Hybrid Events

Why Do You Need a Hybrid Event Platform in 2022?

Aditi Biswas
• November 16, 2021

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You can run visually stunning hybrid event conferences with Airmeet, your go-to hybrid event platform. Read here to know more.

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Aristotle once said that humans are social beings.

But the COVID-19 pandemic sure left the world in a frenzy. Social distancing became the new norm, and events became a thing of the past. 

As the world healed, the audience sought connections and safety, hence the birth of the hybrid event

Now, with hybrid experiences being offered in every corner in 2022, it’s time to understand this a little better.

What’s the difference between virtual and hybrid events?

Let’s deep dive into the differences between these two: 

Event hosting methods

Use Airmeet to host engaging virtual events for your business.

Virtual events are usually conducted online over a virtual event platform like Airmeet. 

Hybrid events can be conducted in multiple formats. Some hybrid events are hosted on a virtual platform and live-streamed to a physical location, giving it a physical and a virtual component.

The other format is a speaker hybrid event format in which speakers (as in panel discussions or a fireside chat) meet virtually, and some meet up physically. 

The third type is a ‘micro event experience’ in which just enough audience meet up at a physical location to keep the engagement up and running. These events also have virtual attendees.

Pro-tip from Airmeet: You can host different types of virtual events on Airmeet. To know more, you can set up a demo or even sign up for free


Real Time Analytics
Get access to real-time analytics on Airmeet from the dashboard. 

Usually, hybrid event platforms like Airmeet come with advanced real-time event analytics that lets organizers gauge the interaction levels in virtual events.

This surely becomes a challenge in hybrid events. While event organizers can often measure audience engagement at a virtual level, engagement has to be measured the old-school way for the physical location.

Alternatively, you can always employ surveys, social media mentions, and the overall participation rate.

Pro-tip from Airmeet – You can always access the engagement analytics from Airmeet’s dashboard with the help of Zapier and use it to drive connections and networking.


 In-person events can often be limiting. Hybrid events remove these barriers.

Online events are not limiting when it comes to attendees, as anyone can join and access the event. 

Sometimes, to increase the lifespan of the content, event planners also share the recordings post-event. This enhances the overall virtual experience and allows any attendee to attend sessions later if they have missed.

In the hybrid world, engagement and interaction come from both the in-person side and live attendees. Furthermore, the virtual side’s ability to attend without geographical boundaries makes hybrids a lucrative event type.

Core elements of a hybrid event

Hybrid Events Management
Do you know the success mantra for hybrid events?

As 2021 nears its end, companies should get ready to host hybrid events.

According to a recent study, more and more people are longing for in-person events. The statistics per region vary, but 51% look forward to attending at least one to five onsite events in the flesh.


But what is a good hybrid event made, and how does it benefit businesses?

To help you answer those questions, here are the core elements of a hybrid event:

  • Content of the event – The event should have substance. Companies should give information that engages in-person and online attendees, both in equal measure.
  • Registration – Hybrid events should have a seamless registration process for both online and onsite attendees.
  • Scheduling – A successful hybrid event needs proper time management to delegate people from one event to another.
  • Marketing – Event organizers should have different marketing strategies like an engaging website or an event landing page to showcase all event information.

However, hosting an event with online and onsite attendees doesn’t necessarily mean that you just record or stream information. To truly put some color on a high-quality hybrid event, you’ll need imagination, time, equipment, and money.

If done right, the number of participants will grow, and so will your event ROI. Plus, there will be more interaction than virtual events where attendees can only watch and listen.

Still not convinced about hybrid events? Let our Airmeet event experts help you. Schedule a demo here today

Hybrid experience – a blessing in disguise

Hybrid Experience
Host successful hybrid events with Airmeet

Now that you know about the core elements of hybrid, here’s why you should include hybrid events in your event strategy. 

Increased audience reach

If you think your audience can only participate in a hybrid event in real life or virtually, you couldn’t be further from the truth!

The right hybrid platform bridges the gap between the two. It eradicates the limitation for all those who wished to attend the event but couldn’t and gives opportunities to those skeptical ones who wanted to sample the event before attending. 

