JANUARY 24 | 12PM to 3 PM ET

Engage & Elevate

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Explore cutting-edge L&D and HR trends for distributed teams.


Engage with leading L&D professionals, HR experts, and top executives.


Acquire practical skills in utilizing virtual platforms like Airmeet for effective training.


Boost your company's learning culture to elevate employee engagement and efficiency.

L&D’s Pivotal Role in Shaping Tomorrow’s Workforce

Companies are realizing that Learning and Development (L&D) isn't just a perk; it's essential. Firms with top-tier engagement see a robust 24% jump in profitability (Gallup) and those leading in L&D are experiencing a world where the well-trained are 125% more productive than the less engaged (Bain & Company). It's no surprise then that companies with the most engaged employees report a substantial 59% lower turnover (LinkedIn).
Since the pandemic, the shift towards a digital-first future is evident with a significant uptick in L&D investment. Join the ranks of forward-thinking leaders at our virtual summit and discover how to harness these insights for your team's growth and resilience.

Front-Runners in Employee Development

Meredith Fish

Vice President, People and Culture

Jacqueline Foster

Chief Marketing Officer

David Blake

Chief Executive Officer

Victoria Younes

Executive Events Manager

Benjamin Ryan

Vice President, Talent & Learning

Jamie McCarter

Senior Director, Technology Learning



2024 - The Shift Towards a Skills-driven Future

David Blake
The world is shifting from jobs to skills being the organizing unit of companies and economies. This keynote will give you the what this means for your you and your org, why this is happening, and how to lead through this change.
12 pm ET
9 am PT
10:30 pm IST

Beyond Training

Victoria Younes
A session that will highlight what goes into building virtual L&D programs that make an impact. It’s one thing to design content that adequately communicates updates, it’s another for that information to be retained and applied. We’ll chat with Victoria to learn about how she designs events so her teams learn and grow through those experiences
12:30 pm ET
9:30 am PT
11 pm IST

How the Best Companies are Empowering
Their Teams

Jacqueline Foster

Meredith Fish

Discover the secrets behind the success of top companies in empowering their teams. This session offers a deep dive into effective employee engagement and learning practices that foster innovation, loyalty, and unparalleled performance.
1:15 pm ET
10:15 am PT
11:45 pm IST

Knowledgefest: A Case Study in Dynamic

Benjamin Ryan

Jamie McCarter

Discover how Comcast transformed their learning strategy from a simple idea into a benchmark for employee engagement and learning, how it continues to adapt and thrive and how Airmeet supports the initiative.
2 pm ET
11 am PT
12:30 am IST
JANUARY 24 | 12PM to 3 PM ET

Engage & Elevate

Transform Your Business Through Employee
Development and Engagement