20+ Digital Marketing Webinars (Cherry-Picked for 2022)

Virgil Wadhwa
• June 28, 2022

(10 min read)

“Content is king,” “Facebook is dying,” “voice is the future of search,” yadda yadda yadda. We bet you’re tired of consuming regurgitated marketing advice too. You’re here to get ahead of the curve – and here are some digital marketing webinars to help you with that.

Table of Content

We’re very excited about this year’s list of digital marketing webinars. Here’s why:

  • An entirely new notion, “Event-led growth” is sprouting, and this on-demand webinar/virtual event is just about that. 
  • Experts at Hootsuite, Elementor, Semrush, G2, and Search Engine Journal share strategies and expert tips to help you get the most out of your digital marketing efforts.
  • These digital marketing webinars bring the insights from the brightest marketing teams that fit together like puzzle pieces to answer a bigger question—what’s working in 2022?
  • There’s a webinar for every category in the list, including SEO, content marketing, PPC, social media marketing, and more.

So let’s get this show on the road!

1) Event-led growth summit (On-demand)

Category: Event marketing

Weird things might happen this year: Uncontested search results will become a thing of the past—thanks to AI copywriters, three-fourths of engagement-driven campaigns can fail, and CPLs and CPAs will shoot through the roof. 

There’s good news too: Delivering exceptional customer experiences and virtual events may work excellently in 2022 – that’s where 37% of the marketers are placing their bets this year. 

However, there’s more to event marketing than simply hosting one-off events. There’s a secret sauce, a formula to keep your pipelines stuffed, and your brand name on top of minds. The profs are calling it “Event-led growth.” 

Highlight speakers: 

  • Mark Killens, CMO, Airmeet 
  • Rand Fishkin, Cofounder, SparkToro
  • Aleksandra Panyukhina, B2B and event marketing leader
Watch the recording of the Event-Led-growth
The Event-led growth summit 2022

2) Intent-driven ABM secrets revealed for 2022 — by G2 (On-demand)

Webinar category: Performance marketing | Conversion rate optimization 

What’s better than a marketing leader spilling their beans and secret conversion optimization tactics? Having three marketing think tanks to reveal their secret sauce.

This webinar on intent-driven ABM conversions is undoubtedly one of the most useful digital marketing webinars for performance marketers.

Catch marketing heads from G2, Demandbase, and Kibo talking about leveraging intent data at all stages of the ABM journey. 

Your takeaways would be actionable insights to get a multifold gain in your late-stage conversions. 

Who should attend this? CROs, senior marketing strategists, and anyone who wishes to be a successful marketer.

Who are the speakers for this insightful webinar? 

  • Amanda Malko, CMO, G2
  • Jon Miller, CMO, Demandbase
  • Justin Berger, Sr. Director Kibo
Digital Marketing Webinar on Intent-driven ABM

Watch this digital marketing webinar.

3) What’s hot or not — by Hootsuite (Upcoming – July 2022)

Category: Social media marketing 

“Go where the puck is going.” But where would it go is the question. 

Predicting what will and what won’t work for social media has bugged even the veteran marketers. Last year, Hootsuite published its Social Trends report for 2022. This year, they are back to tell us what did they get right and what fell flat. 

Catch their social media experts breaking down some advanced insights and results from their numerous experiments. What else would they do? Contemplate and build a marketing strategy for the rest of the year. 

Speakers for the webinar:

  • Sarah Dawley, Senior Manager, Hootsuite
  • Kosta Prodanovic, Senior Copywriter at Hootsuite
Upcoming Social marketing webinar by Hootsuite

Register for this free webinar

4) Core web vitals update — by Dudo (On-demand)

Category: SEO for 2022 / Content marketing in 2022

We’re glad we included this in our list of digital marketing webinars.

Google MUM update impacts the discovery, reach, and ranking of every website on Google. So, If you aren’t following these updates, you risk losing opportunities to gain organic traffic in 2022.

Also, the latest updates can directly impact the ROI of your content marketing efforts.

Ranking a website in the top SERP is a scientific process. 

A lot happens behind the scenes. For example, crawlers calculate the responsiveness of a website by measuring metrics like First Input Delay and loading speeds, which affects their rankings. 

