The Perfect Pair

How Airmeet and AlmaBetter are
Disrupting the EdTech Industry

Aishwarya Mohan
• April 13, 2023

(2 min read)

Since 2020, EdTech startup AlmaBetter has been on a mission to close the education accessibility and experience gap in the technology sector by helping aspiring data scientists and web developers break into the tech domain through landing — and crushing — interviews. With over 500+ hiring partners and a 100% placement guarantee, AlmaBetter offers virtual education courses to cohorts in 6 to 8-month intervals.

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Discover-Engage-Grow: Boosting Engagement with Event-led Growth

The learning platform’s business strategy relies heavily on Event-led Growth. Their Discover-Engage-Grow formula begins with hosting ‘master class’ events for prospective students and is followed by hundreds of daily events for students with formats ranging from one-on-ones to group lectures. And even with a relatively high completion rate of 10% (the industry average hovers around 3-4%) the startup sought to build a more impactful educational experience, increase their completion rates, and deepen engagement with their community through, well, more community.

Events Before Airmeet

Prior to working with Airmeet, AlmaBetter hosted all of their events through Zoom, which lacked interactive features and limited students and coaches to the confines of a chat room. The lack of engagement and genuine connection made it difficult for coaches to encourage and nurture their students and proved challenging for students to have a more fluid back-and-forth during lessons, prohibiting learners from getting the most out of their programs.

Transforming Community-First Learning with Airmeet

Then AlmaBetter discovered Airmeet and launched ‘Learning 3.0’ which became a huge hit with their audience, resulting in a 10-15% jump in enrollment in the first 3 weeks of implementation. With Airmeet’s Social Lounge, AlmaBetter could run interactive group learning sessions that centered their student’s engagement, increasing their comprehension of learning materials and boosting morale. The ability to gamify the learning process brought a new level of participation and interest, and students can interact more organically with their classmates and coaches, asking questions, sharing notes, and enjoying the benefits of in-person learning in a virtual environment. 

“Education is not just about teaching and learning. It is about creating a community of learners and creating an environment of “Peer Learning”. This helps students and the coaches exchange perspectives, and deepen their understanding. With Airmeet, we were strongly able to establish Peer Learning. This is the one that contributed to our learners and coaches enjoying the process of learning” shared Alok Anand, Co-Founder, and COO at AlmaBetter.

Switching to Airmeet allowed AlmaBetter to enhance their courses to become a more student-centric environment, boosting word-of-mouth referrals and overall buzz around their business, and doubling their completion rate from 10% to 20%, a number that continues to climb.

As AlmaBetter sets their sights on building career fairs for their tech industry hopefuls, they know they can count on Airmeet’s 24/7 support lounge to guide and support their growth, no matter where they go.

Join the Event Revolution with Airmeet's Dynamic Platform

When centered around your audience, events have the potential to build the kind of community that makes growth inevitable. But an engaging run of show isn’t enough in a world saturated with one-dimensional events. Creating engaging, interactive opportunities to drive organic connection is the future of online events, and can unlock your Event-led Growth strategy.

Book a demo with our team to learn how you can create immersive, engaging events that foster a sense of belonging for your attendees with Airmeet’s interactive platform.

Elevate Your Engagement Levels, Make Every Event Memorable

Elevate Your Engagement Levels, Make Every Event Memorable

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