Airmeet Dispatch May 2023

• June 6, 2023

(2 min read)

We’re pumped up to share our monthly product updates for May. We have a number of exciting updates that will help you accelerate pipeline by starting the right conversations, make the event experience seamless for your speakers and use personalization to elevate the event experience.

Alert your sales team about suitable leads at the right time. You can create custom triggers that send instant and real-time alerts through Slack or email whenever an attendee performs a high-intent action during your event.

It is completely up to the organizer to define and set up the triggers that include booth visits, attending specific sessions, or asking questions. Your sales and customer success teams can use the timely alerts to book more meetings, build better relationships, and drive meaningful conversations with prospects and customers.

Prepping for your next session just got so much easier with our dedicated backstage. With this feature, each session under the Virtual Events format will have its own backstage that can be accessed by hosts, co-hosts, and speakers while another session is in progress. The dedicated backstage can be used for quick catch-up and rehearsals before the live session. Make it easy for speakers to find and connect with organizers on the right backstage.

Elevate event experience, identify intent, and send targeted outreaches through personalized resources for different Audience Segments. This feature allows organizers to personalize resources at a segment level depending on what an organizer thinks will appeal to that particular segment. Organizers can create segments based on attendee data or CRM data and then personalize the content being shown to different segments.

Apart from adding value for attendees, it gives insights to sales teams on what matters to their prospects and what stage of the buyer journey are they currently in based on resources viewed and downloaded. 

Make the enture registration hasslefree by linking your LinkedIn events with Airmeet via Zapier. LinkedIn events is a great way to create buzz and drive registrations for your webinars and events. With this new Zapier integration, we make it easy for organizers to get attendee data into Airmeet and seamless for attendees to register for events from LinkedIn. 

Our team has two new updates that will make your webinars and events more inclusive for anyone who wants to attend them. The resource tab and booths are now screen reader friendly.

Adding customizable fonts to our extensive set of branding options available to design your event the way you want to. Choose from our existing set of fonts or upload your own.

The Airmeet dashboard now has a light mode

You can now access the Airmeet dashboard in both light and dark modes. Set your preferred theme as you put together amazing webinars and events from the dashboard.

Bring more people together

To make your networking and live stage more engaging and impactful, we have upgraded the capacity of Fluid Spaces and live stage. Fluid Spaces can now host up to 60 people per room and organizers will be able to bring on up to 28 people on the live stage. More the merrier!

Want to see Airmeet in action and learn all the ways you can accelerate your pipeline through events? Sign up for a group demo session with our experts.

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