All in all, core web vitals upgrade has a specific purpose—delivering a pleasant and secure user experience. If your website and web pages can do that, you can rank higher and tear down the competition.

Team that hosted webinar on core-web vitals.

Watch this free webinar.

5) 9 unconventional ways to find content ideas (On-demand)

Category: Content marketing for 2022

Writer’s block is legit, period. It happens to even the best of us, and the more we write, the more we run out of ideas. 

Sometimes we just sit down and stare at the screen for hours, or we skip from one resource to another searching for a thread to spin a new story. 

Having said that, there is still a way to move around it. There are techniques, and tools in place to help you keep the ball rolling even during that block.

Watch this webinar here to discover nine awesome ways of finding ideas and supercharging your content marketing strategy. 

Who are the speakers for this content marketing webinar?

  • Louise Linehan, Senior Content Manager
  • Elanor Parker, Digital Marketing Manager
Upcoming digital marketing webinar by Ignite Visibility

Watch this free webinar.

6) How to harness first-party data in a cookieless future (Upcoming)

Category: Performance marketing webinar, PPC webinars. 

With cookies going away and numerous data protection compliances being set in place, advertisers are hit big-time! 

What has changed recently?

  • Google and Apple are tightening their grip over the data that web apps can access. 
  • Privacy regulations are tightening and clamping down on sensitive data collection. 
  • People are more aware and serious about their data. 

How would this affect PPC and Performance marketers?

  • Ineffective targeting
  • Challenges with measurement and attribution 
  • Decreased reach, increased CPLs, and CPAs

What does this webinar mean for performance and PPC marketers?

As the name suggests, it teaches you how to work around these changes and leverage first-party data to reach your goals.

Speaker: Vishal Maru, Vice president, Digital Solutions at Iquanti 

Upcoming Webinar on Harnessing first party data for marketing

Watch/register for this digital marketing webinar.

7) Get more out of your traffic with conversion rate optimization (On-demand)

Category: Performance marketing webinars, PPC marketing webinars

Do you leave money on the table? If not, then this webinar is for you. 

Getting traffic to your website is an expensive affair. However, that’s not the worst part. The worst is when you lose opportunities to leverage that traffic into something meaningful for your business. 

Maybe you’re targeting the wrong people, maybe you’re offering a poor user experience. Whatever the reason may be, you can’t afford to run poorly optimized campaigns.

Learn how to improve the efficiency of your digital marketing campaigns with this webinar.

What will you learn?

  • Persona mapping, beginning to layering for a/b testing 
  • Building tests that work
  • Frameworks to turn your traffic into engaged customers


  • Nava Hopkin
  • Dan Hopkins
  • Shelly Fagin
  • Kurt Philip
A great watch for Traffic Optimization

Watch this free webinar.

8) Google MUM and the future of search in 2022 (On-demand)

Category: SEO/ Content marketing

Ever wondered how Google brings up accurate search results? It’s because of deep AI at work behind the scenes.

But why is it important for you? Advancements in this field can mean changes in your organic traffic and growth. 

How would it impact SEO, organic traffic, and your content marketing strategy? That’s exactly what experts from Semrush discuss in this webinar. Catch search engine optimization specialists talk about the fate of search in 2022.


  • Michael King
  • Crystal Carter
  • Erika Varagouli
Webinar uncovering Google MUM updates

Save your seats, or watch this digital marketing webinar on-demand.

9) The power of social commerce and shoppable posts (On-demand)

Category: Social media marketing strategy

Learn how you can leverage social media to set up social shops that generate sales. Alison from Avacadoy Social walks us through the nitty-gritty of it and a full range of tools like TikTok, Instagram, and more. 

What’s more? There are bonus tips on how you can catalog your products for better UX, promote more visits, and gain traction for your posts. 

Find ideas to create a new-age social media marketing strategy by optimizing your social shop to gain meaningful interactions with customers. 


  • Alison Batisby, Avacadoy Social
Webinar on selling on Social Media

Watch it here.

10) The 5 important digital marketing trends for 2022 (On-demand)

Category: Digital marketing trends

Trends in digital marketing can shift in a blink of an eye. What worked last year won’t necessarily work the next. 

