If there’s one of the few changes from the past year that we want lingering on long after the pandemic, it is virtual events. But how do we execute them without letting elements like hype and engagement go for a toss? It’s time to reflect, and learn to adapt to a hybrid future.

Watch this video to learn how to run virtual and hybrid events that rake in revenue.

The Changing Landscape of Events and Networking

by The Remote Valley

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Danielle Letayf
Founder, Badassery

Danielle Letayf is obsessed with making the world a more connected and inclusive place through community, cultural experiences, and events. She’s the founder of Badassery, the first public speaking marketplace for diverse voices. Previously, she ran the global community at Shine and was the Head of Programs and Community for BUILT BY GIRLS. Danielle is based in NYC and loves dancing, wearing anything gold/metallic, travelling, and vintage shopping. And chocolate. Always chocolate.

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