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No.of participants

Up to 100K

Up to 100K

Parallel sessions/Multi-track events



Event registration page



No.of Speakers

Six on stage at a time

10 in stage, perfect for extensive panel discussions

Public and Private events



Recording and storage

40 GB

Unlimited storage

Raise hands


Yes. Raise hands to join the speakers on the stage

Polls and Surveys





Participants can ask questions and get upvotes from fellow-participants to increase its chances of getting answered by the speaker/delegate

Break-out rooms and networking

Yes, session break-out rooms with a max of 10 participants in each room.

Yes, completely customizable virtual tables. Can have 2-8 chairs on the branded or labelled tables

Speed networking and automatic matchmaking



Livestream session on social media


YouTube and Facebook

Play pre-recorded videos




  • $99 / organizer/month Up to 100 participants per orgnaizer
  • Over 100 participants is charged at $0.50 per registration
  • If you charge for tickets, Hopin’s platform fee is 7%

  • Free for up to 100 participants /event, lifelong.
  • No limit on the no. of events per month 🙂

How to make a decision now?

Allow us to deep dive a little more!

A Shout out to the focus features of both the products

Features wise, Airmeet is being built ground up to make the experience as engaging as possible. Airmeet stands out as an interactive platform, while Hopin is known for its scalability. But not to forget, Airmeet can also host up to 100K participants, which is no mean feat.

Get a sneak-peek into the products

Please don’t get into complex billing cycles, keep it simple!

Save over $199/month. Host events with up to 100 participants at no cost, forever 🙂

Hopin: US $/month

Airmeet: Free

*Note :Hopin (Paid events)- An additional 7% of the ticket cost.

Why do hosts and audiences love us?

Tokyo based startup community globalizes its initiatives with Airmeet.
A 5000+ massive community in SG harnesses Airmeet for collaboration and nurturing.
Unsolved.xyz guides early-stage entrepreneurs and hosts weekly networking events with Airmeet.
One of the top 50 universities in the United States transformed its resource fair with Airmeet.
A Hungarian boutique consultancy orchestrates hackathons for its clients on Airmeet.
A leading source-to-pay suite trusts Airmeet for lead generation, nurturing and retention.

That’s all from our side.
But we know no experience is better than one’s own.

And remain in the free plan forever. After all, the free plan hosts up to 100 participants/event for your entire lifetime.

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