’s interests. This level of personalization ensures that every person feels valued and paves the way for an interaction that is more meaningful and engaging for all parties involved.

Interactive Elements: Gamifying Engagement

It is well known that the success of a virtual event is contingent on its capacity to maintain the interest of the attendees. To maximize this, Airmeet provides a diverse selection of interactive activities. The utilization of branded games, polls, and quizzes results in an experience that is both entertaining and interesting. 

Participants have the opportunity to exhibit their creativity while keeping to the topic of the event and the brand of event sponsors through the use of branded avatars and emojis when they participate. The use of virtual currency enhances the interactive experience by providing incentives for active engagement.

Branded Quizzes and Polls

A standard questionnaire or quiz can be transformed into a branded event by using Airmeet. You can personalize surveys and quizzes to represent your visual brand in order to develop a learning environment that is engaging. The brand is naturally integrated into the virtual event, which not only makes it informative but also impactful. 

Gamification with Branded Avatars and Emojis

Airmeet’s virtual environment can be explored by visitors through the use of avatars that have been built to represent the identity of your brand.It helps raise the overall level of enjoyment, and also in cultivating a sense of community by enabling guests to express their emotions and reactions through the use of branded emojis- which increases the level of communication.

Virtual Currency: Incentivizing Participation

The introduction of virtual currency into Airmeet results in increased  user participation. An incentive program is said to be gamified when participants are able to accrue and spend money based on the amount of time they spend participating in the program. 

As a consequence of this, not only is participation increased, but also the level of competition. You can also quickly include your logo into the virtual currency system, which will give the system a greater degree of individuality with each transaction.

2. Engagement and Connection to CreateGenuine Bonds in the Virtual Realm

Networking is a crucial component of any successful employer branding event, as it allows for the formation of genuine contacts online. Within this framework, Airmeet redefines the way communication takes place digitally. 

Redefining Virtual Connection Dynamics

Through the capabilities of the Airmeet platform, which include one-on-one video chats, group networking rooms, and speed networking rounds, team leaders, staff members, and talent can effectively engage with one another. The purpose of this dynamic environment is to foster open communication and establish sincere interactions. Airmeet redefines online networking into an environment that is conducive to the development of genuine connections.

Interactive Workshops and Panel Discussions

When compared to the conventional lecture format, Airmeet fosters a more interactive form of networking. There are a variety of forms that are compatible with the platform like  Q&A sessions, interactive workshops, and panel discussions..

Additionally, in contrast to prior conferences, this one encourages audience participation and eliminates barriers that previously existed between presenters and listeners. Airmeet enhances the quality of employer branding events by cultivating an environment that encourages more conversation and the exchange of information.

Breakout Rooms: Fostering Deeper Engagement

Breakout rooms are an essential component that makes it possible for more intimate conversations to take place within the context of the main event. By limiting the number of attendees to a manageable level, this casual gathering helps to cultivate deeper associations and makes it easier to have more one-on-one conversations. 

The breakout rooms provided by Airmeet are an excellent means by attendees can efficiently communicate with one another – whether to brainstorm ideas or to mentor a new recruit. 

3. Weaving Narratives in a Multi-format Canvas

Businesses are able to tell their story in ways that go beyond the limitations of traditional presentations, thanks to Airmeet.

Crafting Compelling Narratives

Airmeet revolutionizes the way in which businesses convey their stories by providing a new medium for doing so. Organizations that want to offer a variety of engaging goods that leave an impression that lasts a long time must prioritize the presentation of information in several formats.

Versatility in Content

 The incorporation of films, live polls, virtual tours, and gamified assessments allow  marketers to communicate stories that go beyond how words are presented on a slide. 

Businesses can leverage the multi-format options offered by Airmeet to create an exciting tale about their employer brand. This may be in the form of a visually immersive video that highlights the company culture or a live poll that gathers feedback from the audience.

Live Streaming for a Global Audience

Through the use of live streaming, Airmeet empowers you to connect with anyone, anytime, anywhere.. This provides for increased , which will have a big impact on workplace branding campaigns.

 On-Demand Access

Airmeet makes on-demand access convenient by taking into account the fact that everyone has different tastes and schedules. To accommodate individuals who are unable to watch the live broadcast, it is vital to provide the opportunity to watch the event at a later time. 

This functionality, which enables users to interact with the information whenever it is convenient for them, may contribute to an increase in the number of people who have access to employer branding content.

Interactive Virtual Showcases: A Glimpse into the Organization

Virtual displays and exhibitions powered by Airmeet are simple to use and can offer a lively glimpse into a company’s culture, employee testimonies, and significant accomplishments. The dynamic staff, ongoing projects, etcare all elements that are highlighted through these interactive features, which help gauge the pulse  of the organization.

Employee Testimonials: Real Voices, Real Impact

Staff testimonies are displayed prominently in these displays. With the help of Airmeet, teams are able to exhibit the voices of their employees, providing them with a forum in which they may share their thoughts and experiences. Because of this, the narrative of employer branding attracts the attention of the audience and becomes more relatable.

4. Data and Analytics: Informed Decision-Making in Real Time

Data analytics helps assess and interpret the behavior of guests who attend employer branding events. Airmeet’s advanced data analytics feature is one of the biggest reasons customers trust the platform, where you have access to detailed post-event reporting as well as real-time insights, among others.

Real-time Insights: Navigating Engagement Metrics

Attendance at sessions, the number of contacts made through networking, and the pace at which content is downloaded are all data points that organizers should track. 

