Airmeet Dispatch- November 2023

Bhaavika Joshi
• November 20, 2023

(2 min read)

Welcome to our monthly product update roundup! As the days get shorter, our list of updates gets longer. November is in full swing, and we’ve got the scoop on what’s new. Ready to dive into the details? Let’s roll!

1. Save time and effort with the event duplication update

Supercharge your productivity with Airmeet’s newest feature—event duplication, designed for maximum efficiency! Elevate your event planning by effortlessly recreating custom past events with just a few clicks. What’s more? You can simplify your process and amplify your impact by duplicating a range of elements such as: 

  • Emails: Custom emails and system emails
  • Branding: Welcome Video, live event configurations, and lounge configurations
  • Booths
  • Resources

2. Separate backstage for all sessions in Premium Webinars

With our latest update for webinars, every session now gets its own backstage! This means speakers for different sessions in a webinar will have a backstage exclusively for their sessions, making their session preparation a whole lot smoother. (This behavior already exists in our “events” format. We are bringing this to our “webinar” format)

Key Benefit: With a separate backstage for every session, speakers will have the time to prepare for their next session while the current session is ongoing. No more last-minute hiccups!

3. Airmeet's HubSpot integration setup gets faster

As organizers start to host more frequent events, they face issues with the repeat task of enabling HubSpot integration for their events. A lot of times, organizers only enable the integration after they notice missing registrations or information in their CRM. So, if you have a habit of forgetting to configure HubSpot when you create a new event on Airmeet, you’ll love this update!

Bonus: We have also got some cool new updates to help organizers get real-time event data to ensure that their events are a big success! 

Check out the nitty-gritties of this shiny new update:

  • Simplify your process by activating HubSpot integration seamlessly for new events directly within the integration settings. Set your default configurations just once, and the only ongoing task is mapping custom registration fields.

    If you happen to miss any registrations, no worries – hit the resync button to promptly send registration data from Airmeet to HubSpot. Easy, efficient, and always in sync!

  • Introduce a hassle-free solution by generating a new contact property dedicated to storing  unique magic link fields for each event. Bid farewell to overwritten links as each event now has its distinct magic link field.

    This enhancement opens the door to seamlessly include magic links in reminder emails sent directly from HubSpot.

    Enjoy the simplicity of personalized magic links, ensuring a smooth and unique experience for every event.

  • Elevate attendee engagement by adding a personal touch to your events through live activity tracking. Keep tabs on event, session, booth, table joining, CTA clicks, resource views, and leaderboard scores. This feature allows organizers to streamline their workflow in HubSpot.

    Now, when a prospect joins Airmeet, organizers can promptly alert their sales team. Plus, trigger targeted email campaigns with just a click when someone interacts with a CTA. Leverage leaderboard scores to segment attendees based on high and low intent, providing valuable insights into participant engagement.

4. Turbocharge your Iead management with our Salesforce App upgrade

Experience the power of our latest update, now with enhanced support for Converted Leads. For a clearer picture, when a ‘Contact’ is updated, the ‘Account’ related to it will be added only if it’s not already linked. Seamlessly send attendee engagement activities to Salesforce, troubleshoot effortlessly with our user-friendly error logs page, and simplify lead management. This update is designed to make your experience smoother and more efficient!

5. Automate event management with Airmeet's new APIs

Because of popular demand, we have rolled out a bunch of tiny but mighty updates to Airmeet’s Public APIs:

  1. Effortlessly customize the landing page – from choosing a dark or light theme, modern or classic layout, to selecting the color codes for buttons and highlights. 
  2. Block or unblock attendees in an event in just a few steps.
  3. Delete a session of an event quickly. 
  4. Pause or archive an event easily.

Check out the Public API updates here. 

6. New create event interface

A good product never stops improving! We have been working on upgrading the event creation UI to make it easier for you to quickly choose the right format.

This new update includes the following:

  • A more intuitive create event page divided by event type and its feature.
  • Better navigation and explanations for our features, settings and options.
  • Icons and animated illustrations to help you understand the event type better.

7. New Leaderboard update

We brought fresh updates to the Leaderboard feature, to amp up the attendee engagement in your events!

Now, you can customize the attendee leaderboard with various activities, each with its own limit and default points. Here’s a sneak peek:

  1. Download/View/open link a Resource – Once per Event – 50 points
  2. Click on an In-session CTA – Once per Session – 50 Points
  3. Post on Event Feed – Once per Event – 25 Points
  4. Post on Session Chat – Once per Session – 20 Points

Get ready to spark some friendly competition and make your events unforgettable!

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