Future of Events From Victoria Younes's Perspective

Future of Events From Victoria Younes’s Perspective 

Akanksha Kumari
• April 10, 2024

(5 min read)

The events industry continues to evolve in the digital age. With the rise of virtual and hybrid gatherings and the integration of cutting-edge technologies, the event landscape is undergoing a significant transformation. This dynamic environment is redefining how we plan, execute, and experience events.

In this blog, we’ll delve into future event possibilities from the perspective of an events expert. Join us as we explore insights and experiences shared by Victoria Younes, Executive Events Manager at Kaiser Permanente

Future of Events: Anticipating the Challenges and Opportunities

Victoria Younes shared insightful perspectives on the future of events, particularly focusing on the evolving landscape of virtual events and their role post-pandemic. She was a key speaker in our Engage and Elevate Summit with her session titled “Beyond Training.” Her views suggest a nuanced understanding of the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for event planners and organizations. Here are the key points regarding her outlook on the future of events and virtual events.

Hybrid Model Complexity: 

Hybrid Model Complexity

Victoria acknowledges the complexity and cost of organizing hybrid events, which blend in-person and virtual elements. She emphasizes that while hybrid events offer the best of both worlds, they are essentially like hosting two separate events, making them cost-prohibitive for many organizations.

"And as much as we'd like to do both virtual and in-person hybrid meetings, that's really cost prohibitive for most of us because you're basically paying to have two events."

Strategic Use of Virtual and In-Person Formats: 

Strategic Use of Virtual and In-Person Formats
Strategic Use of Virtual and In-Person Formats 2

She advises a strategic approach to choosing between virtual and in-person formats based on the event’s objectives. Educational and informational sessions, according to Victoria, are more effectively delivered virtually, allowing for broader access and convenience. In contrast, social events and networking-focused gatherings benefit more from the irreplaceable personal touch of in-person interactions.

"I'm encouraging our internal business partners to look for and hold more educational information—you know, places where people really need to absorb information to be virtual."

Audience Expectations and Engagement: 

Audience Expectations and Engagement

Victoria highlights the changing expectations of attendees, who have become accustomed to the flexibility and accessibility of virtual events. She notes that the challenge now lies in convincing people to attend in-person events, as they weigh the value of the content against the convenience of virtual access.

"And now that they've drank that Kool-Aid they're getting picky about what they want to get dressed and put makeup on to actually go attend. They're asking for the content to be virtual."

Importance of Clear Communication: 

Importance of Clear Communication

For both virtual and in-person events, Victoria stresses the importance of clear communication with prospective attendees regarding what is expected of them and how they can engage with the event.

"So as event planners, we need clear guidelines on how to communicate those expectations to prospective attendees. Whether it's going to be in person or virtual."


Victoria’s views reflect a pragmatic and forward-looking approach to event planning in the post-pandemic era. She acknowledges the lasting impact of virtual events on the industry while recognizing the unique value that in-person interactions bring to certain types of gatherings. 

Her insights suggest a future where the choice between virtual and in-person formats will be strategically driven by the event’s goals, audience preferences, and the type of engagement desired.

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