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Why should you pick Airmeet over BigMarker?

Intuitive experience

Deliver a great user experience with Airmeet’s intuitive UI built for modern users.

Host large conferences

Host large scale virtual conferences, trade shows, fairs, product launches, award ceremonies.

Powerful Interactions

Engage effectively using social lounge, speed networking, chat rooms and more.

Scalable platform

Airmeet platform is secure, robust and scalable upto 100K attendees.

Ease of setup

Easy to use UI makes onboarding faster and simpler.

Customize as per needs

Leverage advanced branding & customization features to deliver a personalized experience.

Best-in-class Experience

Customers love Airmeet

I loved Airmeet’s 24/7 support lounge. It was so great to be able to just hop into the lounge and get help. It was so quick, easy and efficient.

Chloe Lewis
Community Team
NEAR foundation

Invite to the stage feature is such a game changer. If it really implemented well, it makes the event so dynamic

Pablo Sulzer
Communications Lead
Impact Hub Bern

Most of the other tools were uni-dimensional. Airmeet’s social lounge caught my attention because it had the same table-chair kind of format as our round table conferences in ground events.

Kasturi Guha
Product Mkt. Manager

A platform built to deliver immersive event experiences




Sponsorship booth

Live streaming

YouTube, Facebook; Twitter, and LinkedIn via custom RTMP

Facebook andYoutube only

Session replay

Custom registration page

Custom reporting

Schedule meeting

Multi-lingual support

Freemium plan

Single Sign-on

Speed Networking


Session level reminders


BigMarker includes a starter plan for their webinar and video software which is priced at $79 for up to 100 attendees and one host license. Airmeet offers a freemium plan for up to 100 attendees and one organizer, including Zapier integrations, polls, Q&A, access to social lounges, or breakout rooms for tables. 

BigMarker uses industry-standard SSL and HTTPS encryption to protect the customers. Airmeet also uses HTTPS and SSL encryption. Along with that, Airmeet is also GDPR and SOC2 compliant. 

Airmeet has dedicated 24/7 customer support for all its security-related issues and alerts. Any breach in security is reported immediately and followed up for a quick resolution. Airmeet also has world-class security measures including cloud security, data encryption, GDPR, SOC2 to ensure that all our customer’s data is protected. 

Airmeet is an affordable and easy-to-use BigMarker alternative. From single sign-on to a freemium plan for event organizers, setting up events and conferences is as easy as a click with Airmeet. It also comes with a host of features and integrations, making it one of the best virtual event platforms available. 

Airmeet comes with a host of features like customizable landing pages, integrations with Zapier, Mailchimp, Salesforce, Hubspot, and Eventbrite. It also offers Interprefy, which lets event organizers break the language barrier and reach everyone. Besides this, it has a live poll, customizable virtual booths, raise hands and invite to the stage, live Q&A, custom reporting along with social lounges (with support up to 50 per person per table), and speed networking. 

In Airmeet, you can customize your virtual event landing page, sponsored booths, and even the social lounges. Showcase your brand with Airmeet across the event for up to 100k participants. 

In Airmeet, you can host up to 16 speakers on the stage. For all events, there is closed captioning or automatic captioning available. Besides this, it also includes live poll, live Q&A, raise your hand and invite to the stage, emoji reactions, Zapier, Mailchimp, Eventbrite, Hubspot, and Salesforce integration, along with dedicated 24/7 customer support. 

Airmeet has a 24/7 dedicated customer support team and a customer support lounge access to all our users. 

You can integrate Hubspot and Salesforce with Airmeet. You can also use Zapier connector to connect with other platforms for your event. 

Airmeet offers AI-based speed networking opportunities, social lounges, and virtual booths to increase engagement across your virtual event. A virtual backstage lets you connect with other speakers and panelists to increase networking among speakers. 

Begin with setting clear business objectives for the event. Once this is accomplished, Airmeet offers multiple networking opportunities like speed networking, social lounges, backstages, virtual booths, live chat, and tables that support up to 50 attendees. 

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