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Major Digital Marketing Events 2024

Aditi Singh
• December 8, 2023

(12 min read)

Digital marketing consists of all marketing activities on electronic devices or internet. It includes various online platforms, which connect the marketing team with prospects and nurture them into customers.

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For businesses, digital marketing is essential for growth as almost everyone is online, Instead of watching TV for hours, today’s youngsters would rather be on their phone or tablet. The time has changed, and it is growing at a vast speed. 

And not just today’s youth are online; almost everyone is, despite their age and job role. Hence, the importance of digital marketing and its demand are limitless.

Through SEO, content marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, and many more marketing strategies, teams connect with prospective customers and attract them towards their products and services. 

Digital marketing is cost effective and marketers can also measure the results; hence, the digital marketing team can improve strategies in real time based on data.

Benefits of Digital Marketing Events

Digital marketing events offer many benefits to the attendees, such as networking opportunities, collaboration, knowledge, and skill development. The industry is based on technology, and technology is evolving rapidly, These events also provide attendees with opportunities to get hands-on experience.

Industry experts come together on a platform and share their journeys and ideas to motivate and inspire the attendees. They also share the latest trends, tools, and strategies helpful to professionals from top to bottom.

These events also provide a platform for startups or enterprises to enhance the visibility of their brand by showcasing their expertise, products, and services. 

Companies also get the opportunity to generate leads via booths, sessions, or networking opportunities. These events are essential for the growth of professionals as well as businesses.

Major Digital Marketing Events in 2024

Digital marketers, managers, and directors, as well as many other professionals such as advertisers and media professionals, PR professionals, influencers, and other professionals, and students, come forward to gather information and also connect with the industry. 

Some of the big events happening in 2024 are a must for these professionals. 

Lead Generation World

Date: January 7–9, 2024

Location: Florida

Link: Lead Generation World

Smartest people from the industry come forward in the event to help you improve your lead generation campaign from creation to close. The main aim of the event is to help navigate the ecosystem of lead generation while also providing insightful and targeted content for advertisers and lead buyers. This event is also a great platform to network and find the right partners for collaboration.

Digital Marketing Expo

Date: January 17–19, 2024

Location: Osaka, Japan

Link: Digital Marketing Expo

This event includes various solutions in regards to marketing automation, AI, web marketing, adtech, and video advertising. The event also features business-led discussions and generates sales.

Social Media Marketing World

Date: February 18–20, 2024

Location: San Diego, CA

Link: Social Media Marketing World

The event is designed for professional marketers to improve their results. The experts also lay out the latest trends and strategies and guide the best possible ways to implement them. Thus, it improves your Return on Investment (ROI) for every campaign you launch.

MediaPost- Publishing Insider Summit

Date: February 21–24, 2024

Location: Bonita Springs, FL

Link: MediaPost- Publishing Insider Summit

The summit includes keynotes, case studies, and panels consisting of the best minds from the industry. It is one of the best opportunities to educate and network with top minds in the industry.

The MarTech Summit

Date: March 6, 2024

Location: Berlin, Germany

Link: The MarTech Summit

The summit offers diverse range of perspectives, from globalisation to localization, and delves into latest trends and strategies. The event is designed for senior executives, and you can expect the presence of 85% of attendees.

Adobe Summit

Date: March 26-28, 2024

Location: Las Vegas and Virtual

Link: Adobe Summit

The summit provides various opportunities to build and strengthen your skills with more than 200 in-person sessions. You have a unique opportunity to connect and build relationships with Adobe experts and other attendees and speakers.

2024 ANA AI for Marketers Conference

Date: April 8–10, 2024

Location: Hollywood, FL

Link: 2024 ANA AI for Marketers Conference

The innovations in AI are automating tasks, allowing marketers to focus on more creative work, and forming new and unique ideas. Some of the best in the industry will help apply AI to marketing and discuss the risks and issues surrounding it through various case studies. You will find inspiration in existing brands already applying these innovations.


Date: April 16–18, 2024

Location: Intercontinental, Miami

Link: PI Live USA

The event helps brands and retailers connect with publishers, creators, and tech to initiate partnerships with likeminded professionals and brands. You also get to discover effective strategies to target consumers at every stage of the sales funnel. The main agenda of the event is to lead the industry towards outcome-based, measurable marketing efforts. 

B2B Online 2024

Date: May 6-8, 2024

Location: Chicago

Link: B2B Online 2024

This is a world-leading e-commerce and digital marking event for manufacturers and distributors. The best chance to gain insights from industry experts and thought leaders in the industry, discover latest trends and strategies, and unlock the gateway for success in the manufacturing and distributors industry

Programmatic Pioneers Summit

Date: May 22–23, 2024

Location: London, United Kingdom

Link: Programmatic Pioneers Summit

This is the largest summit for programmatic and digital media leaders in Europe. Access 25 sessions based on solutions to current issues and concerns. The sessions will be led by senior programmatic media experts, and they will provide a huge opportunity to connect and network with fellow professionals.


Date: June 5–7, 2024

Location: Calgary, Canada

Link: SocialWest

Get an opportunity to connect with other professionals and engage in panel discussions led by industry experts, It is also Canada’s largest digital marketing conference. You also get to explore cutting-edge marketing technology. This event brings learning and networking opportunities from top to bottom-level executives.


Date: June 18, 2024

Location: Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK and Virtual

Link: ATOMICON 2024

This is a 100% no-pitch event; here you get to learn new skills, form new ideas, and build new long-lasting connections, while also discovering new confidence in yourself. 

Savant eCommerce New York 2024

Date: July 17–18, 2024

Location: New York

Link: Savant eCommerce New York 2024

This conference is exclusive to senior executives; it is also cross-industry event for every sector, including fashion, luxury goods, food, travel, and entertainment. This is event for industry experts and thought leaders to stay ahead of the emerging trends, strategies, and developments in e-commerce.

Seattle Interactive Conference

Date: July 31–August 1, 2024

Location: Seattle

Link: Seattle Interactive Conference

This conference will explore the intersection of technology, creativity, and digital marketing and discover innovations in experience, design, and strategies. Attendees will have the opportunity to develop connections and strengthen their relationships.

State of Social 2024

Date: August 27-28, 2024

Location: Perth, Australia

Link: State of Social 2024

This digital marketing conference consists of innovations, education, and inspiration for fellow attendees. Through various sessions and workshops with thought leaders and experts, discover the latest trends and strategies. 

MeasureCamp Czechia

Date: September 7, 2024

Location: Czechia, Czech Republic

Link: MeasureCamp Czechia

This digital analytics event is different from any other web analytics event around the globe. Attendees can come forward and lead a session themselves, whether planned or on the spur of the moment. The sessions could be presentations, discussions, workshops, or even game shows. 

6th Annual Digital Marketing for Financial Services Midwest Summit

Date: October 1-2, 2024

Location: Chicago

Link: 6th Annual Digital Marketing for Financial Services Midwest Summit

This is the only digital marketing event relevant to the financial service industry. The best marketing experts from North American financial brands will come together to provide insight and data to improve growth. The summit will also showcase the use of generative AI to create meaningful content. 

LavaCon 2024

Date: October 27-30, 2024

Location: Portland, Oregon

Link: LavaCon 2024

This is a content strategy conference where content professionals showcase their best practices and strategies. This is also a great opportunity to build contacts and nurture relationships with fellow content professionals.

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