Gamify your webinar to take your B2B company to the next level

Sourav Aggarwal
• August 26, 2020
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amification does not imply that you need to create a game or an app for your business. So, don’t fret!  

If you are a Quora user, you have already witnessed the use of gamification. Quora is “gamified”, but isn’t a game, as it allows you to upvote posts. You feel motivated to share more content when your answers are upvoted frequently. However, if they are not, no one loses. But it encourages you to keep writing. It is very addictive. 

So let’s take a look at what gamification means, how it works and ways to use it in your next B2B webinar.

What is gamification?

eConsultancy provides the meaning of gamification in very simple words-

Gamification is not necessarily about games, but the application of game techniques that allow a brand to connect with consumers in a meaningful way, offering challenges, rewards and a sense of competition or achievement.

Gamification means applying game principles and mechanics in a non-game context. They are fun and engaging. They build on our love for competition and interaction. Thus gamification is excellent at goal setting as you aim to win.

When brands understood the power of gamification, they decided to integrate it with their marketing. Brands leverage our love for fun, interaction and competition by integrating the power of game mechanics and game design techniques into their marketing strategy and drive certain desired results.

Game mechanics involve concepts like points, leaderboards, badges, levels and is used to reward user activity. It encourages the user to achieve the desired goals. Collecting frequent flyer miles offered by airlines is another use of gamification. 

Some popular rewards that you can offer include 

  • free product or discount
  • monetary prizes
  • status badge like “top fan”
  • early access to content
  • points

It offers a prospect with an exciting way to engage with business and drive bottom-line growth. While gaming in B2C marketing has been around for some time, its use in B2B is gaining popularity now. 

Why and how gamification works for B2B companies?

Gamification taps into our innate instinct to play and compete. And incorporating simple yet addictive games into B2B marketing strategy can help in more ways than you can imagine-

  • Generate more leads: Buyers do not want to deal with a direct sales email or call anymore. Lead generation is one of the greatest challenges that B2B brands face today.

    Webinars are the best tool for driving top of the funnel leads by increasing the audience to reach a global audience and increase your target group. And when you gamify your webinar, you make it fun and entertaining. You attract a larger audience and get more opportunities to generate meaningful leads.

    During or at the end of your webinar session, send out a quiz to your audience. Also, ask them to fill in contact details as they finish the quiz. People are more likely to share correct details when they know they can expect some reward for their action.

    Offer some discount on your product upgrade or a cheat sheet of the webinar. Voila, your webinar becomes a lead magnet!

  • Increases engagement: Gamified webinars stand-out for driving engagement when compared with other passive engagement tactics like blogs, social media channels.

    When you talk to your potential customers face-to-face, you understand their concerns, answer their queries, gather opinions and more. All these are valuable in delivering an interactive and immersive experience for your target audience. It goes a long way in building a relationship with your audience and driving loyalty.  

    Integrating gamification techniques like rewarding users for asking an interesting question is a good way to boost engagement. As a reward, you can ask them to step up on the live stage with the speaker. That will increase competitiveness and encourage people to ask meaningful questions. 

    You could also add gamification to your webinar by hosting a Trivia quiz with your audience using the Q&A feature.

    You can ask some fun questions to grab the attention of your audience, or you could ask questions based on your webinar to check if your content was easy to understand. Leave the prize announcement for the end of your webinar and give them a chance to meet with your team 1:1.

    Increased engagement also means better content retention and builds trust.

"Brands leverage our love for fun, interaction, and competition by integrating the power of game mechanics and game design techniques into their marketing strategy and drive desired results."

Brands leverage our love for fun, interaction, and competition by integrating the power of game mechanics and game design techniques into their marketing strategy and drive desired results.


  • Improves customer experience: Webinars topic might be boring, but your webinar content and narrative does not need to be. If you are hosting a Case Study Webinar for the audience, invite your best customers as speakers to make the webinar powerful and effective.

    As a reward, use the networking capabilities of the webinar platform to allow the prospects to meet directly with the speaker. It is a win-win, as it lets your prospects hear directly from the horse’s mouth and lets you showcase your best.

    Unlike B2C relationships which are short and transactional, B2B sales funnels are long, may take months to convert and thrive on building a personal relationship. So including gamified webinars, every step of the customer journey will help to drive towards your end goal. Create a memorable experience, engage the audience and keep pushing them through the long funnel. 
  • Collect and measure data:. You can commend attendees for participating in a live poll during the webinar.  For instance, you can ask them to answer five questions before you reveal the product demo to them. It helps you to gain insight into five things that were probably your greatest concern, and gather data around them.

    It helps you gather valuable insights into the audience and increase the likelihood of participation. And what it eventually means is that you have hot leads to pursue later.

    Now you already know a few things about them through the collected data, so at the next stage, you can pick up the conversation from there rather than starting anew.

Key takeaways

Tap into the natural competitive and interaction-loving emotions of humans. Reward the users on achievements and engage them to improve the experience. Webinars are a great gateway to put this all together, for B2B companies and drive desired behaviour creatively.

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