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13 Must-Have Features of the Perfect Enterprise Virtual Event Platform

Anshika Pattnaik
• April 17, 2024

(8 min read)

13 things one should consider while choosing a platform for enterprises
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1. Engagement and Networking Features

The success of your large-scale event is heavily dependent on how effortlessly the attendees engaged with the speakers, fellow attendees and with the event overall. 

The more diverse the engagement capabilities, the higher the event’s impact.

Essential Features

Live Q&A sessions

Interactive polls

Virtual networking lounges

AI-powered connections

Breakout rooms for smaller discussions.

Airmeet’s Fulfillment: Offers features like Speed Networking and Lounge for spontaneous interactions, alongside Q&A, polls, and breakout sessions, encouraging active participation.

2. Integration Capabilities

Integrating your Virtual Event Platform with your existing tech stack ensures seamless data flow between the tools, automating several workflows and minimizing manual errors.

Essential Features:

APIs for CRM integration (e.g., Salesforce)

Marketing automation tools (e.g., HubSpot)

Email marketing platforms (e.g., Mailchimp)

Learning management systems (LMS)

Airmeet’s Fulfillment: Provides integrations with popular CRM and marketing tools, allowing for seamless event management and attendee data synchronization.

3. Analytics and Reporting

Airmeet’s robust analytics and reporting lets you track, measure and improve several business-critical metrics, so you can maximize ROI of current and subsequent virtual events. 

Essential Features:

Real-time analytics dashboards 

Attendee engagement tracking 

Session attendance reports

Lead generation metrics

Post-event analytics 

Airmeet’s Fulfillment: Delivers comprehensive analytics on attendee engagement, session participation, and networking effectiveness, enabling data-driven decision-making.

4. Security and Compliance

Airmeet ensures secure communications with advanced encryption and compliance with a wide range of international standards, making it a safe and trusted enterprise-ready platform.

Essential Features

End-to-end encryption

GDPR compliance

CCPA readiness

Multi-factor authentication (MFA)

Data privacy controls

Airmeet’s Fulfillment: Ensures end-to-end encryption and complies with global data protection regulations, offering secure login mechanisms and data privacy.

5. User Experience (UX)

Airmeet is designed to guarantee a seamless user experience with impressive customization capabilities, while also ensuring a consistent UX across a range of devices.

Essential Features

Intuitive interface design

Easy navigation

Mobile compatibility

Accessibility features for attendees with disabilities

Branding customization options

Airmeet’s Fulfillment: Features an intuitive interface that’s easy to navigate, accessible across devices, and designed to be inclusive for all attendees.

6. Scalability and Performance

Airmeet’s large meeting add-on allows enterprises to host virtual events for 100,000 attendees, featuring HD video and audio, with the reliability of cloud infrastructure to manage the load.

Essential Features:

Cloud-based infrastructure for dynamic scaling

Bandwidth optimization for high-quality video streaming

Capacity to support thousands of attendees, hassle-free

Airmeet’s Fulfillment: Built on a cloud infrastructure capable of accommodating a large number of participants with reliable performance and minimal downtime.

7. Customer Support and Services

Airmeet offers dedicated Customer Success teams to support you before, during and post -event, ensuring a seamless experience for both organizers and attendees.

Essential Features

24/7 Technical Support

Dedicated Event Managers

Training and Onboarding assistance

Troubleshooting services, during live events.

Airmeet’s Fulfillment: Offers dedicated round-the-clock support with event planning, technical assistance, and resources for maximizing platform use, ensuring a smooth event execution.

8. Customization and Branding

Airmeet allows deep customization of virtual spaces to reflect your brand’s theme and colors, ensuring a consistent brand experience for attendees, across all event touchpoints.

Essential Features:

Event environment customization options 

Branding virtual booths, stages, and lobbies

Custom URLs

Branded registration pages and email templates

Airmeet’s Fulfillment: Allows extensive customization of virtual spaces and event assets to align with brand identity, offering a cohesive brand experience.

9. Content Delivery and Formats

Airmeet supports a wide range of webinar and presentation formats, with high-quality streaming capabilities for a diverse content delivery approach.

Essential Features:

Support for various content formats including:

Live sessions

Pre-recorded sessions

On-demand sessions

Interactive workshops

Poster presentations. 

High-definition video streaming and seamless transitions between different content types.

Airmeet’s Fulfillment: Supports live, pre-recorded, and on-demand content, providing flexible options for session delivery with high-definition video quality.

10. Monetization Opportunities

Airmeet provides robust options for event monetization, including customizable sponsorship packages and virtual booths, offering valuable insights into sponsor engagement and ROI.

Essential Features

Event Monetization Tools, like: 

Paid tickets

Sponsorship packages

Virtual exhibit booths

In-event purchases 

Detailed tracking and reporting for sponsor ROI

Airmeet’s Fulfillment: Includes features for ticket sales, virtual booths for sponsors, and branded spaces, enabling multiple streams of event revenue.

11. Networking and Interaction

Airmeet stands out for its AI-powered networking, matching attendees based on their profiles and interests, and for its seamless scheduling tool for one-on-one meetings.

Essential Features:

AI-powered networking

Video networking rooms

Speed networking

Business card exchange 

Airmeet’s Fulfillment: Leverages AI for matchmaking and offers various formats for virtual meetings and interactions, enhancing the networking experience.

12. Accessibility and Inclusion

Airmeet is a popular choice among enterprises for its accessibility, offering closed captioning and screen reader support, making virtual events more inclusive.

Essential Features

Closed captioning

Sign language interpretation

Screen reader support

Language translation services.

Airmeet’s Fulfillment: Commits to making events accessible with features like closed captions and is continually improving to support a wider range of accessibility needs.

13. Hybrid Event Capabilities

Airmeet’s hybrid event solution offers a blend of live and virtual engagement opportunities, ensuring that both in-person and online attendees interact and access event content effectively.

Essential Features

Simultaneous streaming

Virtual and physical attendee interaction

Unified analytics.

Airmeet’s Fulfillment: Provides solutions for hybrid events, ensuring a unified experience for both virtual and in-person participants with integrated content delivery.

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