To add to it, Covid-19 shaped a new kind of online user behavior. Some key development areas are:

  • Personalized content and ad suggestions
  • Customer reviews and consumer experience
  • Social Media only shops on online marketplaces like Instagram and Facebook
  • Metaverse arriving and taking the world by the storm. 

It’s crucial to understand how these would impact your digital marketing strategy in 2022. This webinar brings together expert speakers to help you with that. 

A webinar uncovering digital marketing trends

Here’s the link to watch this digital marketing webinar.

11) 2022 Trends in content marketing: Expert discussion

Category: Content marketing webinar 

Content marketing solves key business purposes like brand awareness, perception, and organic growth and keeps MQL pipelines well fed throughout the year. 

However, it’s prone to unpredictable changes in social media platforms and new algorithms of search engine rankings. 

How do you build a predictable content marketing strategy that’s immune to sudden shifts in trends and content discovery platform updates? One way is to anticipate trends and work up a strategy around them. 

This content marketing webinar is about just that. 

What will you learn?

  • A bird’s-eye view of what’s happening in the content marketing world
  • Tips for building your very own 2022 content strategy
  • What would be the high-performing content for 2022
A webinar about content marketing trends

All hyped to watch this free webinar? Watch it here.

12) 10 Surprising things you can do with Google Ads — by CXL (On-demand)

Category: Performance marketing/PPC

It’s hard to imagine the fate of digital marketing without Google ads. The concept is simple, you tell Google what kind of product you sell, and what is your target audience, and your ads would start rolling. 

But there’s more to it than just that—ensuring every dollar provides the maximum value. 

Are you targeting the right persona, capturing the right demographics, and placing the right bidding strategy?

Well, learn to maximize the potential of your Google ads within this free webinar. 

Speaker: Jonathan Dane, CEO, KlientBoost

Webinar by CXL, on Google ads

Watch it here.

13) Brands dismantled – how Microsoft used storytelling to elevate their brand (On-demand)

Category: Digital marketing webinars 

Hosted by the revered name in marketing education—CXL, this digital marketing webinar series is unique. 

It’s fascinating to take a peek inside the minds of people building and scaling multi-billion dollar brands through storytelling. 

Meet Miri Rodriguez, the woman who propelled Microsoft’s growth with brand storytelling and bestselling author. 

Tune in to see how she used storytelling to grow her brand. 

A webinar unraveling strategy behind Microsoft's brand marketing

Watch this marketing webinar.

14) Create your digital marketing plan for 2022 (On-demand)

Category: Digital marketing webinars

It’s time to take 2021 marketing insights and use them to shape the digital marketing trends of 2022. This free webinar gives you insight into Google’s core web vitals and also helps you understand the future of marketing. It also discusses some strategies for personalized experiences, making the webinar a must-watch before the new year starts.

P.S. It’s a must-watch for an agency and a small business owner.

A webinar on Digital Marketing plan for 2022

15) Social Trends 2022: A dispatch from the future of social (On-demand)

Category: Social media marketing

An interesting webinar by Hootsuite is all about social listening, social marketing, and all other questions about social selling you might have. The webinar will also include details about the importance of social customer advocacy, social ROI, and brand protection—basically, cover all social mediums for your business.

A webinar discussing social Trends for 2022

Watch this marketing webinar.

16) Panel discussion: Optimize your marketing machine

Gartner hosts this virtual event. The discussions will be around how marketers can conquer agile work management and build strategic connections for their brand purpose and social impact. This complimentary panel discussion answers all key questions about how you can optimize your marketing team. 

A panel discussion hosted by Gartner on Marketing machine

Watch this digital marketing webinar by Gartner.

17) The 9-step guide to writing landing page copy that converts (On-demand)

Category: Copywriting/Demand-generation

Do we mention features, or do we write more benefits? Do we call out our audience? Keep the tone cool or professional? Urgghh…! Conversion copywriting is more science than art. Art is more about you, but conversion copywriting starts with your customer, and discovering what they want is science.

There’s a lot of research involved to figure out what your customers want to hear.

Catch Henneke Duistermaat revealing her copywriting process to build a copy that moves. 

A webinar on writing landing pages that convert

Watch this webinar.

