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Use Case: Big Enterprise on Airmeet

• July 2, 2020


very enterprise irrespective of its size has varied needs for its event strategy and needs a solution to match its requirements. To make it easy in terms of scalability, agility, engagement, cost-efficiency, lead generation and evergreen content,  the common factor across enterprises is the need to go virtual with their events.  

The trick to a successful virtual event lies in deploying a remote event solution that meets these needs and more.  

1. B2C companies

Challenge: Most B2C companies host Town Halls or All-Hands to allow management to make significant announcements about crucial development of office policies and interact directly with the employees. 

Town Halls are valuable for improved alignment, hearing from leaders, building trust and transparency. However, having a  workforce spread across the globe budget constraints and poor engagement leads to the failure of employee participation in most town halls. 

Airmeet Town Hall: Immersive, engaging experience in a Town Hall is significant  to encourage teamwork and further enhance your communication strategy. 

Hosting virtual Town Halls with Airmeet webinars allows B2C companies to bring everyone together without physical barriers in limited time and budget. It signifies  that hosting more frequent Town Halls (country-wise, zonal or regional) is possible for employees to get them aligned with the company’s goals and will help them deliver better in accordance. 

Features like Q&A, Raise Hand and interactive chat, lets Airmeet to host highly engaging and memorable meetups!  The management has access to  share their screen to present and the town hall sessions are recorded, so your employees can view them on demand. 

2. Organizations

Challenge: Webinars have created a remarkable impact on organizations today as it seemed to have helped in building brand awareness, increasing customer engagement and upsell, fostering lead generation, imparting education and establishing themselves as thought leaders. 

However, to make the most out of the webinars, one needs to have  an exceptional experience of  a webinar platform that is secure, drives engagement, offers record capabilities, allows you to know your audience and delivers a high-end experience in terms of quality. 

Airmeet Webinars: Entailing webinars  in your content marketing, and sales campaigns can get you amplified results, because they are interactive, reach out to a larger audience, drive results and promote learning. 

Whether you are looking to host product demos, employee training, customer onboarding, eLearning or corporate communication, webinars can prove to be the best fit in your picture. 

Here are some Airmeet features to maximize experience and conversions- 

  • Robust security and privacy feature: End-to-end encryption, GDPR compliance, guest authentication and chat moderation supports threat-free meetings. 
  • Engagement driving features including “social lounge”, “raise hand”, group chat, share screen and Q&A.
  • Quality and scale – Airmeet events can auto-scale to 1m concurrent attendees, without a drop in quality. HD quality video and audio ensure the best viewing experience.
  • Multi-speaker sessions of up to 16 speakers for large scale events and attendees can join stage via raise hand feature.
  • Cloud recording allows you to record sessions of any length, to bring in more viewers post the event too.

3. B2B companies

Challenge: As a part of B2B marketing efforts, a company needs to establish brand recognition and credibility within various job functions and through several verticals. Webinars can play an essential role in branding and loyalty generation, as companies can share valuable insights and merits of their offerings to a specific set of audience. 

Hosting webinars effectively reduce cost, remove geographical constraints and come easily under implementation.  They are great for reaching out to a massive audience and are more engaging than pushing out printed material or presentations. 

However, the technology partner you decide to choose should be able to support a large attendee number, provide features to engage, easily adaptable and seamless experience to establish brand  authority and drive sales. 

Airmeet webinars: Airmeet offers all the above features required  from a webinar technology platform and more.

  • Easy to use, quick to set up with excellent customer support and assistance
  • Unlimited session recording for the impact that lasts beyond the event
  • Supports up to 1m concurrent attendees.
  • HD quality video and audio for an unparalleled experience.
  • Rich networking and engagement features to strengthen relationships.
  • High ROI.

Webinars are the perfect fit for internal training, town halls, product demos, leadership conferences, experience seminars, multi-day conferences or simple meetups to come together, collaborate and celebrate. 

“Whether you are looking to host product demos, employee training, customer onboarding, eLearning or corporate communication, webinars can prove to be the best fit for any organization. ”

Whether you are looking to host product demos, employee training, customer onboarding, eLearning or corporate communication, webinars can prove to be the best fit for any organization.

4. Government Agencies and Departments

Challenge: Increasingly, Government agencies and ministries are recognizing the importance of event marketing and hosting events to engage industry professionals from across the country to learn, exchange views, increase visibility and boost trade.

However, determining logistic planning, budget, security, ease-of-use and quality technology are some of the deterrents that keep the government away from moving to virtual events. 

Airmeet Conference/ Seminars/ Trainings: Airmeet platform allows Government bodies to easily host events like conferences, forums and seminars to bring together industry professionals to study new advancements and best practices, strategize and find solutions for policy and practice, network and learn. 

Airmeet features that enable such requirements are-

  • Easily attract delegates
  • Invite multiple in-demand speakers
  • Streamlined and cost-effective production
  • Highly secure to meet Government standards
  • Networking capabilities similar to physical events like “social lounge”, Q&A, live chat and more
  • Automatic session recording to refer and distribute.

5. IT Services Companies/ Consulting Firms/ Technology Partners

Challenge: These companies that are a part of the tech stack and offer plug-ins, tools or services as an offering to other businesses are equally incorporating event marketing into their lead gen and content marketing mix. 

Town Halls, VIP Events, Thought-leadership events and Networking events are some of the most common requirements for these companies to generate leads, nurture and drive sales through them,and boost engagement among other business goals. Challenges like security and privacy, scalability, immersive experience, to name a few, are primary concerns for moving to virtual landscape.

Airmeet town halls/ thought-leadership/ networking events: Here are some of the advantages of Airmeet that makes it easier to facilitate amazing events:

  • Easy to start and join meetings through any device. Works in all modern browsers.
  • It is built for quality and scale. It allows up to 1m concurrent video-only attendees and 16 speakers with HD quality. 
  • Strong security and privacy features
  • Allow for on-demand viewing with session recording and cloud storage.
  • Engaging experience with gamification and interactive capabilities

Always look under the hood of the technology that is enabling your virtual event, as they are what make the experience memorable!

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Incredible Companies Use Airmeet

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