See, best of both worlds – an event that comes with virtual elements and in-person elements

Improve engagement levels exponentially.

Since your virtual audience is attending the event over their phone, desktop, or iPad, they are always connected. You can use this to your advantage. Host polls, live interactive quizzes, or even speed networking sessions and up your interaction levels. 

Your online audience and in-person audience can come together to improve engagement levels with surveys, speed networking, and get the buzz going! 

Amp up your sponsorship ROI in no time

Double the sponsorships = double the $$

And sponsors love hybrid, because,

  1. Increased reach – More attendees means a larger pool that feeds their sales pipeline 
  2. Reportable metrics – They now have access to data that allows them to justify.

Hybrid events remove the limitations of virtual sponsored booths altogether. And for the sponsors who seek the virtual, the right virtual and hybrid event platform with custom sponsored booths will suffice.

It’s a real bargain

Quite literally. You don’t have to worry about accommodation, travel and the whatnots. Everyone can take part in the event without worrying about carbon emissions.The events industry can survive on the hybrid event model.

Why choose Airmeet for hybrid events?

Pull off massive virtual and hybrid conferences with Airmeet.

Airmeet is a virtual conference and hybrid event platform that help amp up networking opportunities, grow your community and even feed your sales pipeline. 

Whatever be the type of event – virtual, webinar-style, or hybrid, Airmeet got you covered:

User-friendly platform

Airmeet is a robust platform that enables you to provide a shared experience to attendees, speakers, sponsors, and event coordinators. 

Best networking experience

Airmeet offers a unique way to bridge the gap in terms of networking. From always accessible breakout rooms called the social lounges to the custom sponsored booths that allow attendees to interact, Airmeet has it all. 

Airmeet also has a backstage to help reduce all that speaker anxiety. 

Personalized experience

Airmeet has also gone over and beyond by actually letting attendees create a short bio. The personal description allows virtual and onsite attendees to add interests and links to their social profiles. The capability gives a whole new meaning to engagement and interaction.

24/7 customer support and AirCare

Looking for professional help for your event? Airmeet offers AirCare

Airmeet is right by your side every step of the way to have successful events. It will help you create a dynamic landing page, stream your social profiles, and design seamless event entry.

Dynamic mobile app

Airmeet is browser and device agnostic, making any kind of online event easily accessible. (Don’t worry about security though, Airmeet crosses all its t’s and dots all its i’s when it comes to privacy and security norms and compliances!)

The app allows for dynamic event reminders, one-click event registration, and improved engagement pathways between panelists and attendees.

Gamification that your audience loves 

Don’t stop the buck with just polls, surveys, and chat. Host virtual parties, ice breakers, and other bonding activities and amp up your networking. Gamify quizzes with Kahoot integration

Stream anytime and from anywhere

Nurture your connections from anywhere. Take advantage of the always accessible social lounge features that support up to 50 people. Use RTMP to stream anything to various social media platforms with just a click.

Frequently asked questions – Your Help Meet!

How do you host a virtual hybrid event?

Hosting an event can be exciting and, at the same time, challenging and nerve-racking. Whether you’re experienced or fairly new to hosting, here are some points to consider:
Be flexible – not everything will go as planned, and that shouldn’t get you scared.
Communicate – don’t forget to communicate with your attendees, staff, and other individuals concerned with the event. Miscommunication leads to disagreements and bad reviews.

How do I start a hybrid event?

It is critical to plan any event. Follow these easy steps when you plan your first hybrid event:
1. Visualize what you want and need. 
2. Write down a detailed event plan.
3. Delegate the roles and responsibilities.
4. Create your event content.
5. Select the right hybrid event platform.
6. Rehearse.

I still don’t understand hybrid events, help!

Understandably, not all people can understand hybrid events in one go. It’s a fairly new aspect of event planning, so don’t worry! Schedule a demo with Airmeet and let our experts help clarify.

Design your next hybrid event with Airmeet

With Airmeet, you can set up hybrid events in minutes. This platform has everything from bridging the gap between the online and offline attendees to the setting up custom sponsor booths. 

To know more about how Airmeet can help increase your event ROI, book a demo today. 

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