18) Optimize demand generation marketing mix for Tech and service providers (On-demand)

If you are a chief strategy advisor, demand generation director, or a general manager in marketing, you’d want to choose the most efficient ways to build omnichannel marketing strategies.

Use Gartner’s information from this on-demand webinar to understand which of your marketing channels generate the highest number of qualified leads. The webinar also helps you develop a plan based on demand generation strategies that cut through the noise and engage buyers even amid disruption.

A demand generation webinar by Gartner

Watch this webinar.

19) Email marketing — building a blueprint (On-demand)

Category: Email marketing

The first email that was sent in 1978 made around 13 million USD in profit. Fast-forwarding to now, email marketing is still up and going strong.

According to a study, email marketing is still around 40% more effective than social media ads.

However, as is the case with everything else, it’s tough to cut through the noise. So you need the right frameworks, and the right blueprint to tailor your email marketing strategy for success.

Catch Ignite Visibility’s CEO, John Lincoln, and other experts dismantle their strategy for you in this webinar.

Topics discussed in this email marketing webinar:

  1. The power of email
  2. On-site email acquisition
  3. Welcome and nurture emails
An Email marketing webinar by Ignite Visibility

Watch this webinar.

20) Making a case for SEO (On-demand)

Category: SEO webinars for 2022

This webinar is part of Brightedge’s digital marketing webinar series, now available on-demand on its website. As you work to master creation for SEO, this webinar also shares advice on how to capture, measure, and share SEO results and insights with key stakeholders.

This entry into the Digital Marketing Strategy Webinar Series aims to help you accelerate collaboration and success in your digital marketing efforts.

What’s more? You also get to learn some low-effort tactics that you can start implementing right away.

A webinar on building a case for SEO and Content Optimization

Watch this here.

21) How to get B2B leads using social media ads (On-demand)

Category: Social Media Marketing

At the heart of this Exposure Ninja webinar are key recommendations on how to increase your B2B leads using social media. PPC specialist, Veronika Bonovska takes you through the journey to building excellent campaigns that rope in high-quality leads for your business via social media. 

You will also be given some digital marketing tactics that can bring major sales by optimizing your website.

How to run Social Media Ads to get more B2B leads

Watch this webinar here.

Bonus list of upcoming digital marketing webinars to attend

Last updated: 23rd June 2022

Upcoming digital marketing webinars by Meta 

  1. How can I manage scale by maintaining cost-efficiency? Watch it here
  2. How can I understand which bid type is most suitable to drive desired business outcomes?

These upcoming webinars would be a must-watch for performance marketers and PPC marketers. 

Upcoming webinars by Gartner in July

  • Best of Marketing Symposium: Strategies, Digital Experiences and Brand Health — Register here
  • Drive Growth With Better Customer Journey Orchestration—Register here

Upcoming webinars by Ignite Visibility 

  1. Find PPC Webinar
  2. Register for their Social Media webinar
  3. Register for their Digital PR webinar

Upcoming Events by DigiMarcon

  1. DigiMarcon virtual event in the EMEA region – Register here
  2. DigiMarcon in Asia Pacific region

Related answers and FAQ for the curious minds

As a part of their marketing strategy, companies host webinars to garner more exposure from their target audience. This way, they can build trust and authority, and engage with their audience.

In short, you get knowledge, and the opportunity to network, while they get high intent leads and exposure.

This query can have two meanings. One, they are webinars on the topic of marketing.

The second revolves around webinars that serve a marketing or lead generation purpose. These are virtual experiences that form part of strategies to promote a business’s products, network, and improve brand awareness. For example, soliciting registrations for the webinar will allow you to grow your email list. In addition, you can even pitch your products to interested audiences and do follow-ups.

This year, we tried to bring you digital marketing webinars from across the spectrum to address your needs to learn about SEO, conversion copywriting, content marketing, PPC, performance marketing, and social media marketing.

In addition to those categories, we also introduced the Event-led growth summit, which is a powerful marketing strategy to build meaningful audience engagement via connected events.

Now, it’s over to you. Tell us if we brought you the right mix of upcoming webinars and on-demand webinars to watch in 2022 to help you upskill and stay ahead of the curve in digital marketing.

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