Bridge distances through dialogues

Networking experiences that spark meaningful connections 

Break-ice with strangers
through speed networking

Set match-making criteria

Define the rules of the game and connect like-minded folks.

Add minutes to speed interactions

 Let your event participants extend their speed networking interactions. 

Make time for connections

Include dedicated time for networking in your event schedule to maximize participation.

Move freely in the fluid space & engage in interesting conversations

Enable attendees to create meaningful connections

Let your attendees come together and get indulged in stimulating conversations. Let them form clusters to engage in energetic conversations 

Improve engagement among attendees

Fluid space sessions are divided into multiple rooms in which attendees can participate in those impromptu catch ups, after parties and much more.

Broadcast communication

Hosts can broadcast any important audio and video communication while the sessions are going on.

Go beyond
the realms of networking

Rich attendee profile

Know your attendees better by letting them add a short bio, interests, and social links to their profiles.

Multiple conversation layouts

Allow attendees to enjoy group conversations in a format of their choice.

Expandable tables

Host private roundtables or create discussion tables that can support up to 50 people.

Stroll through the lounge and
join exciting conversations

Fully customizable networking area

Brand your social lounge and tables to add more personality to your event. Let your attendees & speakers use virtual or blur background

User-generated tables

Drive event engagement by allowing attendees to start their discussion tables. 

Schedule meetings

Empower event participants to book one-on-one and group discussions with fellow participants.

Foster old and forge new connections with powerful networking features

Incredible Companies Use Airmeet

Most loved Virtual Events Platform

Incredible Companies Use Airmeet

Most loved Virtual Events Platform