With access to a range of actionable real-time data, event organizers are able to make well-informed decisions on the spot to maximize the course of the event.

Session Attendance Metrics: Gauge Interest and Relevance

One of the most important aspects of real-time analytics is gaining an understanding of which sessions typically attract the most attendees. By using Airmeet to keep track of the number of people that attend each session, event organizers are able to determine what guests are interested in attending. They can swiftly alter schedules, distribute resources, and personalize content in order to maximize the impact and engagement of their events.

Networking Interactions: Unveiling Connections

Airmeet allows event organizers to monitor the networking activities of participants in real time, which is crucial for employer branding. The platform makes it simple to observe how connections are being established, whether it is through the use of group networking rooms or through video conversations between individuals. WIth powerful insights into the dynamics of networking in real-time, organizers are able to discover trends, make targeted introductions, and establish whether or not participants are actually making connections.

Content Download Rates to Assess Content Relevance

Organizers can now track the amount of popular information that is being downloaded.With Airmeet you can monitor the rate at which content that has been provided is downloaded. This enables customers to receive instant feedback on how relevant event materials were.  The organizers are able to make adjustments to the content strategy in real time by using this data. This allows them to guarantee that the materials that participants meet their expectations and interests.

Post-event Reporting: Extracting Valuable Insights

Post-event reporting is crucial in employee branding events as it helps you assess the nitty-gritties of the event, overall. To assist event planners in better understanding attendee behaviour , recognizing trends, and assessing the overall impact of their branding initiatives, the platform provides sophisticated post-event reporting tools.

Analyzing Attendee Behavior: Unveiling Patterns and Trends

Raw statistics are not the only thing that Airmeet’s post-event data incorporates. Organizers can recognize patterns and trends in real time by monitoring attendee behaviour in the event. Airmeet allows you to gather insights on how well the attendees connected with the event, scope for improvement, the things they enjoyed and found value in.

Identifying Top Performers in Networking: Recognizing Impactful Connections

One of the most important aspects of employer branding events is networking, and with the help of Airmeet’s post-event reporting, event planners can determine the attendees who carried out the most successful networkering at the event. In addition to shedding light on the efficacy of networking techniques, rewarding groups or individuals who have established meaningful connections  enhances the success of the event.

Measuring Overall Impact: Informing Future Strategies

Reporting on the event after it has taken place is vital in determining the full impact of the employer branding initiative.Examining the data and comparing it with the goals that were established beforehand, helps you get a clearer picture. These discoveries lay the groundwork for the refinement of strategies, making adjustments for subsequent events and a system of continually improving employer branding events, based on data..

5. Integration and Scalability: Seamless and Adaptable for Any Occasion

Airmeet is an integrated solution that seamlessly interacts with leading applications for marketing automation, customer relationship management, and webinar applications. A full view of the visitor experience is provided to businesses as a result of this integration, which streamlines processes and improves data management.

Seamless Integration: Enhancing Workflow Efficiency

Airmeet is the seamless connection it has with other products. Airmeet’s robust integration capabilities empower you to create a unified environment for your employer branding initiatives and increase productivity. Organizers are provided with a thorough view of the attendance journey as a result of the technology’s seamless integration with marketing automation and CRM platforms. This integration combines data and interactions. In this connected environment, there are no longer any tool silos, allowing for data to flow freely and for insights to bereadily accessible.

Compatibility with CRMs: A Holistic View of Attendee Interactions

Airmeet’s seamless CRM Integration capability allows you to  collect and aggregate data throughout the event, where  organizers can monitor the level of participation, preferences, and interactions that take place. 

This comprehensive view enhances the data that is available for strategic planning and ongoing relationship management; and also streamlines post-event analysis.

Marketing Automation Tool Integration: Personalizing the Attendee Journey

A new degree of interaction among attendees is achieved by integrating marketing automation tools with Airmeet. Throughout the attendee journey, the platform promotes personalization, thanks to its integrations.. Through the use of marketing automation, event planners have the ability to forward personalized invites and follow-up communications to participants, boosting the effect of the event and making it more personalized for each individual.

Scalability for Growth: Accommodating Events of Any Size

It is easy for businesses to hold gatherings of varied sizes because of Airmeet’s scalability. The platform can easily accommodate any kind of event, be it a large-scale talent fair or a more intimate company retreat. Because of the scale of Airmeet, companies are able to interact with and communicate with followers all over the world with remarkable ease.

Powering Global Talent Fairs: Worldwide Reach with Ease

Because of its scalability, Airmeet is the preferred virtual events platform for large-scale events, such as international talent fairs, conferences or networking events. In addition to  interactive sessions, networking, and global content delivery, the platform is also capable of managing a large number of guests. Because of this versatility, businesses are able to market their employer brand to a diverse community of individuals, regardless of where they are physically.


By leveraging Airmeet’s extensive feature set, which enables data-driven, immersive, and fascinating experiences, businesses can successfully host events that transcend the expectations of their attendees.

Airmeet gives companies the opportunity to communicate and show the world who they truly are,  their culture, principles, and opportunities. 

Airmeet makes it possible to host data-driven events, which offer organizations valuable insights regarding the engagement of participants, their preferences, and the connections they have with one another. Utilizing this level of information makes it possible to make adjustments to upcoming events in real time. Airmeet serves as a guide that assists businesses in attracting top talent and establishing relationships that last beyond the event, which in turn influences how they locate and hire new staff. Employer branding becomes impactful when Airmeet is used as a guide.

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